I Think My Marriage Is Over...

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  • AGuest
    Maybe it's my not arguing that worries him...

    Yep! When you do your "usual" (argue, etc.), dear Cogn (peace, chile'!) then he knows what's up... 'cause he knows what you're up to, how you feel, what to react TO, as well as HOW to react. You change up, though... and he has a brain fart (kind of typical for guys, though - most really do need a set routine. Not a put down, just an observation).

    Now, he can't see straight... so as to do HIS "usual." Given what you say HE's been doing... and how you might NORMALLY react... he don't know which side is up and which is down, right now.

    Go with that, girl. Remain calm. No matter what (though, you don't wanna remain SO calm that you find yourself hurling a pot o' hot grits at him or something - if you need to vent... vent... so no one gets hurt - LOLOLOL!). Otherwise... never let him see you sweat!


    A slave of Christ,

    SA, gives a wink to dear "Cool As a Cogna... ummmm... Cucumber"...

  • cognac

    FHN- no, she's not close by.

  • Scully

    Wouldn't it be ironic if he dumped you for MsThang and she ended up dying (not that I would wish that for her) on him? While in the meantime, Armageddon™ keeps postponing and you keep right on living your life to the fullest?

    It's pretty sad rationalizing that you should dump someone because they're going to die some day and there are "other fish in the sea". How would he feel if you did that to him?

    I would capitalize on the fact that what he's doing - sneaking around behind your back, becoming emotionally involved with someone else, is something the WTS describes as "dealing treacherously with the wife of your youth" (I forget what scripture that is) and is extremely disrespectful of you, of your daughters and most of all toward the Creator in front of whom he vowed to "love, honour and cherish, till death do us part" (whatever the WTS rendition of that is) and the Congregation™/Organization™.

    I wonder if he has any Privileges™ that he wants to keep?

  • wasblind

    There's all kinds of women for one kind of man, and his name is Dick

    The Clean up woman : Get all the trash we girls leave behind

    The Bear : Hibernates wit' your man for a night or two

    The Kardashian : Discard men like a used maxi pad

  • CuriousButterfly

    Cognac so sorry your husband is putting you through this.

    Some great advice and my apologies in advance as I was unable to read every post one. This thought came to mind....

    If he is premeditating on trying to get out of this marriage he may have another thing coming. If I remember correctly my husband (who is an elder) mentioned that if a spouse leaves the marriage and commits adultery it does not automatically give him/her the green light to scripturally remarry.

    Example: Hubby cheats and is granted a divorce. He can remarry in the eyes of the government BUT in JW world, as long as the spouse that was cheated on never wanted to get divorced but try reconciling (forgave their husband) then he will not “scripturally” be free to remarry. He will never be able to hold any responsibility as long as the wife does not have sex or remarry.

    I may be wrong in this thinking and if there are any elders out there that can chime in on their understanding it would be greatly appreciated.

    Hang in there (((hugs)))

  • coffee_black

    Curious is right, Cognac. I am so sorry you are going through this. If you want to get together for coffee like before, let me know. Are you still local? I think I remember a threas where you said you were moving....


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