If Jehovah Can Read Hearts Then WHY

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    Islam and Xianity uses language that denotes authority to the elites of the heirachy and slavery related langauge for the masses. Servant, Basilica( look up the meaning of the word), slave of christ, Overseer(aka slave driver) and so on. All the language is very much overloaded with extremely repulsive connotations. WHy cant the terms simply be as equals instead of implying control ?

    Because these religions are not good, they are pure evil.

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    still thinking

    Leaving the JWs behind....

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    Bowing does.

    Nope, it doesn't.

    It is a sign of respect, if anyone choose to make more out of it, that is up to them.

    In the Martial arts we bow all the time, in different ways and I have probably bowed more in any given MA class than I have ever done in regards to God.

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    When you are a Queen of a dozen countries and give peace and prosperity to your dominions then you have earnt that title. WHen you give help to the poor, healthcare, defense and so on to your subjects then you are a Queen. Without actions your claim is a joke. If anyone can call themselves "good" without earning it then the word has no value and theres no point to using it.

    If she did everybody would say shes a fraud and a joke just like her current claim here.

    If titles are thoughts and not earnt why doesnt she goto a quack who claims they are a doctor, who cares if they are actually qualified or a have a proven track rrecoord. She wants to use the title to imply she is someone obedient and works hard for her master when in actuality she does jack shit for him.

    Bad analogy using the Queen of England who doesn't actually do any of the above. I've seen others reply to your accusations re the way AGuest describes herself, all of which you've ignored, so it's unlikely you'll bother giving mine any credit. If you'd actually read the post of mine you quoted, the answer is in there. You can't speak for the one she serves either, about how and to what extent she serves, that's for Him to say, not you.

    Loz x








    Thanks for acknowledging my main post and your thoughtful comments.

    Battling it out on this forum can be productive as well as entertaining. The reason I stopped posting in my real name and became a gladiator, was to look the part for the battles I sought with forum members and remain annonymous. I guess it was a way of dealing with anger and loss and at the same time having fun, sometimes at other peoples expense. Baiting Christians was the most fun.

    So you see I am not innocent, or judgemental of people who still have their reasons to engage in the way they do. The Christians mentioned above were unexpectedly patient and helpful. Also people like LittleToe, BurnTheShips, FlyingHighNow and others helped me to shed what they called ‘my Jehovah's Witness mentality.’ They also left a lasting impression with many others.

    The reason I refer to myself as 'a gladiator who has won his freedom' is because once a gladiator is free he will usually hang up his sword and leave the games. In many ways that is what I have done. I just hang around for the entertainment. Concerns about the impression what we post gives to outsiders does concern me more than it used to, but that is a personal thing.

    Why we post what we do is an interesting question. Often we are the last to be aware of what motivates us. Perhaps we are seeking something, have something to share, emotions to work through, or believe we are on a mission. So I ask myself why I post the comments I do? The jury is still out on that one, but when I find out I will let you know. Sorry if this post seems to be about me, that was not the intention, but the sub-conscious is cunning little bugger.

    A gladiator who defied religion and won his freedom

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    We share our views of things, sometimes we agree and soemtimes we don't and that is OK because we are NOT part of a cult that punishes people for not agreeing.

    We are truly free ONLY when we can express our views and ideas with people and it not matter that they don't agree with us.

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    Not slave:

  • PSacramento


    I know what you are saying and agree in regards to the importance of making the distinction.

    HOWEVER, if we go against the actual definition of a word based on what we want it to me ONLY, then that is a slipper slope.

    Fact is by the very definitionof thre word slave, Shelby can quite correctly use it in describing herself as a "slave of/for Christ".

    How YOU or I feel about the emotional meaning of the word for US is not relevant.

  • EntirelyPossible

    HOWEVER, if we go against the actual definition of a word based on what we want it to me ONLY, then that is a slipper slope.

    Shelby is not a slave. She chooses to do things, wants to do them and can stop any time. She is in no way a slave.

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