New Pope about to come out

by new22day 303 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • darth frosty
  • cofty

    Earlier in the week 99.8% of the people of the Falklands told Argentina to F~~~ OFF!

    god must be letting them play at pope as a consolation prize.

  • mouthy

    Well my old man would have been pleased. My Hubbies name was Francis, & He was a Catholic.
    My hubby would have been 89 today his birthday had he lived

  • 144001

    No offense intended to the catholics among us, but . . .

    I find it hard to respect a church that covered up molestations of children perpetrated by more than 400 of its priests.

  • Finkelstein

    On being asked about the pedophilia problem within the church and what attempts are you going to pursue to rectify the problem,

    the new Pope said in return " What Pedophilia problem ? "

    " Just one more question guys, I've got to get fitted for my new Pope hat, shoes and ring, this is going to be so cool ! "

    " Anyone want to be the first person to kneel before me and kiss my hand ? "

  • franticfran

    Is it me?? am I the new pope?? Oh no I cant be Im a girl. mm

  • Phizzy

    Pope Frankie a ? suddenly the catch phrase of Brit comedian Frnkie Howerd popped into my fevered brain: "Don't mock Francis !".

    I don't know why I thought of that, but even if he does not choose the name, this Pope will be mocked as were the ones before him.

  • OnTheWayOut

    " Anyone want to be the first person to kneel before me and kiss my hand ? "

    Right after you wash my feet.

  • franticfran

    I think I will look rather fetching in a long frock and that darling gold hat will give me much needed height

  • new22day

    Well, I'm glad he's from Argentina and it's great he takes public transit. He's down with the peeps. I for one like the little guy and wish him the best and his age doesn't bother me. 'They' say he's a minimalist and I like that.

    As for child abuse, gay rights, birth control, etc. - Meh. The majority of people left this church behind decades ago. IMO, it will have to be a radical transformation to gain any relevance among modern thinkers and a rejection of most of what they put in that silly book they produced.

    Edted to add: And we all know that ain't gonna happen.

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