“New light” Watchtower magazine leaked from organization weeks ahead of general release

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Wow, thanks for the article Cedars!

  • clarity

    Cedars ... well done, the work that you take on is

    gargantuan. Your work is awesome!

    When you look up from your work with head aching &

    rubbing your eyes ....please know how much you are



    Thank you for consistantly proving the truth.


    I would remove the 2nd perhaps *...& the 2nd been*


    The tumultuous period in the organization’s history between 1914 and 1919 thus becomes the focus of doctrine perhaps more than perhaps ever before. There is no longer a “seamless” transition from the time of the apostles through to today. Prior to 1914, there was NO “organized channel” on the Earth. By 1919, one had been suddenly and miraculously been formed – by none other than Christ himself

    as always


  • cedars

    Thanks so much for the kind sentiments clarity. I do feel exhausted now and my brain is fried, but hopefully it was worth it. And it certainly wouldn't have been possible without my source.

    Thanks also for flagging those mistakes, which have been corrected!


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    By now the GB must know this magazine has been leaked.

    They must be at their wits end knowing that someone they probably know personally is prepared to do this. There really must be some disquiet at Bethel.

    Thank you Cedars.


  • Londo111
  • AnnOMaly

    Holy crap! My head's swimming.

    So there never was any call "Here comes the Bridegroom"? Are you saying they've wiped out what has been taught during the entire BS/JW history from Adventist times (it was said to have occurred in 1844, then 1874, then 1918/9)?

    No evil slave class??? And they've long boasted about how they passed the test and were promoted - NOW they're boasting how they ARE going to pass the test and be promoted?

    What the hell are they doing?

    And still no explanation about why there was a need to appoint any caretaker if Jesus had already returned. I wonder if one day they will somehow divorce the idea of 'return' from 'presence'/Parousia? An idle thought ...

    I have visitors coming over, so any more mental processing will have to wait.

    Fascinating article, cedars.

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    Great work, Cedars. The implications of such a high level leak are exciting to ponder. The dissension is growing....

    One comment - I think the section on "Who Destroys Babylon" in the article could be distracting. To play Devil's advocate, the WT references all are saying the same thing, in essence.

    I had to read and re-read your quotes several time and refer back to the chart. The WT article is incredibly confusing and convoluted.

  • sosoconfused

    I am thankful you posted this info... extremely.

    But it pains me to think that people in this org... smart people I use to know are going to read these changes and not realize that this invalidates everything they have believed for so l9ong.

    It even makes current some teachings invalid. I think the watchtower realizes that mens memories are short and that in a 5 year span new light is pretty much considered doctrine that has always existed - so to build on it is no big deal.

    Not to mention that jesus is apparently doing an awful lot during armageddon.

    The first question I would now ask is since all teaching prior to 1914 was not from the slave since there was no slave - then how can they possibly hold on to the 1914 date any longer since supposedly they saw this date in advance of Jesus appointed a slave. Would this mean that individuals not inspired or directed by Jehovah foresaw these things before his appointed slave did????

    WTH is going on

  • cedars

    Thanks everyone!

    Red Piller

    One comment - I think the section on "Who Destroys Babylon" in the article could be distracting. To play Devil's advocate, the WT references all are saying the same thing, in essence.

    Yes, you make a good point. I did toy with the idea of leaving the UN part out, but I'm hoping the article (due to its nature) will get a viewing from curious active Witnesses, and I feel it's a good opportunity to introduce such ones to the UN/NGO scandal. The UN thing also sets the stage perfectly for the madness to follow. However, I do know where you're coming from.


  • Finkelstein

    Its really amazing the work the leaders of this organization go through to reconfirm and refocus their supposed power and control.

    As with most religions the game is really about power, who says they have it and who they announce that doesn't have it.

    Of course the WTS GB members say they have it .

    I'm particularly amused that the WTS is now firring back at the UN, after being a NGO member for so many years.

    The insinuation that the UN will one day turn against religion is so ridicules and improbable its astounding that these guys

    would even suggest this but its of course old doctrinel tripe from the past.

    So the old time established religious Bullshitters running this bogus publishing house have taken on a new identity of being the only

    ones identified as being the Faithful & Discreet Slave.

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