If you were on the Zimmerman jury, how would you vote? 2nd degree murder, manslaughter or innocent?

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  • Simon

    This case had NOTHING whatsoever to do with stand-your-ground law - it was basic self defense.

    "Stand your ground" is a controversial law talked about by the people initially stirring this up into a race crime because it suited their agenda to push the idea of an unecessary and pre-meditated killing of a black youth.

    Stop falling for the lies.

  • sammielee24

    at least one person believes that the 'racial' classification "white/hispanic" is a gift and promotion to light-skinned persons of Latin American background (where the population can be descendant of European Spaniards, Native Americans, Africans or Asians... or a combination of any of the previous), as expressed by the phrase "The little boy was what we now favorably call a white/hispanic ". So, evidently , the author of this phrase thinks this is a superior status, yes?


    wow...the classification was coined by the State who joined forces with a company that was used in past racial media spin. When the media was caught doctoring or splicing 911 tapes to present to the public as fact of a racist vigilante - they always headlined it as a white man. When people finally saw pictures of the white guy, some people woke up and went wait a minute' he looks hispanic'. By that time all the race baiting team had come out with rallies and rioting - there was a bounty on the head of Zimmerman - and fingers were pointing in the direction of the people who created the spin. They decided at that moment they had to act quickly to save their own skin and so a reporter with a NY based paper and the company used for the spin - then came up with a new term for the alledged killer - they began to refer to him as a 'white hispanic'.

    I used that phrase not because I personally believe that the term is superior - but because it was in reference to the term being coined by the media as their own way to manipulate the public into believing that a white hispanic is still white person and therefore, still a threat to the black community but it allows them, the media, the wiggle room they need when they decide whether they want to build up or pull down an incident in order to spin it.

    You would have had to understood the context - the 'we now favorably call' denotes 'we' as being the media. In the case of the little boy - he is a mix of white and hispanic - he is now being called a white hispanic - its simple to figure out - he was murdered by two black teens - if this was a black on white murder - it could incite more a lot more racial discord - but if he is white hispanic, then we can tone down the discord by pulling it down from a possible race crime to a crime of simple intent.

    Good try at somehow making it appear as if I were a racist - - sammieswife

  • designs

    What should the conversation be with parents and their teenagers.

  • valkyrie

    sammieswife: They decided at that moment they had to act quickly to save their own skin and so a reporter with a NY based paper and the company used for the spin - then came up with a new term for the alledged killer - they began to refer to him as a 'white hispanic'.

    Now, I'm not there (U.S.) to verify this, but Wikipedia says that the term "white hispanic" pre-dates this Zimmerman trial, and is - in fact- an official classification of the U.S. Census. Do you disagree?

    "In the United States, a White Hispanic or White Latino [17] is a citizen or resident who is racially white and of Hispanic descent. White American, itself an official U.S. racial category, refers to people "having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa" who reside in the United States. [18]

    Based on the definitions created by the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Census Bureau, the concepts of race and ethnicity are mutually independent, and respondents to the census and other Census Bureau surveys are asked to answer both questions. Hispanicity is independent of race, and constitutes an ethnicity category, as opposed to a racial category, the only one of which that is officially collated by the U.S. Census Bureau. For the Census Bureau, Ethnicity distinguishes between those who report ancestral origins in Spain or Hispanic America (Hispanic and Latino Americans), and those who do not (Non-Hispanic Americans). [19] [20] The U.S. Census Bureau asks each resident to report the "race or races with which they most closely identify." [21]

    White Americans are therefore divided between "White Hispanic" and "Non Hispanic White," the former consisting of White Americans who report Hispanophone ancestry (Spain and Hispanic Latin America), and the latter consisting of White Americans who do not report Hispanophone ancestry." (Wikipedia, White Hispanic and Latin Americans)

  • sosoconfused

    valkyrie - the term has been around and used prior to this case. It is not a new term Even in America.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Wow, you people sound bitter and disrespectful of the American justice system.

    I'm glad that came accross, I have little respect for the American justice system....there is not a lot to respect IMO...of course, that is just my opinion. Feel free to ignore it.

    "And now we get to the real truth - some people want some injustice on their side to balance things out, make things even."

    This may be your truth, but it is not mine. I did not say the jury came to the wrong conclusion. I simply stated that the jury should have been a lot more ballanced to represent the WHOLE population. male/female/white/black/every other nationality/young/old.

    I made this comment based on the FACT that high court judges HAVE thrown out cases that HAVE been found to be racist BECAUSE the jury was set up like this one. THAT is the similarity. And what I said was, if you want to have the public behind the jury in their conclusion, they jury needs to properly REPRESENT the public. This jury did not. It did not represent men, it did not represent anyone else other than white females.(as a white female I find this intolerable)

    If it had represented the public properly...there would not be the backlash that there is. THAT is all I am saying.

  • Simon

    If you don't think they came to the wrong conclusion then what color the jurors were is irrelevant.

    The jury does not have to represent the exact racial proportions of the community every time - it would actually be impossible unless the divides were always in nice 1/6ths.

    Both the defense and the prosecution chose the jury. I don't think anyone can accuse them of doing a bad job - quite the contrary, they seemed to be very diligent and came to the correct decision based on the law and not on populist or mob opinion.

    It won't stop the racists of the world looking for any excuse to claim unfairness though.

  • sammielee24

    Well VAl you can find all the wiki or dictionary documents you want to make that case but in this instance it was clearly media manipulation. I could fill a thousand pages with the stuff but you can ultimately choose to believe what you will. sammieswife


    March 2012

    On Wednesday, CNN once again referred to Hispanic defendant George Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic who is on trial for last year’s shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a black teen, in Sanford city.” The term “white Hispanic” was coined by the media after outlets wrongly labeled Zimmerman white; Zimmerman’s father is white, and his mother is Hispanic. On March 8, 2012, the Associated Press wrote, “The neighborhood watch leader is white.” When it came out that he was not, media outlets including CNN began labeling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” in order to maintain the false narrative that the killing was race-based.


    February 26, 2012 - George Zimmerman Shoots and Kills Trayvon Martin

    Zimmerman claims self-defense. After an investigation, the police agree and decide not to press charges.

    March 8, 2012 - The AP Falsely Describes Zimmerman as "White"

    The story of the grieving parents of Trayvon Martin demanding Zimmerman be arrested first achieves national attention on March 8 when CBS This Morning runs a report.

    Later that same day, the Associated Press throws the first log on the racial fire by inaccurately describing Zimmerman as white.

    March 13, 2012 - NBC's Al Sharpton Uses MSNBC Platform to Stoke Phony Racial Narrative

    Sharpton devoted a portion of his program on MSNBC, PoliticsNation, to the Trayvon Martin case. He interviewed Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, who reiterated the accusation that Zimmerman was “white”: “We think Trayvon Martin didn’t know who the heck this white man was who approached him before he got killed.”

    Earlier that same day, Sharpton's National Action Network released a statement calling for...

    ...a “complete and thorough investigation” into Martin’s death. He added: “[W]e are told that racial language was used when the young man reported his suspicions to police[.]”

    The story about Zimmerman's use of racial language was false.

    March 13, 2012 - ABC News Reporter Claims Trayvon Shot Because "He Was Black"

    About ten days before Al Sharpton and President Obama would launch the Zimmerman story into the stratosphere, Matt Gutman, an ABC News correspondent based in Miami, Florida, was already (and without a shred of evidence) laying the track for a racial narrative.

    Gutman covered the case for the network, and his Twitter feed at the time was full of falsehoods, innuendo, and irresponsible speculation. In one tweet, Gutman came right out and claimed Trayvon was shot "bc [because] he was black."

    Gutman would also recklessly accuse Zimmerman of "stalking" and shooting down Trayvon.

    March 19, 2012 - CBS News Falsely Claims Zimmerman Is White

    A small detail that the Obama administration and the media apparently missed was that the white versus black racial narrative they were preparing to invest so much into was missing just one thing: a white person.

    Proof of this is that CBS News falsely claimed Zimmerman was white about a week before the story exploded.

    In their venomous zeal, the media and Democrats likely assumed that someone with the last name Zimmerman had to be white. But they were wrong, as Zimmerman is Hispanic.

    Never ones to back off a good narrative, rather than use this revelation to tamp down tensions or correct their reporting, the media simply made up out of whole cloth a new racial category: the "white Hispanic."

    March 22, 2012 - Zimmerman Described as a "White Hispanic" by The New York Times

    Just in the nick of time, before the story was engineered to explode the very next day with the Sharpton rally, The New York Times put its stamp of approval on the term "white Hispanic."

    March 21, 2012 - CNN Falsely Accuses Zimmerman of Saying "F**king Coon"

    Knowing full well the phony racial storm brewing around the Zimmerman case was about to have gasoline thrown on it the next day, CNN went to extraordinary lengths to claim Zimmerman had uttered the racial slur "coon" when he had not.

    This has to be watched to be believed.

    CNN wouldn't officially retract their defamation until April 5th, long after it was too late.

    March 22, 2012 - NBC's Al Sharpton Goes to Florida

    Though the police had investigated the shooting and saw no reason to charge George Zimmerman, in March of 2012, President Obama's reelection chances looked dim. He would need the crucial swing state of Florida to win another four years, and nothing brings out the Democrat vote like a good old racial bonfire.

    With the help of thousands of dollars from Obama's Justice Department, it was then that Rev. Al Sharpton (anchor of MSNBC's Politics Nation) held his incendiary rally:

    At the protest, Sharpton was flanked by Martin's parents. "Trayvon could have been any one of our sons," he said. "Trayvon could have been any one of us."

    He continued:

    "We are tired of going to jail for nothing and others going home for something. Zimmerman should have been arrested that night ... you cannot defend yourself against a pack of Skittles and iced tea. Don't talk to us like we're stupid! Don't talk to us like we're ignorant! We love our children like you love yours. Lock him up!"

    Sharpton said that he would stay on the case.

    "We cannot allow a legal precedent to be established in this city that tells us it is legal for a man to kill us, tell any story he wants, and walks out with the murder weapon," he said.

    March 23, 2012 - President Obama Repeats Sharpton's Talking Point

    The day after Sharpton held his rally and said, "Trayvon could have been any one of our sons," President Obama made huge news when he stepped before the cameras, demanded action in the Zimmerman case, and famously said, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon."

    In just two days, a network news anchor and an American president had blasted the Zimmerman case into the nation's top story and did so based on a racial narrative without a shred of evidence to support it. Almost every other major news outlet would now commit every journalistic sin imaginable to fabricate evidence.

    March 24, 2012 - Reuters Describes Zimmerman as a "White Hispanic"

    To keep the white versus black narrative alive, Reuters jumps on the ridiculous "white Hispanic" bandwagon.

    Many others would follow.

    March 27, 2012 - NBC News Edits 911 Audio to Make Zimmerman Look Racist

    On the storied Today Show, NBC News told America Zimmerman said this on the 911 call:

    Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

    When the truth is that the unedited audio actually went like this:

    Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

    Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?

    Zimmerman: He looks black.

    After the fraudulent editing was discovered by the New Media (first by Breitbart News), former NBC News president Steve Capus would claim that the edit was "a mistake and not a deliberate act to misrepresent the phone call."

    Eventually, several NBC producers would be fired (without being named), and Zimmerman would file a lawsuit against NBC; it remains unresolved.

    March 28, 2012 - ABC News Falsely Claims Zimmerman Wasn't Injured Night of Shooting

    The day after NBC News released its falsified 911 bombshell, ABC News released a phony, hyped-up story of its own. Using grainy surveillance video of Zimmerman at the police station on the night of the shooting, ABC News claimed, "A police surveillance video taken the night that Trayvon Martin was shot dead shows no blood or bruises on George Zimmerman."

    Obviously, if true, this would go a long way towards proving Zimmerman was not in fear of his life the night of the shooting and had lied about being beaten up.

    The only problem is that the ABC News story was not true -- not even close. The network didn't bother to enhance the video before breaking the news. Had they, Zimmerman'sbloody head would have been quite apparent.

    It would take four days for ABC to retract its falsehood.

    March 28, 2012 - Boston Globe Falsely Describes Zimmerman as White

    By late March it was widely known that George Zimmerman was Hispanic. This did not stop the Boston Globe from using its pages to describe him as "a white neighborhood watch captain."

    This error has never been corrected.

    March 29, 2012 - NBC's Chris Matthews Contradicts Guest to Claim Zimmerman Not Injured

    By the next day, ABC's false story about Zimmerman not being injured had already gone viral. However, some were already doing the job ABC apparently didn't want to do: enhancing the video. A guest on MSNBC's Hardball told the show's host, Chris Matthews, that his enhancement did show bruises on the back of Zimmerman's head. MSNBC even broadcast the enhancement, which clearly showed cuts and bruising.

    Regardless, during the same show, Matthews stridently claimed:

    George Zimmerman says he shot Trayvon Martin after Trayvon broke his nose and repeatedly slammed the back of his head into a concrete sidewalk, but newly released video tape of Zimmerman arriving at the police station--we're looking at it there--appears to show no evidence of a broken nose or obvious wounds to the back of Zimmerman's head.

    Late March, 2012 - Zimmerman's "Black Friend" Vilified by Media

    Even though Zimmerman is Hispanic and there was no evidence of any racial motivation behind his actions, the media's racial-hysteria was, at this point, in full bloom. To try and tamp things down, Joe Oliver, a black reporter who had worked with CNN and an Orlando television station, started doing the national media interview rounds to speak on behalf of his friend, George Zimmerman.

    The counterattack in the media (CNN, New York Times, and MSNBC, among others) was exceptionally vicious, personal, and effective .

    Oliver went away.

    April 1, 2012 - The New York Times Maliciously Edits Zimmerman's 911 Call

    Although the NBC News malicious edit of Zimmerman's 911 call broadcast on the Today Show had already been loudly and publicly debunked, days later the New York Times did the same thing on its front page.

    By rearranging the words of the call, the Times falsely made it look as though Zimmerman had profiled Trayvon as black:

    Here is the 911 call transcript:

    ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he's up to no good, or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around, looking about.

    911 DISPATCHER: Okay. And this guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic?

    ZIMMERMAN: He looks black.

    And here is what the Times reported:

    “Hey, we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood,” Mr. Zimmerman said to start the conversation with the dispatcher. “And there’s a real suspicious guy.”

    This guy seemed to be up to no good; like he was on drugs or something; in a gray hoodie. Asked to describe him further, he said, “He looks black.”

    The print edition of the story was even worse than the online edition.

    April 9, 2012 - PBS Anchor Gwen Ifill Describes Zimmerman as "White"

    Desperate to keep a non-existent racial narrative alive, during a broadcast of the PBSNewshour Gwen Ifill falsely stated:

    Martin, who was black, was on his way to a convenience store in a mostly white gated community when George Zimmerman, who is white, shot and killed him after a disputed altercation.

    Note Ifill's reporting of Zimmerman's gated community. The condos in Zimmerman's neighborhood sell for about $120,000.

    April 11, 2012 - George Zimmerman Is Arrested, Charged with Second Degree Murder

    After the arrest, and as the trial date neared the following year, NBC would allow Al Sharpton to turn his primetime MSNBC show into a platform dedicated to convicting Zimmerman.

    CNN would continue to refer to Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic" and broadcast all of Zimmerman's personal information, including his social security number, address, and telephone number.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    “What should the conversation be with parents and their teenagers.”

    Obey the law. Dress respectful. Act respectful. Always be aware of your surroundings. If someone suspicious is watching you just keep going. Don’t provoke.

    It works.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • sammielee24

    Dennis Byrne , March 28, 2012 at 10:24 am

    George Zimmerman the guy accused by the media, activists--but not the police or prosecutors--who shot and killed Trayvon Martin is being described in much of the media as a "white Hispanic." In the decades that I've labored as a newsman and columnist, I've never see a suspect in a crime described as a "white Hispanic." In stories about immigration and other social issues, the term also rarely, if ever appears.

    The census bureau and demographers often use the term, as opposed to black Hispanic. Political correctness explains why--it's complicated--but now the term appears to beginning to make it into the mainstream. Jonah Goldberg at the National Review has an interesting explanation:

    White Hispanic.” That’s how the New York Times, Reuters, and other media outlets have opted to describe George Zimmerman, a man who would simply be Hispanic if he hadn’t shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The term, rarely if ever used before this tragedy, is necessary in telling the Martin story in a more comfortable way.

    I think that it's a good explanation.

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