to date JWism has defined my life and i hate that TRUTH

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  • quest81

    I am sad to hear this.

    So many lives lost and torn to blind and in many cases unduly influenced allegiance to man made ideas and manipulation of faith.

  • cantleave

    I still have Eric as a Facebook friend, I never met him in person but we chatted a few times.

    It still breaks my heart when I recall the way he was treated, particularly after his motorcycle accident

  • _Morpheus

    It is bitter sweet to reread his posts and know he is gone. I only knew him a little from this board but i am friends with some of those who knew him IRL and know they still miss him. Its both wonderful and sad beyond reconing that we have his words forever with us....

    its people and situations like oomps that frustrate me when i see threads about an end to the "shunning" in the org. This is a real life example, as tenacious noted, of the terrible effects of that cult policy and it isnt going anywhere. There are countless people cut off from their families and friends, their only support circles, for no damn reason other to prove loyalty to the cult.

    on behalf of all those you have deemed the walking dead,

    F**** you wtbs.

  • LisaRose

    Eric was very active on this site and we all miss his presence and sense of humor. Sadly he is one of many Jehovah's Witnesses I know of who took their own life when the pain became too much.

    If you are suffering from depression, please get help. Don't let this heartless organization win. There is help for depression and there is life after leaving the Watchtower. We are all only human, so stop feeling guilty if you have done wrong by the Watchtower's warped standards.

  • Tenacious
    Thank you Tenacious for bumping this thread. Eric was a friend of many on this site. His pain was real.
    I only wish I could have met Eric. The pain he endured really must have consumed him. Prior to joining this forum I would drop in and observe his and other's comments on different topics. What specifically called my attention about him was his avatar. As a fellow human being, I wish I could have been there for him. But I understand why he isolated himself. Many of us tend to do the same. The amount of anger that comes to me just knowing that Eric is dead as a result of the Org policies is incredible. And I didn't even know him. I guess because I know how the Org continues to perpetuate these rules and policies where if anyone awakes they might end up doing the same.

    Eric/Oompa was one of the funniest exJW`s I`ve known..

    He once set me a picture of him and a life size card board Paris Hilton.....Like they were Dating.....LOL!!..

    He was "Off the Wall" funny..

  • Village Idiot
  • yodastar

    Hi oompa, same here on the friends thing. I guess it is for a lot of exjw? The absolute best advise I got and give to you was ' you need to get to Tony Robbins.' This guy walks the talk. Since then I have walked on Fire, overcome many debilitating thought patterns, done DWD and then offered to crew some events and really and honestly - you cannot help coming away with new sense of purpose and hey new friends as well. Give it a crack mate

    Sorry guys, I should have read some more on this post, didn't mean to be insensitive.

  • FayeDunaway

    Shoot, wish I could go back in time and be his 'winggal'. It was one of the last things he said.

    I'm so sorry, oompa. I hope you found some peace. <3

  • snare&racket


    enough said

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