“New light” Watchtower magazine leaked from organization weeks ahead of general release

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    The magazine in question details the “new light” unveiled at the October 5th 2012 Annual Meeting, at which it was announced that
    the Governing Body is now considered the “faithful and discreet slave”–the spiritual overlords of the nearly 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.

    The WBT$ GB Popes have Replaced:

    The Anointed as the F&DS..

    Jesus as Mediator between God and Man..

    Theres only One Person left,for the WBT$ GB Popes to Replace..

    God.. Now the WBT$ GB Popes can be..

    Your Fired!! .. Properly Worshiped..

    .............................  photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • wannaexit

    Cedars! wonderful synopsis. Thank you for taking the time. What you are accomplishing is amazing.

  • Gojira_101

    During the decades leading up to 1914, C. T . Russell and his close associates did a work like that of John the Baptizer. That vital work involved restoring Bible truths. The Bible Students taught the true meaning of Christ’s ransom sacrifice, exposed the hellfire lie, and proclaimed the coming end of the Gentile Times.” (w13 7/15 p.11)

    Ummmm, I have a question……if the GB are now saying that C.T. Russell & the Bible students did the work of John the Baptizer, and we all know that John the B was a pre-cursor to Christ, then are they saying that THEY picture Jesus?????

    Just wondering and scratching my head


  • undercover

    marking to come back to the link when I have time to read...

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Wouldn't it be funny as hell if the actual printed article has major "adjustments" due to the criticism here...

  • *lost*

    Tell us when will these things be: the seperation of the sheep and goats will happen at the great tribulation - this we already know as we researched on our own and figured it out.

    Christ's arrival actually happens with the start of the great tribulation, he is the trigger for it - again this we already figured out ourselves, by research.

    wheat and weeds - again this we have already said. from 33ce until arnageddon.

    Russel - so now he isnt and never was one of the anointed ? the great founder of the org. So it's a case of being built on shaky ground then ?

    Faithful & discreet slave - so now there have never been any anointed on the earth ? not what I was taught. But the gb are the slave? but are not yet in charge of or responsible for all of his belongings ? this will come in the future. Total turn about of everything that I ever was told. Flip flop. Doesnt the Bible say when Jesus arrives he will judge the slave. So how do they answer that one.

    Un - they have to hold onto this one. It's all they got left to keep r&f trudging on. It's their only hope. they are actually now waiting on that very thing happening. So they can now keep playing on this for years and years. Buying more time.

    UN DOESNT ACTUALLY HAVE ANY POWER !! what has happened in syria has proved that.

    RUSSIA : havent they been clamping down on the NGO's etc. the country is very unstable at the moment poitically etc. Putin is now being classed as very near a dictator. So WT know they not geting in there anyway so no loss. Gets them out of a tight spot.

    GAY MARRIAGE - the hype about this now is also being used as a sign. breakdown of society etc

    Big changes. Interesting to see what happens next.

  • alecholmesthedetective

    Thanks a lot, Cedars!!!

    It seems like the GB has not even bothered to explain what role if any the rest of the anointed have in the organization now that they have been demoted by them. Just sit tight and wait and if you behave and obey us then you'll also be appointed over the belongings (but WE are the FDS, not you).

    It seems like taking Russell out of the big picture matches the change in the language coming from the WT now regarding their founder. I remember reading in chapters 1 and 2 of the Proclaimers book that Abel was the first JW, and Jesus was a JW too. But now an FAQ on JW.org says Jesus is the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses.


    Also Cedars, it seems that until 1931 there was an editorial committee who was able to exercise some control over what was published in the magazines. Still, as president of the Society, is it correct to say that the ultimate authority on doctrinal matters rested solely with Rutherford? If so, that would make him the FDS.

    In the Olin Moyle trial court transcript, page 865, we can read Fred Franz's very own words that in 1931 the committee was disbanded because it was not allowing what were felt to be 'timely and vital truths originating from him to be disseminated to the Lord’s people'. From that point forward, there was nothing even remotely resembling a governing body as we know it today. Doctrine published in the Watchtower came from or was filtered and approved by Rutherford.


  • Splash

    Tremendous effort Cedars, and so much work.

    Many thanks,


  • leaving_quietly

    I keep coming back these two:

    Christ, not the GB, is our head.

    1 Cor. 11:3 "But I want YOU to know that the head of every man is the Christ; in turn the head of a woman is the man; in turn the head of the Christ is God."

    Christ was very permissive in who could do what:

    Luke 9:49,50: "In response John said: “Instructor, we saw a certain man expelling demons by the use of your name and we tried to prevent him, because he is not following with us.” 50?But Jesus said to him: “Do not YOU men try to prevent [him], for he that is not against YOU is for YOU.”"

  • Finkelstein

    Don't mind us we just make shit up as we go along, then put it into print for the public to consume.

    Some people actually join are organization which we are the head of (WTS) as subservient obedient slaves toward that shit, which surprises us to

    no end, but we accept the praise and notoriety nevertheless.

    To all of are fellow JWS, this new arrangement is "Meat in due season"

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