Weird "new world" artwork from the 2013 calendar

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  • eva luna
    eva luna

    j dubb...

    Since we are going to all have perfect bods.

    I prefer to take the French sensibilities. Swimming the St. Tropez way.

  • ambersun

    Great thread by the way cedars!

    I just love that last picture! I wonder where they got their inspiration from?

    Flash.........ah, ahhhhhhhhhh.............saviour of the universe.................

    NOW I KNOW why I thought the JW calendar is cheap.
    Not only is it under-sized, but it only gives you 6 pictures instead of 12.....Jgnat

    I can get a Full Size Calandar with 12 Pictures.. Would somebody please shut..

    At the.. Jgnat and that Effin Dog up!

    The Friggin Dollar Store!!..

    ................................. mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • cedars

    ambersun, after seeing some of the recent "angelic" artwork being produced by the Society, I think the Governing Body should just give in to their fantasies and star in their own version of Flash Gordon. I vote for Gerrit Losch to star as Ming the Merciless!!

    "Jesus - I now give you my blessing to release

    your antimatter on those pathetic

    sinful earthlings."



  • moomanchu

    Lion petting is old school, dolphin petting is the new fad !!

    The bros rippin the H2O are gonna be eaten up by that coral if they wipeout...

    Oh wait they're perfect so no gnarly scabbing for dem dudes !!

    Do fish turn vegan in the new sytem??


  • ambersun

    Oh yes, cedars, bring it on!!!

  • Ding

    Why are the woman and girl out in the ocean with a dress / skirt on?

    Apparently, there are still swimsuits in the new system, given that the kids who are completely underwater are wearing them.

  • tornapart

    Sept/oct... looks like the 'meeting' was all about the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream....

  • cedars

    tornapart - precisely. Did you get my comment about the scripture in Isaiah, i.e. the "former things" not being "called to mind?"


  • Apognophos
    Since we are going to all have perfect bods.
    I prefer to take the French sensibilities. Swimming the St. Tropez way

    Actually, let's take it a bit further. Aren't humans going to be perfect in the new system? Like Adam and Eve? So why would they be wearing clothes at all? Clearly the friends in the paintings have not embraced the higher mindset of perfect men and women who are not ashamed of their bodies and have no inappropriate thoughts.

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