She refused to Return His Calls After a First Date, Then in Rage, He Rants Out, Very Revealing

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  • Scott77

    Hell, it just occured to me that if I was the kind of woman that Prog thinks is proper, I probably wouldn't have been working out, but would have been home shooting out babies instead.



  • FlyingHighNow

    Pitiful and one reason a lot of us don't date.

  • Scott77

    Pitiful and one reason a lot of us don't date.

    When was your last date time? Do not you feel a natural need to be with a significant other?


  • ziddina

    Thx, Panhandle girl!!

    You can see why I have very little trouble with 'stalker'-type guys...

  • caliber

    10 reasons why a relationship may fail..... how many of these points may apply ?

    1. Loss and lack of enough trust.
    2. Immature sense of understanding.
    3. Lack of mutual understanding and compatiblity.

    4. Carelessness, Negligence & lack of interest.
    5. Cheating and telling lies.
    6. Lack of patience & haste in decision-making.
    7. Unwillingness to continue and bear with problems..
    8. Unsupportive nature and undue exposure (vulnerable privacy).
    9. accepting defeat to social problems and being subdued
    10. Not using LOVE as tool to keep up the relationship..

    P.S. shooting your babies didn't make the list ! hee hee hee !

  • ziddina



    The phrase was actually "shooting OUT babies", not "shooting YOUR babies"...

  • caliber

    Well thank God I misunderstood that ... this looks way more civil N.C . .. short for natural caregiver

    than this

  • NewChapter

    LOL, yes Zid. allow me to clarify

    Shooting OUT babies---as in having lot's and lot's of babies and just shooting them out of my body.

    No violences against babies was intended. Just lot's of babies shooting out everywhere.

    Prog really seems to resent 'sexual liberation' and has even warned N. American women that they won't be able to get a man (LOL) and has told men to not look for N. America women, but to look for women from other countries. I am assumming sexual liberation means birth control, choosing not to have children for a while, or choosing not to marry, refusing to be stalked, and calling foul when one is raped. Prog misses the good old days when women got married, didn't need to work out in gyms, or hell, even learned to read, they only needed to submit to their husbands, cook and clean, and shoot out babies.

    There. Clear as mud? We N. American women will learn our lesson when all the men get tired of our independence and start shipping in submissive wives ordered out or foreign bride catalogs! It's about to happen any day now.


  • jgnat

    Boy, are those foreign-bride shoppers in for a shock. The ladies taking up the offer to buy in to the American Dream.

  • Prognoser

    jgnat, there are lots of men who are finding success courting and marrying foreign women who aren't mail order. But I can see why North American women would feel threatened by that. But again, they brought it on themselves (buying into the lies of feminism). And to make themselves feel better, American women have convinced themselves that their American boys seeking foreign women are doomed to fail and that all foreign women are scammers just looking for a meal ticket and citizenship in a G8 nation. It's time to admit that feminism has failed women. It has not brought them the happiness it promised. Feminism has absolutely wreaked havoc on the delicate dynamic between men and women.

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