If you were on the Zimmerman jury, how would you vote? 2nd degree murder, manslaughter or innocent?

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  • sosoconfused

    " Wow, you people sound bitter and disrespectful of the American justice system."

    People are disrespectful and bitter towards the american justice system because the American justice system was bitter and disrespectful toward them and bias against them for a couple hundred of years and counting

  • Simon

    And now we get to the real truth - some people want some injustice on their side to balance things out, make things even.

    Sorry, that isn't justice it's revenge and GZ doesn't deserve to pay for that any more than you or I do. I consider anyone pushing that agenda as a racist and a criminal - wanting to imprison someone for anothers different crime from years ago. It's sick.

  • lisaBObeesa
    "And now we get to the real truth - some people want some injustice on their side to balance things out, make things even."

    Nobody said that.

    But we all understand you believe that.

  • designs

    This is an important national conversation and will shape culture and laws in the years to come. What kind of community do you want. When you go to COSTCO for groceries do you want to see 500 people with 500 pistols.

    How do you want your tax dollars spread throughout your community to help the community to be better. More police officers, better schools to give all children a better chance at a better future, more prisons.

    In San Diego you have public High Schools in Del Mar with state-of-the-art class rooms and tech equipment while in the Kennsington area you have class rooms with ceiling tiles falling down and paint peeling from the walls. What messages do you want to teach your children about opportunity in America.

  • tenyearsafter

    There is no question that the night of Martin's death, there were a large number of bad decisions made and poor judgement exercised by both parties resulting in a tragic outcome.

    Regardless of personal opinion or belief, trials are not meant to be decided on public opinion but rather, evidence. The jury was not presented evidence pointing to guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It would appear that they decided GZ not guilty because the prosecution didn't present a strong enough case.

    If public opinion were to drive the process, then we would not need trials...the media could decide for us and we could just release the defendant to the crowds to administer the punishment. It may "feel" good, but I doubt any of us would want to have our futures decided in that manner.

  • OneEyedJack

    Wow, how many people arguing that justice was not served actually watched every minute of the trial? And I am pretty sure that no one commenting here was listening in on the hours of jury deliberation.

  • designs

    OEJ- Its called- The national conversation, and is something everyone of us should be engaged in.

  • Diest

    The issue is not the jury, the issue is FL Law. Stand your ground is such a stupid principle. Rather than encouraging people to retreat from a dangerous situation before usinging deadly force; the law lets you stand your ground and shoot somone.

    Proving beyond a reasonable doubt that zimmerman did not feel fear for his life is almost impossible. The only other witness was dead and you dont know how the situation escalated.

  • OneEyedJack

    designs - this "national conversation" is making this case about race which it should not. The "national conversation" is more likely to result in more ignorance and violence.

    The media spins things whatever ways they want (to get ratings, and it worked) and millions of people made their minds up before this case was even brought to trial based on what they heard on twitter, facebook, and nancy grace. The state had their opportunity to present their evidence, and they clearly did not have the evidence to get a conviction. I would hope that if I was ever in a position that I had to defend my life, then stand trial for it, that my safety would not be at risk once I was deemed innocent. But because of the media, this guy is likely going to have to live in hiding for the rest of his life.

  • designs

    OEJ- The future of violence in America is the big open question, will we evolve as a culture and society to being more peaecful or violent or will the stats stay what they are.

    As I showed in two cases Justice was not blind with regard to race and the law. Zimmerman's attorney made an incredible statement about the law and race.

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