New YouTube video - Anthony Morris warns us against the horrors of higher education

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    I realize that the 1970s US television sitcom "All in the Family" had a trans-Atlantic background, but did I just watch a casting call video for a re-make?

    Actually, I liked Carroll O'Connor in that role. He reminded me of a couple of my high school teachers with roots and accents in the Queens. Mr. Morris has something of that but not have the same delivery. The new Archie? "Archie's New Place"?

    About points Mr. Morris was trying to make. For sure he didn't like the idea of a youngster enrolling in a higher institute of learning and studying Philosophy I or II. I suppose "I" leads to the other.

    Like others posting, I confess I never took a philosophy course in college. But I suspect that many university graduates that Mr. Morris might encounter from day to day, students who went on to study law did. And that's probably where Mr. Morris's lament is based:

    "How can you go out and get a decent, case-winning lawyer without having to bear the indignity of dealing with someone who might have had an exposure to philosophy (& ETHICS)? Why can't I find people to staff the legal department who have been trained to do and to think exactly as I say?..." A variation on Diogenes.

    Hard enough already; but a pity to think that things could get so de-railed that some kids manage to get nearly all the way through Harvard with the elders standing helplessly by... Tragic.

    Like I said, some of my high school teachers, who were also in a non-ordained religious order ('brothers"), used to grouse about us high school students going off to SECULAR colleges and possibly learning hostile viewpoints. But they were at least consoled that there were our religion's non-secular alternatives all over the country. Maybe half of my classmates did actually go to places like Fordham, St. John's, Dayton, Xavier, Notre Dame, etc. Had Morris been a different kind of executive, like the one's that apparently abounded in that "satanic" organization for centuries, then maybe things could have been better all around.

    Shoot, it isn't just the RCs. Take a look out what's going on in Utah. And there are certainly other types of parochial schools and private universities around: Lutheran, Presbyterian... people you can knock on the doors and tell them about the Truth from theocratic sources.

    You reap what you sow.

    Aside from colleges, one of that crop of teaching brothers founded the high school a year or two before I went to it. He and people on staff founded several before they were done. Why doesn't Mr. Morris do that with the resources at his disposal? Oh, I know... Too busy spreading the Truth - and his place in it.

    Personally, I think college age a little late for shutting the barn door on becoming "an evolutionist". Circumstances being what they were, I was pretty willing to defend that idea by seventh grade just thanks to the public library. In high school, our freshman year biology was taught by a brother of a teaching order and the text was prepared by writers of similar background, probably priests at one of those institutions fore-mentioned. Between studying Mendel's genetics and classifications of orders and species, it was hard for someone not to draw conclusions other than what alarmed Mr. Morris.

    Later on, our freshman year homeroom teacher (religion and English) went off to work at a mission school in Uganda for several decades starting during Idi Amin's reign. Our high school valedictorian went on to a career in biology, teaching and doing research at university level. He then retired on proceeds from turning out editions of his biology texts. A few years ago he told me he s regularly sends to the Ugandan mission a crate or two of his books for our old teacher's classes.

    I'd rather that than pamphlets for their laundry room.

  • minimus

    This guy is a doofus.

  • Dagney

    Interesting podcast I listened to today regarding college.

    I was thinking, it may take a few decades, but the fruitage of the JW no higher education stance will come home to roost. As inflation settles in with more and more stress making ends meet, the economy will take its toll on the uneducated faithful. The Bethel workers have their room and board, but as for the rest of the sheeples, let them eat cake...or nothing... HQ could care less about the troubles of the flock...unless of course someone decides to better their children with an education...then there will be some attention.

    I really hate this religion.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Great work on the video, Cedars. You are really showing talent in these things. Do you hire yourself out to old guys like me?


  • Anti-Cult

    You have helped me . And I am sure you have helped many many others. Keep up the good work.

    A fan

  • Balaamsass

    Great work cedars! I love the singing GB !!!

  • cedars

    Thanks everyone! Some interesting viewpoints expressed. I had a feeling this video would provoke considerable outrage/bewilderment, since the stance on higher education is consistently the most widely condemned of JW teachings/practices on our survey. I didn't think it would be quite so easy to find a Governing Body member freely advocating this controversial stance from the platform, but as I've learned, when it comes to sweeping, pompous and downright outrageous statements, Anthony Morris the Third never fails in that regard (if you give him the microphone for long enough)!

    One point for Quendi, which is probably something I should have mentioned at the outset... the "philosophy" comments were actually introduced using the scripture in Colossians 2:8, which reads as follows:

    Look out: perhaps there may be someone who will carry YOU off as his prey through the philosophy and empty deception according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary things of the world and not according to Christ;

    THIS was the scripture that AM3 chose to condemn higher education, and his quip about the philosophy "1 and 2" classes was clearly his way of underlining the point from the scripture. Generally, when AM3 uses the bible, he reads a scripture and then goes off on a wild tangent, saying things that almost certainly could not have been intended by the bible writer for the verse in question. His comments in this video are an excellent example of this. It was partly for this reason (but mostly for reasons of brevity) that I omitted the scripture from the video. You have my apologies.


  • Quendi

    Thanks for the clarification, Cedars. It further demonstrates Morris’ modus operandi: distortion, deception and delusion. Quoting an isolated scripture out of context and twisting it into something it doesn’t mean has always been the way WTS leaders have used the Bible. So this particular instance is right in line with long-standing custom. I don’t doubt other Governing Body members do the same, but Morris seems to particularly relish it.

    Morris is rapidly rising to the top of my black list of Witness leaders I can’t stand to see or hear. Gerrit Lösch is still firmly ensconced in the top slot, but Morris is closing the gap. And as I said in my comment, anyone living on the largesse of others is in no position to condemn those seeking a better life in the here and now. Those who do so suffer from what I’ve always called the “Marie Antoinette Syndrome”. They’ve got their creature comforts, luxuries and perks taken care of and to hell with anyone else!


  • maninthemiddle

    I grew up in a college town. The students that came in to attend i think fell under two classes.

    One were those who was using it as a way to leave, fade or just disappear.

    The second were throes who wanted to try, but they were usually treated as second class citizens and berated for simply being a student.

    I think it started to soften later by the time I left, but I never stood a chance of going myself, even though I lived locally. It was so degraded and treated as worse than a virus, but the college is what kept the town alive, many wouldn’t have a their menial jobs otherwise.

  • BluesBrother

    Would the apostle Paul have been able to do what he did if he had not had the education? Sure, there are pitfalls away from home, but life is life - parents have to let them go some time......If the faith was as sure as it is said to be, it would stand up to an educated examination.

    BTW , is it my fancy or does he look like Dick Cheyney?

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