She refused to Return His Calls After a First Date, Then in Rage, He Rants Out, Very Revealing

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  • talesin

    Maya Angalou said when a person tells you who they are believe them.

    I remember watching her on TV when she said that. As she is so wise, I took it to heart. If I remember correctly, she said to watch out when they say things jokingly, too. When someone says "I am [fill in the blank]", and then winks, or laughs, s/he is probably telling the truth.


  • FlyingHighNow
    Being "on the hunt" sounds like desperation ... but does not someone have to decide at some point" to pursue "the idea
    of becoming
    boyfriend --- girlfriend

    Being on the hunt kind of is a desperate thing for some people. The point at which I would pursue the idea of relationship, would be with someone I knew well enough to know we both wanted that with each other. I'm not going to sit here alone thinking, "Really, I think I'll go on the hunt for a boyfriend."

    So is not the precedent set....that the men must take the iniative .. he must take the leadership role then in seeking a relationship .. right ?

    No. I don't think a man should be on the hunt either. Leadership role? What do you mean by that? If I meet a man and we hit it off, there will be a kind of "dance" between us where we discover things like chemistry, things in common, the enjoyability of conversation, exchanging wit and at some point some subtle, clever flirting. Then we usually discuss how much we enjoy each other's company, personality, etc. And somehow it ends up we spend time together that ends up romantic. As far as leadership goes though, I will never kiss a man first, unless it might be a kiss on the cheek. It's important to me to see how he handles that first kiss. it not that conifidence in taking the lead ( being proactive ) that is super attractive and appealing to most women ?

    I think you are confusing "taking the lead" and headship with backbone. Most women do not find a guy who is easily pushed around and passive to be attractive. That means we don't want to see him let anyone push him around. Power should never be an issue. With the right two people, it will fall naturally where it should without ever discussing it.

    Headship is a term that makes most women bristle. Especially those of us who came out of the JW's. To us it just means oppression.

  • Scott77

    "...Cagefighter, good to see you posting again. I agree with your views *gasp*shock*horror* (because I'm a woman!) ..."
    Broken Promises

    Mr. Cagefighter might come back to provide his additional perspective from a male point of view. It might be sooner or later, we will see.


  • Cagefighter

    This is what stalkers do, as opposed to writing rambling, whiny, letters:


    Saginaw woman testifies ex-husband made fake online dating profile for her

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    comments ( 0 ) By Travis Hudson
    [email protected]
    7:59 am on August 29, 2012 | Permalink

    Kevin Safford

    A fake online dating profile for a Saginaw woman declaring “I just want to get laid” is one piece of evidence being presented to a Tarrant County jury in the case of a man accused of online-impersonation and stalking, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

    Kevin Safford, 41, is accused of creating the fake account that prompted men to show up at ex-wife Lawana Siney’s home demanding sex. Safford is also accused of sending hundreds of intimidating text messages, keying her car, vandalizing her house and even burning the word “slut” into her lawn.

    The stalking reportedly began in 2009 after the two divorced.

    Defense attorneys Harold Johnson and Liz Cortright maintain Safford’s innocence suggesting it was a former boyfriend of Siney’s doing to stalking and creating the fake profile. Prosecutors Steven Gebhardt and Andrea Townsend countered this claim by playing voice recording left for Siney’s mother and aunt.

    “Your daughter is a prostitute,” the voice, identified as Safford by Siney’s mother and aunt, said.

    Safford is a former Texas state trooper and could face up to 10 years in jail for each count. Testimony continues this morning in a Tarrant County court.

  • Scott77

    He's got feedback (the girl apparently does not want to date him or communicate with him) he's just too clueless to get the blatant hint. It's not the woman's responsibility to explain why she doesn't want to go on a second date. The fact that she wants nothing to do with him should be enough. If I had gotten that pitiful email there's no way in hell I would respond much less go on another horrendous date with the poor slob.

    I must admit I liked what mrsjones5 said above


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