You atheist really annoyed me

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    Narcissistic Supply

    Nobody knows.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Two important things to realize: 1. It is liberating to know that we dont have to have an exact answer to every question. 2. Witnesses can lack manners and tact when expressing their beliefs. They can speak to others of differing beliefs as if the others are idiots. When some of them leave, they carry that kind of approach with them.

  • Hummingbird001

    I thought most of the atheists werekicked off this forum? And the ones that are left are restricted?

  • confusedandalone

    I didn't mean that athiests were rude. I meant that I was always upset at them because what they were saying seemed to hurt me. It was more of an internal thing for me. I like when people speak up and out. No one was really disrescpectful or hurtful its just the content hurt me because it was not in line with my reasoning.

  • FlyingHighNow

    It is both arrogant and unneccesary for people to belittle the beliefs or non beliefs of others. My point is that JWs can be very arrogant and insulting when addressing the beliefs or non beliefs of others. It's hard to shake that habit, when a JW lets go of the JW belief system. We all have to fight that habit. Just when you think it will never happen again, you find yourself being smug about something you differ with.

    One of the most wonderful things, for me, about leaving the JWs and returning to my previously non jw world is that answering every question isn't condusive to my happiness.

  • cantleave

    All ideas should be scrutinised and those that are potentially dangerous should be ridiculed. The FSM ridicules one of the most damgerous ideas created by man, the idea of god and religion.

  • Simon
    I thought most of the atheists werekicked off this forum? And the ones that are left are restricted?

    People who harrass other posters and don't abide by the guidelines are restricted if necessary and removed if still persistent.

    Everyone has a right to use the site without being attacked. When I see the same people following certain ones from thread to thread and posting off-topic insults then action is required.

  • laverite


    You wrote: " I thought most of the atheists werekicked off this forum? And the ones that are left are restricted?" This hasn't been the case for me, nor for the athiests I know and am friends with here on JWN.

    I really don't think Simon has a policy against having athiests here on JWN. What is important is how people behave, not their beliefs. But I certainly am in no position to speak on his behalf. This is simply what I have concluded.

  • laverite

    Ha! Simon posted his post as I was writing mine. Sorry for the overlap.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Simon removed some non atheists, too.

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