New YouTube video - Anthony Morris warns us against the horrors of higher education

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I hope Tony the Turd gives a talk at one of my assemblies/conventions some day. . . his blowhard manner and whacked out comments would be perfect in helping me get my wife out of the 'truth'

  • nicolaou

    Cedars, I LOVE what you've done here but may I make a request? Any chance you could do an edit without the 'funny bits'? Don't get me wrong, I think they're great and actually help ram home some important points but I'd like to present this info to my family 'clean'. I don't want them to think I'm just taking the piss.

    Pretty please?

  • freetosee

    The video is blocked in germany!

  • blindnomore

    Go Tony! You have been doing an excellent job stumbling my family. Keep up the good work!

    (Is he for real? I mean, is that the guy who supposedly in charge for well being of 7 million+?)

  • cedars

    nicolaou and freetosee, please check the pages of this thread again!! You will find smuggled amidst the posts a "stripped down" version with no music or "funny bits".

    Let me know once you've found it!


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    RE: the comment about a goofy philosophy prof who mostly quoted from his own book. I took impeccable class notes rather than think about the material in a sophisticated way. When I started, I could not think much so I did a lot of rote memorization. When we had take home test or were allowed to use notes, I always included a direct quote from the prof.

    It was interest b/c I would also quote the acknowledged best scholar in the field. When my papers were returned, there were usually no comments as to the best scholar. Sometimes I received "a good point" marked in the margin. When it came to their own words, they almost always noted my comment and left me a note in large script, stating, "excellent point." I don't think they realized that I was parroting back their lectures for brownie points.

    Our administrative law professor was an expert in the field but never tbe acknowledged leader in the field, quoted by courts, law reviews, and practicioners. He was reference but as a secondary source. The man would never mention the LEGEND, the Greatest. He truly thought he had that stauts. His version of the Socratic method was to ask "What is the name after Marbury..... referring to the most famous court case that established judicial review of legislative acts, Marbury v. Madison, Justice Marshall's opinion that drove Pres. Jefferson, his cousin, out of his mind. Every law student knows it. Everyone. Most lay people too. Rather than answer with a probing, insightful Madison, people said they had no idea. He did not realize we were goofing him for being such a goof. Ten consecutive students were called on to answer and all said, No idea or pass. Finally, it lasted too long into cruelty, and someone answered "Madison," in the strangest voice. We laughed so hard. What a way to earn a living.

  • nicolaou

    Found it. Thanks man and keep them coming! For MY family, the stripped down versions would work much better.


  • Gayle

    Morris' intonation in this talk is basically, "we don't care." Don't come crying to us. Bottomline, don't come crying to the GB 'ever' about anything, they don't care.

    The irony is that 'most' of JW youth leave the organization anyway, even those that don't go to college! But, the GB don't care about that either.

    If any do go to college, or have gone before becoming a JW, the organization will sweep you up if you are a lawyer, doctor, nurse, etc. to take care of them.

    Destructive opportunists!

  • Heaven

    "Higher Education" is the excuse my parents used to tell their JW friends for why their children never joined the Borg. It seems to be the 'acceptable' excuse where you aren't treated 100% like dirt or a 'weak Witness' for not getting your family on board.

    Of course this only applied to 2 of 3 of their children. I'm not sure what they told them about my older brother who chose a life of labour but still didn't join.

  • the-illuminator81

    Hello mister Morris, welcome to our hospital! Now we've heard about your personal preferences when it comes to medical treatment, so your operation will not be performed by one of our highly qualified doctors, since they have all had higher education. Instead, we've arranged for our janitor, who has a good name with God, to perform your triple bypass. God bless you!

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