I have just been disinvited to my brother's wedding - Thanks AAWA!

by Sic Semper Tyrannis 423 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • slimboyfat

    What are they going to do with the donations they've received so far when AAWA collapses, as well it might?

  • soft+gentle


    i prefer to think of it as a test case for AAWA

  • HintOfLime

    Regarding the "Ex-JWs vs. the Watchtower" thing....

    Winning at any cost is not winning to me.

    Winning by stepping on people, lying to cover your tracks, manipulating facts, controlling information (filtering comments), refusing feedback provided out of legit concern, etc...

    That's not winning. That's just becomming the thing you claim to hate.

    - Lime

  • venetian


    I can go with that :)


    I don't believe there has ever been a "win at any cost" attitude with AAWA or any other organisation opposed to the WT. I believe that enthusiasm and hard work in building a creditable opposition voice is a good thing but we need to back off from highlighting newborn errors to the point where we reach a fanatical feeding frenzy which this board is inclined to do. Yes errors have been made, and could have been handled differently, but there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater at all. The Mission Statement of AAWA is a sound one.

    To everyone.

    This board needs to calm down. A number of posters on here need to climb off the AAWA-wrecker ball bandwagon (and that includes you simon) and think rationally. These people are NOT your enemies, they're genuinely trying hard. What are YOU doing? By your continuing negative rhetoric, you are likely sending any lurkers straight back to the KH probably with the Society's mantra about opposers ringing in their ears.

  • besty
    Besty is quite able to speak and defend himself in this mmatter. Im sure he will speak to julia in due course,

    do you see the irony of your 2nd sentence compared to your 1st?

    PS - I won't be speaking to Julia - she can kiss my Danmera Dinglebum :-)

    <assuming DDinglebum and JuliaBD are not the same person - it's all very confusing with fake ID's, secret groups, closed pages, invite by admin only, real people with 3 names etc >

  • venetian

    Fair enough Besty, your call.

  • besty

    why do you think I should waste my time?

  • venetian

    To be honest mate I dont care what you do, its none of my business. The point I'm trying to make is its none of anyone elses business either.

  • *lost*



    Have the two of you actually got anything constructive or substantial to add here ?

    Or are you like a pair of rubber neckers that stop on the side of the road watching the wreckage ?

    Venetian - can you substantiate your critique of simon on this entire matter from the beginning to the end.

    CAN YOU BE SPECIFIC AND EXPLAIN YOURSELF ? or was it a spiteful dig caused by some personal agenda you have.


    TRUST ...... CEDARS alone is responsible for his own carnage. YES HE IS. No matter which way you swing it or try to dress it up or try to protect him or make excuses for him. Just like Judas he betrayed his brethren. It is what it is.

    If it wasn't for a few dedicated honest genuine people on this site - the truth would not of come out. Some of you here may not like truth, or hearing truth, but TOUGH. Truth is truth. Facts are facts.

    Anyone else here notice that there were only a handful of people on in THIS COMMUNITY ( out of how many members ) who were willing to put themselves out there and had the backbone to stand up in all this and do battle to get to the truth.

    In true christian jw style there are still people who will turn their backs and wallk away, choosing the easy option for themselves.

    Just like when they were in 'the troof' and they watched criminal activities, deceite and fraud taking place against their fellow brethren, and they kept their mouths shut and turned their backs, more concerned and interested in saving their own skins, buying out time and feathering their own nests. Not willing to make any personal sacrifices.

    I don't know Simon.

    I don't know Cedars.

    This is not Simon v Cedars, although Cedars clearly has done his very best to manipulate things for his own interests, which are evident now as the truth is coming out.

    If you were asked to make a choice who to listen to, who to trust - who would trust with your personal safety. Hands down there would be no choosing for me personally.

    Why - based on the facts and evidence presented from the get go in this particular instance, then the ensuing debacle that followed.

    Keep it focused people and keep it on track. look at it objectively and deal with evidence and facts.

  • venetian


    Have the two of you actually got anything constructive or substantial to add here ?

    Yes. See my post 92.

    As for my criticism of Simon. I have been on this board for a number of years, alot longer than my post count suggests as I had to re-register and I have always pulled simon up when he displays an inconsistant attitude. Ive done it before and will probably do it again. But I will not mud-rake here for your satisfaction. If I have a problem with Simon, I will direct my posts to him as best I can.

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