Stop Putting Apostate Stickers On My Literature! They "Cost Lots of Money!"

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  • AuntConnie

    "True Story" The circuit overseer came to our Kingdom Hall and read us the riot act (local needs style) "Magazines of this quality are not free, they cost money and we are not generating enough donations to defray the cost of the magazines(or running the top of the line printing presses) I get my ass out of bed to place literature in the laundray cleaning, coin opperated shops and some asshole puts his apostate stickers on our magazines. Do you know how hard it is to get up at 6:00 AM and how expensive those magazines are costing the Organization to print? Please stop defiling our literature, I dont post hateful stickers on your website so please leave my magazines alone. You can go to Hell if you think your stickers will stop Jehovah's Army of loyal sisters, we pick the sticks off and use "white out". Knock this shit off ok? I hate listening to my circuit overseer cry about wasted resources and good magazines being rapped or rapping (his ascent made it sound like "rapping our magazines" M&M or Jay Z the rapper) dark agents of evil.

    Jehovah knows who you are! Sisters are not hurting by any means, we show our husbands our poor little nails and they send us weekly to get our nails done, we are persecuted and getting our nails done as a cost of theocratic warfare.

  • cofty

    Genius parody!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Aunt are right, people should quit putting stickers on your laundry mat Watchtowers. They should throw them in the fucking trash.


    Aunt Connie..

    JW`s won`t let us put Apostate Stickers on their Foreheads..

    WBT$ literature is all we have..

    It costs the WBT$ nothing because you fools pay for it all..

    You pay for the everything.

    Equipment,ink,paper,donate the labour..

    Then buy it from the WBT$ and spend your own money to peddle it..

    Untill we get some cooperation..

    We`ll keep putting Apostate Stickers on WBT$ Crap Literature..

    .............................. mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • blondie

    If only the faithful at the KH just donated more money to the "worldwide work" or got the courage to ask people at the doors, this would be a moot point. Or the WTS should start a mandatory tithing program like the Mormons do and other religions.

    Tossing them in the trash is the best idea.

    Fantastically crazy things are said and done at many KHs, more than anything you can make up.

  • Chaserious

    What is this I don't even

  • AuntConnie

    Why are they asking for more donations to cover the cost of the magazines, we pay ours and others magazines and never get contributions, it's hard to give them away as it is. I will say this, I never have heard them beg for donations (baptism in early 70s) to cover our magazines, what is up with that? He said the printing press is the most elegant printery there is, and we are not showing proper respect by withholding our "valuable things" that could be better spent on theocratic warfare. I want the Watchtower Zorrro to understand those magazines are not cheap, and brothers and sisters are not giving "their first fruits" to Jehovah's Organization, misers will not be saved on the "Great and Fear Inspiring Day Of Jehovah"

    Why are we getting guilted when we already give ten percent of our income, we tithe, work on the regional building work. It's never enough and they made me who I am, people wonder why I am a heartless ghoul? If a person has enough money and is able to donate their time you can get away with more than the poor witness. The organization does not say anything wrong with a tithe, they never ask for contributions during the meetings is the official version, we tell everybody that, don't we?

    "Fantastically crazy things are said and done at many KHs, more than anything you can make up." blondie

    I do not know how to turn off "bold", I want to add you are one of the few people who might understand or find it possible, what I have been talking about. You still care about people, I lost that emotion when I was told it was the path of least resistance.

  • blondie

    So far donations are mostly anonymous at the KHs except for those that donate $250 at one time or pay by check. But if that changed and people signed legal documents agreeing to donate 10% of their gross income like the Mormons do, I can see many jws freaking out.

    COs and the WTS can talk about all they want but if they can't document who is donating and who isn't, it's just hot air.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Why the sudden push and guilt when we are giving ten percent?

    Duh.....because there's ninety percent money left?

  • hoser


    The magazines for all of north america are printed in Canada. The Canada branch reported having 89 million dollars in their bank account last year. They are not broke. Go tell that to your CO


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