Stop Putting Apostate Stickers On My Literature! They "Cost Lots of Money!"

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  • mrsjones5

    " Collecting and destroying literature, just like losing our temper and screaming and yelling at JWs, may do us and our "cause" (warning people about the Watchtower) more harm than good. One way to make sure people read something is to try to supress it. If someone picks a JW rag to read and notices an "apostate" sticker and then checks it out, our work is done. Be sure to count your time!"

    Nah, not going to flame you. You're entitled to your opinion and the control of you own actions. I will continue to pick up wt litter and disposed of it in the appropriate manner that I see fit according to the tripe it is.

  • AuntConnie

    My favorite territories to work are the poor neighboors or shanty towns. I pull in my new four door Lexus and nobody is going to look down on or judge me. The poor don't slam the door in your face like golf-course or gated homes of the rich. My time is worth more than theirs, so I can keep my nose a little higher than those dwelling in rat filled apartments, soaking with the smell of urine. The rich homes were loaded with educated mormons or "born againers", I don't like working those territories or being around people with more money than me. It's a devilish delight holding the two territories of the working poor, and making the weak and "mental sisters" work the homes of mulit-millionaires.

    The new lexus shows up in the barrios, at the same time a beat up Ford Winstar is fully loaded with crazies Witnesses trying to get past the guard house of the gated community √©quitation ch√Ęteau.

  • recovering

    ha ha you claim contradictory things. One minute you are claiming to be poor the other well off. Earlier you claimed "Mom and Dad paid my rent" ; That you had to work 3 jobs; and that your husband cashed in your IRA. Your last post claimed how you are well off and drive a new 4 door Lexus. Your posts certainly come off as being scizophrenic

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  • 2+2=5

    AuntConnie is either bat-shit crazy or she is taking the piss. Whatever the case this thread has made me laugh.

  • unstopableravens

    2+2: just like your screen name something aint adding up with auntie here

  • jemba

    Someones escaped the nuthouse!! Or its just a coupla teenagers having a bit of fun.

  • LongHairGal


    This thread has made me laugh. I don't know if you are really who you say you are but I take note of what you posted right above: "...making the weak and "mental sisters" work the homes of multi-millionaires.."

    This tells me you have contempt and look down on your fellow "sisters". Even though the description is apt and there are many JWs who have "issues", somebody as self-righteous as you appear to be would not say that. An active "sister" in the religion would not verbalize something like that even if she truly knew it and believed it herself.

    So, I wonder about you and perhaps you are a new incarnation of somebody who has posted here before and are just pulling our leg(s).

  • unstopableravens

    well i hope this not what the atheist call the next step in evolution, then maybe ppl will start believing in god lol

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