New YouTube video - Anthony Morris warns us against the horrors of higher education

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  • cedars


    Anyway, becoming an evolutionist doesn't automatically negate belief in God.

    Excellent point. I hadn't thought of that.


  • mickeyman1

    He reminds me the prime minister in my country during communist era just befor fall of communist regime.( he talked about working class, evil imperialistic western countries, diversionist, false economic science, how to serve comunist party and nation etc. ) Anthony Moron Morriss speaks nearly the same crap. What an idiot.

    How long can these idiots direct and keep their regime? Communist party have been keeping up for 40 years. WTBTS 130 years for the moment. Seems they are good in their idiocy.

    Thanks cedars for nostalgia

  • cedars

    I've created a music-free version of the video so that it can be viewed in Germany, which has extremely tight copyright laws.

    I'm also hoping this new version is viewable on iPads and smartphones. Please let me know if this is the case.

    I intend to produce more "music-free" versions if it will help immortalize Anthony's words still further!

    Here is the vid...


  • sizemik

    He knows a young JW won't survive 5 minutes outside the bubble.

    They're breeding slaves not masters.

    Cattle farmers

  • gubberningbody

    Point #1:

    Philosophy 1 & 2 are not required in any curriculum except perhaps philosophy. These are electives.

    Point #2:

    People aren't going to college because the expect to get everlasting life from it.

    Point #3:

    Every religious group exposed to college changes its attitude to a degree because of coming in close contact with people of differing backgrounds. Seeing these people up close makes formerly narrow-minded people soften their perhaps condemnatory attitudes againt other people.

    Point #4:

    Anthony Morriss has his hands full defending the idea that one so-called blood fraction is a DF'ing offense whereas another isn't. What's his basis?

    Because we're the Vicar of Christ as a body, not because the scriptures support any delination.

    Point #5:

    This business of closed judicial committees runs counter to the pattern in the OT where all cases were public and held at the city gates by the older men.

    Point #6:

    I'm late to my philosophy class!

  • truthseeker

    Brilliant video! I almost spat out my lunch on the screen when I saw the governing body saying, "we don't need no education"

  • Heaven

    Anyway, becoming an evolutionist doesn't automatically negate belief in God.

    This is true except in Watchtower world. But they have no clue what they are talking about. When they don't know anything about a topic, they say it's against God because they didn't come up with it.

  • coffee_black

    Sooooo glad my family is out.... My grandson is visiting....and we toured Harvard yesterday! Oh the opportunities ahead of this young man!!!


  • Quendi

    Not once, during his entire diatribe against “higher education”, did Morris cite a single scripture, not once! So much for his counsel being rooted in the Bible. And since he claims to be an anointed representative of the Bible’s author, you’d think he would have grounded his discussion on that premise.

    He warns against getting a dream house but his own food, clothing and shelter come from the largesse and generosity of others. He talks about life in Bible times and the need back then to know a trade and ignores that we are living neither in Bible times or the Bible lands but in the twenty-first century.

    I lived in the college town of Boulder, Colorado and saw many young Witnessess attend the University of Colorado and leave the organization. While that was eventually their choice (and a wise one, it turns out), the local congregations were hardly blameless. They never made these young people feel loved, welcomed or wanted. They never included them in congregation functions. They never took them into their homes and involved them with their families. Meanwhile, the University community moved very quickly to fill the void in these students' lives that opened when they left home.

    Well, I got my degree from an institution of “higher education” and I’ve never regretted it. I don't doubt that those college graduates feel the same way and are congratulating themselves on the education, jobs and life prospects they possess. Witnesses can't say the same, for the most part; and listening to the pablum of men like Morris is a major reason they can't.


  • daringhart13

    My god this man is a total idiot.

    Philosophy 1 & II??

    Yeah......they go to college; go to a few meetings and then disappear. Newsflash dumbass, they've been WAITING to get away from this 'spiritual paradise' for years!!!

    Yeah....all those doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers, etc at Brooklyn Bethel somehow escaped the clutches of Satan and are now being used in God's work.......

    Plain and simple: moron.

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