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  • MrFreeze

    Remember, JW's will try to tell you they are all equal under Jehovah's eyes.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    ERBIE - if every thread contained a Hans Holbein reference, the world would be a better place

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    From http://ex-jw.com/menlo-park-state-lawsui

    May 10,2012

    Is the Watchtower a "heirarchy" - or not:


    "It’s interesting to note that the Watchtower seems to have changed its official position about what kind of religion it really is. For decades the Society has criticized the Catholic and Orthodox churches, and most mainstream Protestant denominations, for being “hierarchies.” Instead of being ruled from the top down by a pope or archbishop, Jehovah’s Witnesses have traditionally presented themselves as groups of Bible students meeting together in small groups, directed in an ecclesiastical “theocratic arrangement.” Watchtower publications still promote the idea that appointments of local elders and special pioneers are directed by holy spirit, not from direct orders by branch office managers.

    "Watchtower attorney Calvin Rouse destroys that claim forever as officially recorded on pages 4 and 5 (segment 1). Rouse states emphatically, “We are a hierarchical religion just like the Catholic Church.” What follows is even more enlightening.

    "Thank you, Brother Rouse, for finally clearing up that long-standing misunderstanding on our part. Until now, we thought Jehovah’s Witnesses were part of a “theocratic organization” and that “Jehovah hated evil hierarchies” like the Catholic Church. We were taught and constantly reminded that those false religions were “a snare and a racket.” Now we find out that we aren’t really any different, but are “just like them.”


    Is this another example of "theocratic strategy" or "theocratic warfare"?

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    breakfast of champions: indeed it would be a better place!

    Perhaps we can dig out some more nice things to post here

  • EdenOne

    Juan Viejo2

    Where does that second quote comes from?


  • cantleave

    Eden in you introductry post you stated

    " Yes I agree with the GB in many things, that's why I'm still a Witness ;)"

    Still feel that way????

  • alanv

    JW gonebad said

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    Not sure if anyone else picked-up on this:The only ones depicted out in the ministry doing the work are the rank and file publishers .

    The congregation elders are all sitting around a table (in a judicial capacity) deciding someone else’s fate instead of taking the lead in field service… and that’s the reality!

    Guys we have got to stop nit picking. Anyone who knows the way the org works knows that you cannot stay an elder or mini servant if you don't put in a good number of hours per month. It was explained to me when I started fading that a servant needs to set the lead in the ministry. So just because the pic does not show an elder out on the doors does not mean he does not go. Let's keep to the really important and known facts when we critisize the society. Yes they do sit around a table deciding someone's fate, but that is in addition to knocking on doors.

  • AnnOMaly

    Um, how would we know if it was an elder or not?

  • wheelwithinwheel
  • wasblind

    I agree Alanv,

    We all know Witnesses can't be saved if they don't earn their salvation

    Worldly folk have no idea that Witnesses have to count how much time they spend

    knockin' on doors in order to turn thier time sheet / fieldservice report in

    And if thier hours slip, Jus' like an employer, they will get reminded about

    slackin' off


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