New YouTube video - Anthony Morris warns us against the horrors of higher education

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  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Why didn't this moron use the example of studying and qualifying to be a heart surgeon or a scientist and the many many other useful careers that benefit the human race why pick on philosophy although this obviously helps the human race if he thought about it for a moment .I suppose he thinks that philosophy messes with ones mind well he will never be enlightened if he thinks that.

    What he really is saying is come and work for us give us the benefit of your youthful energy and acumen come and create our wealth and status in Watchtower land .

    Look what you get in return for following the advice of Morris Minor absolute zilch . They have been handing out that no education advice decade after decade it is so like driving up a cul de sac when you need to get on the motor way.

  • Finkelstein

    There are just two official professions that the WTS. promotes, one is construction trades so that these ones can build Kingdom Halls

    and the other is being a lawyer, to be able to defend the organization in pedophile cases and other legal circumstances.

    Oh yes being a janitor or window washer is also appreciatively praised.

    On the other hand being involved in the medical heath profession is forwardly frowned upon,

    well at least up until they are lying down in a hospital.

  • freeflyingfaerie

    What a repulsive individual (putting it nicely)

    How quickly people will leave the religion once they step away from the brainwashing for a minute, by attending college, university...

    It's positively horrifying!

    It is quite pitiful to see the concern this guy has that people may actually educate themselves...and leave

    And it is also quite disgusting to hear this guy repeatedly blame the parents, blame, 'told you so', blame...

    Those parents can be proud they took their child to college.

  • Finkelstein

    Anthony Morris is both an idiot and a irresponsible ass hole but not really uncommon in JW land.

    The WTS. doesn't want young people to go to University or college because they might become intellectually advanced,

    as well be able to use critical thinking skills from expressed knowledge.

    The hierarchal leaders of the WTS. want to control people and they intensionally want do that by controlling knowledge,

    their set in place expressed knowledge of course supports their own power, personal status and financial living as well.

    The insinuation that most people who go to University take Philosophy is another of many segments of bullshit ignorance this guy spews out this mouth.

    Yes the pursuit of higher academic education has been a real determent to humanity on a whole, no good has ever come from it.

    On the other hand in comparison, the divine education from the Watchtower Corporation has improved mankind's living existence

    astronomically, human ignorance is truly a virtuous and advantageous endeavorer for all humanity.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    It's obvious Mr. Moron (I like that :) hasn't had the privelege of higher education. He doesn't even

    know what he's talking about. What he's talking about is Gremlins 1 and 2; where tiny creatures

    that inhabit college campuses only infiltrate your child's brain and turn them into naughty free-thinking

    individuals who can decide for themselves what direction their life should take.

    Who taught this bloke how to talk anyway? I think he's creepy. Makes my skin crawl. I can't put

    my finger on it, but there's something off with that man.

    Notice, too, how he says "support your wife/children." Nothing about women working either. I bet

    he sits in his room at Bethel watching reruns of Leave it to Beaver while making notes for his talks.

    Just sayin... :)

  • Finkelstein

    Knowledge that may present a plausible threat to the power and control of these religions is the real concern here and it manifests itself

    not only in the JW religion but many others as well.

    Anthony Morris is just being used as a mouth piece by this disingenuous and corrupt power seeking religious organization. (WTS)

  • panhandlegirl

    The longer I contemplate this video the more disgusted I become. I don't think Anthony is an idiot. I think he a lying and deceiving B*****d. I will bet he does not practice what he preaches. To compare a university degree with

    so called "higher education" provided by the wts is ludicrous. I'm sure if Anthony needed an iv chemotherapy drug, he would not ask another member of the GB (whose higher education was obtained through the wts) to mix it up for

    him. That would be certain death, or make his disease worse. If he was an idiot, that would be one thing, but he knows he is lying to the sheep who trust him. He is rotten to the core.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The person with a science degree asks "Why does that work?"

    The person with the engineering degree asks "How does that work?"

    The person with the finance degree asks "How much does that cost?"

    The person with the arts degree asks "Why is it that colour?"

    The person without a degree asks "Would you like fries with that?"


  • av8orntexas

    I gave up after two years of studying at Boston College because of JACKASSES like this guy.

    Excuse me if I'm a tad BITTER still at 35.

    I've been lucky to find a great job,but I could probably do more with a degree.

    What a bunch of horseS^$#^&. If they would bother to crack open a degree plan they'd see you'll probably take a history course or two. If they DID take a social or behavioral science course they could probably take a sociology course like I did. very interesting course and really enjoyed it.

    It's funny to see 15,16,17 years after my high school days they're still parroting that philosophy nonsense.

  • panhandlegirl

    The person without a degree asks "Would you like fries with that?" [Or: paper or plastic?]

    St. George, that is funny. Isn't that sortof a line from "Scent of a Woman"? I love that movie,.

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