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  • confusedandalone

    when I first came to this site. Whenever I would try to talk about somethign from the bible that the JW's got wrong or reason on a scripture that had so much feeling you would stomp all over it. Talking about "flying spaghetti gods" and laugh at what seemed to be my expense and then leave the thread never to return and add any substance. I would get worked up inside and really get angry about it.

    However after a few months of really thinking about things I am starting to really ask myself alot of things that make me not doubt whether God exists - but whether it is really important if I know... or if why am iI really concerned about the bible. After all as once stated if God really wanted us to know his name why didn't he preserve it? If he really wants us to serve him exactly the way he wants why is it not really spelled out in the bible?

    Why is it necessary to apply calculus to the bible in order to understand prophecies? Why does he show favortism in the bible? The list could go on and on. My wife on the other hand who has pretty much just given up caring one way or the other in a short period of time said, "I believe there is a god I guess... I just think he made us, wanted us to be nice to people and enjoy your 80 years and die. Maybe we are here just to live those years and enjoy it - it is better than nothing."

    That idea annoyed me as well, but the longer I think deeply the more it feels like it just doesn't matter that much

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  • punkofnice

    When I left the JW cult I still believed in god, Jesus and went to a Church.

    Gradually my critical thinking kicked in with things said.

    Finally I gave in to my doubts and actually listened to what atheists (if that's a group), said.

    I went on youtube and watched episode after episode of 'the Atheist Experience'. Although Matt Dillahunty can come over as a tad brutal he actually makes sense when talking to/debating mainly with xtians.

    It made me see just how pathetic my delusion was and how it couldn't hold up to logic.

    Why wasn't god being obvious for instance, haunted me.

    I gave god the best years of my life and he kept none of his promises as written in the bible 'Ask me anything in my name....' for example.

  • Seraphim23

    I think it is the conception of God that is that is the problem and the perception of what the bible is and what it is thought it is supposed to be. I think God wants people to know love first and foremost and once that is accomplished, which can take a life time, then one can know God. Knowing God before love is where the problem is I think. Take the name of God for instance because it doesn’t matter what it is because all a name is a word verbalised into sound that travels through air, like any word. However it is what the name means that would be important, because what does God need with a verbalised sound that travels through an atmosphere? Humans need these things because we are dependent on the physical environment to live. Any name would do as long as the meaning helped humans love better and if that better loving ability transfers after death to a next life of some kind, because if not it doesn’t matter anyway.

    For instance humans get hung up on what we look like but it is the inside that counts but again it can take a life time to really get that one. Racists often are behind the rest on this issue but with age the futility and stupidity of such a position becomes more a case of self-interest to abandon such arbitrary and unloving judgements. The reason being because their own looks vanish and decay and so they can continue to be racist at the price of knowing that their own looks if they really mean anything must mean they themselves are bad. Of course the opposite is also true and nature the way it works it there to help them learn as it does all of us.

    This is one example and perhaps it gives a clue as to why we are here. If the reason is to learn then a God type figure makes a certain sense as parents normally only care about children’s education.

  • confusedandalone

    @punk " Why wasn't god being obvious for instance, haunted me."

    This is what really began to piss me off. So some guys can sleep with prostitutes and it pretty much is all good. Fast forward a few years and now I can't look at a woman without committing adultery in my heart and ultimately dying. I can chop up a prostitute and leave various body parts in places to prove a point - yet a drunken brawler can't inherit the kingdom... my all time favorite is I can't let my wife get an abortion even if having the baby will kill her - yet when it is time for me to take over a small patch of land I can kil all the children I want to and its allll gooood.

    These things made me think, maybe the bible is just an interesting read and that God maybe just dropped us here and said, "Hey, go have some fun till you die..."

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton


    There are all sorts of opinions on this site; some that believe in God, some that don't and some that are in the middle. I don't believe in God at all, but I respect the ones that do. I think we all strive for that here...after having come out of a religion that constantly bashes anyone else who doesn't have their beliefs, it's imperative that we all try to respect each other's beliefs, unless of course, they are offensive or racist.

  • confusedandalone

    Diana I am not bashing anyones beliefs I am just stating mine... I hope no one thought I was, I was just pointing out the inconsistencies that I see with my eyes. I am sure others have well thought out reasons that those things do not bother them - and that is great. I was one of those people for many many years.

    I apologize if anyone felt that I was bashing them...

  • tec

    If he really wants us to serve him exactly the way he wants why is it not really spelled out in the bible?

    I am not a proponent of the bible... but what God wants is spelled out in the bible, actually. It is just very very simple.

    Listen to my Son.

    Listen to Christ... the Truth.

    The new 'law', as Seraphim touched on above, is that of love. THAT is what we are meant to have written upon our hearts. To know love (and God IS love), to know God, then we look at the image and Truth, He sent: Christ.

    It is not the bible. It is not men. It is not religion. It is not doctrines, and dogma.

    It is just Christ.

    Simple, simple truth.



  • laverite


    I feel very strongly that we all need to respect that others have their own views and not disparage others. That doens't mean I respect all views. The truth is that I don't respect all beliefs and views. But I respect that others do have different views from me. I believe I should treat everyone as I would like to be treated, too.

    I have come to my own conclusions but do not push those on others on here or anywhere else. I am so sorry that some have mocked or disparaged your posts. I also understand your beliefs are evolving. As we grow and mature and experience life, we evolve in our thinking on issues. Some make greater shifts than others when it comes to religious belief.

    We are all in our own unique places on this journey. Fortunately, most people on JWN are respectful.

  • garyneal

    I guess what got me was the fact that the books in our Bibles were chosen by priests, which ones were included, which ones weren't. Also that some Bibles have books that are not in the current Protestant canon and that some books in our canon references books that were excluded from the canon. Kind of casts doubt on the whole idea that it is the infallible word of God.

    Not to mention how many sects and even individuals in the same sect bicker and argue over seemingly minor details of the Bible.

    Most Christians are quick to say that they must follow the word of God as closely as possible but at the same time most don't even know what exactly are they following other than 'what the pastor says.' Either that or they go to their specific religious literature that their pastor (or other church leader) finds agreeable. That's not much different than what witnesses do, eh? "If it did not come from JW.ORG you better not read it for it may be apostate," said my Mother-In-Law to my wife one day.

    Add to that the fact that most Christians (and that includes Jehovah's Witnesses) do not care about doctrine and it makes you wonder why should anyone care. Especially when the true answer cannot be found (we do not have the original writings anymore) and most every believer relies on some religious leader to supply it. I truly think that they (the religious leaders) will be judged most harshly due to (if for no other reason) their position of power and influence.

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