New Pope about to come out

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  • new22day

    St George, hahahah - that was a brilliant joke. I love it and can't wait to steal it!

    Just about done for the day, but I agree with ya Mouthy! Leading folks to Christ isn't that impt. to me personally,

    but if he has a good heart, gives people peace and is dedicated to helping the poor and sick, good for him and those who he comforts. Nothing wrong with that.

    (St Francis of Assissi is the only Catholic Francis I've heard of. He was a naturlalist and known for his peace, care and kindness to animals, as well as the sick and poor. Not sure if that is his namesake - always thought he sounded lovely - btw: I'm not a Catholic, or Christian for that matter so no bias here)

    Have a great day

  • jgnat

    When the new pope was a cardinal he did wash the feet...of a dozen AIDs patients.

  • new22day

    I don't think the number of feet matters (it's not JW field service after all).
    The message is in the humbleness, acceptance and kindness of that act.

    Perhaps members of the GB should try humbleness like that.

  • Dagney

    At least he can tango.

  • FlyingHighNow

    On washing feet: this pope has washed the feet of people with AIDS, so maybe we underestimate him? I'm not pleased that he is very conservative, but I am happy that he is a very strong advocate for the poor and the suffering. He has not been a "sit in my ivory tower, completely out of touch" guy. Unless you consider the birth control issues.

    Well my old man would have been pleased. My Hubbies name was Francis, & He was a Catholic.
    My hubby would have been 89 today his birthday had he lived

    Aww, Mouthy, how long has he been gone?

    Pope Francis the 1st, otherwise known as Jorge. I love the name Jorge, pronounced hor-hey.

  • FlyingHighNow
    He cooks for the disabled... In my book that says he is trying to be humble...

    They say he cooks his own meals, too.

  • soontobe


  • FlyingHighNow

    Well, around these parts it's hor-hey.

  • mP

    Of course hes an advocate for the poor just like Princess Diana. Her dresses and jewellery were worth more than entire cities during her africa tours, just like the popes gold this and diamonds that.

  • mP


    I am not a Catholic. But if he does all the folks say about him.He must have a good heart.


    Anyone who stays in the catholic church after all those pedophile coverups cannot by MY definition have a good heart. By being silent he is part of the cabal.

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