If Jehovah Can Read Hearts Then WHY

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    Strange that you take the writings of men and assume that every single detail, every word, every utterance, by every person TO every person in the account would even be there. Strange that you don't consider that perhaps the lesson isn't SUPPOSED to be there... because YOU are supposed to use your LOVE... of God... to REASON OUT what actually took place. Strange that you are going on as if you KNOW the MOST Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies... so as to say what He did... and did not do... in this instance... yet, can't "understand" Him.


    Here we go again Jehovah the violent of armies and all that nonsense. You completely failed toa ddress why god spent a page telling us about Jepthah but failed to correct his human sacrifice. It raises more worries than it solves. Would have been better to leave that old nonsense out. If God can create the universe then surely he can write a coherant fully moral story each and every time.

    It would appear your god has a real problem. The only that matters is complete and utter obedience, there is no goodness or kindness in his soul.

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    It doesn't make SENSE to you, mp... based on what you THINK God should be "like"... because it doesn't DEPICT what God IS like.


    Are you sure the story is not written by men from a past age who well didnt have a problem with killing anyone andwho believe d in human sacrifice. Im sorry but that seems the real answer. They didnt condemn the sacrifice or thoughts to make one, because that was considered jsut fine.

    Its amazing how you have to invent such utter nonsense when the answer is so simple.

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    And the fact he rewards someone who offers and performs human sacrifice is well completely ignored by you.

    AGUEST Where is the REWARD? Please... show me. STOP looking through your WTBTS-trained "eyes"... and SEE God. You ASSUME that Jephthah defeated Ammon as a result of his vow. If you read the account, though, you will see that Ammon had ALREADY been delivered to Jephthah; mP: Tou are right to some extent i am assuming the story is about jehovah helping. If its not then its blasphemy and the writer should have said Jephthah was evil for making the vow. Jepthah was a high priest, how did he sink so low ? Why didnt anyone condemn him in the beginning for making such an evil vow ? Nobody there says anything about this. In fact at the end of the story supposedly the entire virgins of the nation mourn her example for years. It would appear nbody has any problems with this vow and theconcept of human sacrifice.

    So what is the point of the story ? How did such a n example of evil make it into the bible when it should have been removed or at the least condemned.?
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    mP -> AGUEST

    Im still waiting for you to tell me how you are a "slave" of christ ?You give yourself that title but you have not earnt it. You are jsut a pretender,like all the fake pretender kings of times past. You cant give yourself a title like slave you earn it.


    You can’t give yourself a title like slave you earn it.

    Actually slave is not a title and slaves don’t earn their status, it is forced upon them.

    It is freedom that has to be earned or won.

    A gladiator that defied an evil organization and won his freedom

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    Not slave:

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    Dearest Glad... the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one. I want to respond, as there is much to say. Maybe later, if I am permitted. For now, I am not, at least not here. But I want you to know that I "hear" you and that's all that matters right now. That's not to say "anything" will change ()... well, not right away... ... but I DO hear you.

    Again, peace to you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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    Well the entire purpose of the Bible supposedly is for him to communicate and teach.

    No, it isn't. The bible is a tool of men (men decided what went into it; men decided how to translate it; men decided how to interpret it; men decided to throw doctrines around it such as inerrancy). This tool of men is supposed to help communicate and teach... those who have not yet learned to go to Christ. Through CHRIST, God communicates and teaches. Christ is the Teacher. Christ is the Word of God. Christ is the Truth. Christ is the mediator between man and God. At some point, to listen, one has to move from the bible ( a sight tool ) to the Spirit... in faith. Walk by faith, not by sight.

    Faith is about believe, it doesnt "teach" anyone the right hting to do. How does anyone know if something is right or wrong by faith ?

    Because faith is in Christ; the Spirit; the unseen; what is HEARD, but not yet seen. By looking at and listening to CHRIST... one can know if something is right or wrong. Love can teach on this as well... IF... one knows love. The golden rule is a good guide... IF... one does not twist it.

    Faith means to believe when you dont have proof. I would suggset that you consult a dictionary and learn what the word means. It would appear that the concept of faith is confusing for you. Different people have different levels of fiath and wha tthey believe. You cant "learn" anything from faith.

    Faith does not mean to believe when you don't have proof. Faith is knowing; complete confidence in something/someone. It is being sure of what is not yet seen, but is hoped for. Hoped for because one has heard that it is so, from God, from Christ. Take the example of Noah. By faith, when warned (so he listened and heard and believed what he heard) of the flood, he built the ark. By faith, Abraham went to a land he was told to go - faith in and obedience to what he heard - even though he did not know where he was going. By faith, Peter knew that 'jesus' was the Messiah. Because it was revealed to him by God. He did not need miracles to make him believe. He did not need prophecies from the OT to make him believe this. He listened, and in faith, believed what he 'heard'. That is faith. That faith is what Christ said he would build his church upon.

    I can have fiath i want to learn to Chinese, thats not going to help me get there in anyway. One needs a guide or some reference material etc.

    Of course. Christ is that guide. There have been prophets in the past as well (guides), and scripture told or written down (reference material), even though this is imperfect, due to the limitations of language and its barriers. For example, consider how much gets lost in translation from one language to another... then consider how much might also be lost of something received in the spirit... when putting that into words and languages that do not have the depth to fully convey what the Spirit is saying. Leaving us sometimes with a two dimensional depicition of a three/four/five dimensional teaching. Leaving some to think that it is a literal snake that talked to Eve, rather than another spiritual being ( a seraph, and Satan ) in the garden with her. In any case, for us, Christ is the mediator between men and God. The Teacher. More than words on paper. He is spirit. He is alive. But if you have to start with what you can see in the reference mateiral (most do); then look at least to His words and His deeds and His example... over anything else. Even the reference material you are looking at (the bible) says to do that. .

    You completely failed toa ddress why god spent a page telling us about Jepthah but failed to correct his human sacrifice.

    . The fact that Jepthah made a promise that forced him (his promise, not God) to sacrifice his own daughter IS a warning, mP. Like... Don't make promises like that, people ... look what happened to Jepthah! Jepthah also COULD have begged forgiveness, and pleaded that his sin be brought upon his own head, and he could have asked for forgiveness and mercy for breaking his promise (that he should never have made in the first place), and himself shown MERCY, and not SACRIFICE. ' (hosea 6:6) . Peace, tammy

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    " Once Christians use their faith, their internal experience and belief, to try to disprove scientific findings they are on a hiding to nothing. Resorting to using insults in place of facts or evidence is utterly unconvincing. There are more effective ways of sharing faith that engaging in gladiatorial bouts - entertaining as they are. Still each to their own."

    Totally agree with everything you said in your post Gladiator.

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    [ sleyv ] Show IPA noun, verb, slaved, slav·ing.


    1. a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant. 2. a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person: a slave to a drug. 3. adrudge: ahousekeepingslave.

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