Booted! On the ship! Kicked off! Df'd!

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  • waiting

    Well ok, I'll bite........

    If one has an "Ignore" button - say gravedancer - then gravedancer could print all kinds of negative comments about me, and I wouldn't know it?

    Keep your friends close to your heart. Your enemies, closer. Al Capone

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'd rather know - whether I comment back or not.

    Now if it were FredHall, I can see the logic. But I skip past FredHall's posts anyway - I just have enough control just to understand he never says anything I want to read. So I don't.

    Perhaps Yahoo assumes that it's posters don't have sufficient self-control?


  • gravedancer


    Some posters are just annoying, even if they arent saying stuff about me. eg a yoyo

  • Simon

    I guess it comes down to why you want to ignore someone - whether they post things that are of no interest or if they post things that we don't really want to see. The ignore feature would work for the former but not the latter.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I guess what I really need is to ba able to have the system hide all posts and references to post from certain posters to certain other posters.

    Only then would peace return to blue-ridge mountain ...

    (g'night John-Boy ... g'night Lory Beth)

    BWT: In case you're wondering, I used to spend Sunday morning watching The Waltons and Little House on the Praire when I could get out of going to the meeting ... every story had a moral (don't come between grandpa and his still)

  • BluesBrother

    Lets not make the place too anaemic and polite. I can get stereotyped answers and smart,well scrubbed faces at the Kingdom Hall if I want to.

    We joined up here because it is ALIVE.

  • teejay

    So Teejay, what were you going to say?


    Golly gee, Think, I must've forgotten. Being booted, without so much as a "cut it out, teejay" hurts... cuts me to the bone, I tellya. I'm trying to recover....

    .... I'll be alright... *sniff, sniff* ..... I hope. Pray for me, willya?


    All I'll say to you is that it's good you got a little 'help' but I'm sorry he only showed up with a bean flipper. I told you earlier that the big artillery was poised and ready, but I'm off to fry A bigger Fish.

    Oh!... before I go...

    ... are you (or have you ever posted as) "msil"? Just curious.

    Now!! AlanF!!!! Glad you showed up!

    I didn't particularly want to get involved in this bit of nonsense, but Teejay, you're being your usual braindead self and I just can't resist tweaking you.

    See my earlier comments ( ) on what it means in a debate when one resorts to name calling. Usually this happens sometime after the debate has been going... seldom before it even starts. Wonder what your opening salvo of insults means, Alan!

    From the get-go you've posted mainly things to deliberately stir up trouble.

    I'm presently engaged (via email) with one who made similar sweeping, generalized accusations of what I've said/haven't said here on I eventually tired of their incessant harpings and asked for proof. I even provided the links to where I supposedly said "this and that." Silence.... then, "oh, I'm wrong. Conceded."

    Fortunately (for them), that one had to eat their words privately. You are not so lucky. You had to make such allegations publicly and will be forced to answer them in the same forum. I challenge you to make your case, Big Fella. With you, I will not provide the links. You must establish the evidence or stand on flimsy words. Deal? Cool.

    Even people who once defended you realized this and told you this to your face.

    A link! A link! My kingdom for a link!! (and please do NOT use the only one I think you COULD use!! )

    Whether you do this out of malice or simple stupidity is not objectively clear. Personally I think it's a combination of both.

    We'll see in due time, Alan. We'll see.

    Kent understands very well what you're all about, and he doesn't want you on his board -- it's that simple. I'll play a violin for you if it'll make you feel better.

    I don't particularly like violin. A nice jazz saxophone... something along the lines of Grover Washington, Jr. or Kim Waters would be nice. Know "A Secret Place"?

    It's obvious that Kent has declared that Teejay is an incorrigible spammer, and thus comes under the aegis of "spammers subject to immediate removal".

    Would you mind informing one with (reportedly) half a brain what either "spam" or "a spammer" is? I know I'm not nearly as smart as you—hell, everybody knows that!—but the best definition I could find, like the one at, says:

      Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies
      of the same message, in an attempt to force the
      message on people who would not otherwise
      choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial
      advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick
      schemes, or quasi-legal services.

    Gee, either the entire Internet world knows what spam is or maybe only you and kent know. Gee... I wonder whose definition I'll accept. Decisions, decisions.

    I know it's difficult for you to understand this simple idea, but perhaps if you and Teejay put your heads together you'll discover half a head and be able to understand.

    Now there you go with the insults again...

    No, it's not difficult to figure out what happened. I have never spammed anywhere since getting online almost ten years ago, and kent's (and YOUR) stretching a well-known expression to fit your small-minded viewpoint to justify a wrong doesn't do your reputation any favors, Alan.

    When he asked earlier today, I told your little friend er... ah.. gravedancer that I was running a little test with kent. I even inferred that I was even booted from kent's site already even as I composed that comment.

    Test is over. Thesis confirmed. Results follow:

    When the truth or (in the case of Simon and a Man can handle criticism with style and tolerance—especially when he's the owner and holds all the cards—then it becomes clear to all what sort of Man he is: strong, secure, fair. By the same token, in the case of the truth that gracefully handles criticism and still stands, we know that it is really true — real.

    On the other hand, when a 'truth' or a 'man' in this case cannot, will not, must not handle criticism; when they must surround themselves with parroting sycophants who defend juvenile behavior, then... well... we know what kind of 'man' (and what sort of 'truth') that is. You know... a 'man' like kent and a 'truth' like what the Governing Body peddles.

    Like I said... test over.

    Nice chatting.

  • Farkel

    : Alan you and I must be smoking the same stuff....we appear to be the only ones who see this stuff.

    Not at all! Teejay goes in spurts. Sometimes he offers decent comments and good observations. But when he gets in the mold he's now in, he's like a tenacious bulldog who thinks he smells blood and just won't let go. Then he's got his alter-Igor, "bigboi" running around like a little Chihuahua yelling, "Right on! Right on!"

    His problem is that he thinks he's is God's gift as to what is and what isn't appropriate to say on a discussion board. That's my main difference with him, but it is a huge one.


  • SEAKEN2001

    Yeah, Teejay, I figured that was where you were going with this. I don't know your motives but I fail to see how this little test has helped anyone.

    This is the way it looks from my seat:

    You and Kent (and Norm and Alan, anyone else? oh yeah, gravedancer) don't get along and Kent has decided he doesn't want to even be around you. So he left the place where you are and started his own board where he obviously does not want you participating. I think you knew that at the outset as you have already implied. So what's the big deal? Kent probably should have just sent you an e-mail and told you to stay away from his board and that if you showed up he would boot you as an exception to his rules. But, for whatever reason he decided to just do his thing. When you came in, he said get out. End of story.

    I really don't know you and you may be a nice guy. Alan obviously has the idea that you're just up to some games. I read some of your stuff and I can't say either way. You don't seem too different from any of the rest here who like to have the last say. But it does look like in this case you are just stirring up trouble. And this is no defense of Kent, who has shown his own colors as far as his personality goes. But, hey, I tolerate you both and won't be putting you on my ignore list. But if you are out just to stir up trouble I think it will catch up to you. After all, if your approach keeps sending people off to start their own discussion boards Simon will have to resort to more advertising to meet his budget! [g]

    Take this as constructive criticism, or anyway you like. You decide how you will proceed from here. One thing I can say for Kent is that he's made his decision and has moved on. I see no need for you to keep dogging him about it. FWIW,


  • teejay

    You know Six,

    ... ever since Danni's thread about her visit to the Kingdom Hall you've been on my nut, sniping like some... uh... like someone who can't accept someone with an alternate viewpoint. Nowadays I can never see your name... in any thread regardless of the subject... without thinking about what you said to me there. Remember what you said?

    You said,

    If teejay would get off his lazy ass and actually read Danni's history here, he would see the ring of truth in her words....

    It's called context teejay. Getcha some.

    Remember saying that?

    In Perry's thread about religion, on the first page, I posted a long comment relevant to the thread and you picked out one expression I made and added some unnecessary and unproductive negativity to his thread. Shucks, you didn't comment on the thread at all!

    Now, you are picking someone who hasn't been here in ages and saying that I've been kissing her ass. Not funny, dude. Oh... I know... those of a certain IQ level thought it was very funny, but I have to wonder.... why are you wasting your talents this way? And why are you pissing on what could be a good friendship?

    I know you look up to Alan and maybe you should, but just because he takes a certain viewpoint doesn't make him right and doesn't mean that you have to respond on the same side of the argument, either. Just wondering, dude.

    Think, Man... THINK!

  • SEAKEN2001

    About the "ignore" feature:

    many boards have had that feature and many people are happy to use it. I'll admit that it is tempting to ignore someone you don't like. It is also easier. You don't have to deal with your own emotions and perhaps end up losing your control and say something that you regret. But I have never yet used it. I chose not to indescriminately ignore any username until I have first heard what they have to say. Sure, it takes time to read and filter out the crap. But you really get a better result in your own mind when you can honestly say you evaluated all sides of the issue, even those you personaly find distasteful or completely stupid. Occasionaly I am surprised to read something from someone who until that time has only spouted off with infantile and stupid comments. I have even seen some board members grow up and start making sense. I would have missed that evolution in their life had I chose to just ignore them.

    I do sort out what I choose to read though. Sometimes I see where a thread is going and decide to pass. Sometimes just the subject line combined with the username is enough to pass it by. All this is a kind of on-the-fly filter and is done in real time as I go. So far I haven't needed the help of software to make my judgements of what to read and what to skip. But if you want to put that in the software, Simon, I think that will be fine. I like software that has lots of options whether I use them or not. Go for it.

    Someone said something about it taking too much time, or something like that, oh, here it is, from gravedancer,

    "I like discussion forums where they save me time, effort and annoyance."

    My thought when I read that, gravedancer, was that anything worth doing takes time, effort and annoyance. I can't think of any conclusions I have made about my life as a JW, and my curent life as an ex-JW, that havn't come through a lot of time, effort and annoyance. Just today I was feeling annoyed at what I was reading from you on a similar thread. Yet, having stuck it out I am now willing to give what you said a little more thought. It took time, effort and annoyance on my part to get to this point. But now, just maybe, I'll get more out of what you say. Maybe not. But the point is that if I had you and/or teejay on ignore neither one of you would ever get a chance in my book. It's up to you but I suggest that you try harder to put up with who you think as idiots and listen to what is said, rather than getting discouraged by someones tone. I made the same suggestion to someone else in this thread once and I think it stands as good advice for everyone. But, I won't be too hurt if you just ignore me and think me a big wind bag who thinks he has all the answers to online conflict. This approach works for me and I realize that not everyone thinks it is the best approach. At any rate, so far in my short life of 38, I have decided that there is no easy time-saving and annoyance-free way to learn anything.


  • teejay

    His problem is that he thinks he's is God's gift as to what is and what isn't appropriate to say on a discussion board. That's my main difference with him, but it is a huge one.

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong...

    ... but wasn't it Farkel who left a couple months ago because of all the fluff that he didn't like around here?

    [can I get an "AMEN!!"?]

    Didn't he complain a couple of days ago because of same and said something to the effect of, "let's drop the simple stuff and let's get to work [destroying the WTS]"?

    [can I get an "AMEN!!"?]

    Hasn't teejay—also not a big fan of fluff—been here all along... tolerating the "favorite pizza" threads and the "favorite vegetable" threads? Saying that people should be able, within reason, to post whatever they like?

    [can I get an "AMEN!!"?]

    Farkel, Farkel, Farkel. My baby sister would say, "You have your nerve!" You're not looking for a big red "H" are ya, Farkel?


    Nice words. No... very nice words. Consider them accepted – from one brother to another.

    Thank you.

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