If you got apostate vids on Youtube take em off now!!! Legal Dept to Sue!

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  • ShirleyW

    The first thing that caught my eye was that Smithmandy1 wants us to take her seriously, but after every sentence, she puts lol - as in "laugh out loud", so is she serious are what ?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    sure why not

  • besty

    Google says it gets up to 250,000 copyright violation takedown requests per week.


    As we saw with Sparlock the WTS will file takedown requests with Google - I'm guessing this poster is getting confused with Google being sued by WTS and Google being asked by WTS to remove content.

  • average joe
    average joe

    I highly doubt the watchtower is concerned about the worlds perception of it. They already expect the world to hate them why would they try and fight it when they believe that it is prophesied that they would be hated. I highly doubt they will invest money in something they can not win. Other then a copywright violation i dont see the wt going after anyone. Sorry not going to happen.

  • smithmandy1

    lol. I might not post often but I visit daily to see what's brewing and I keep an I open for BOE letters and OKM's. I don't know all the details but its what I'm told. Something to do with Googles new privacy policy or on those lines. Don't shoot the messenger! Its confirmed for def because I've checked my hubbies email and this was sent by another elder lol. I've removed names so I don't get caught. A brother who's wife had an affair outside the truth and got disfellowshipped sends emails out on a list every day and this is one he sent. This has come from my husband and this guy here so there must be something in it.

    I enjoyed the videos sent but did you know that the Watch Tower Legal Department are cracking down on Google/Youtube?

    They are issuing a lawsuit against Google and content uploaders over footage that are damaging to the Watch Tower or contain copyright infringement including the new releases this year. You'll need to be careful that they don't contain any copyright material otherwise you'll be joining Brother xxxx in his prison cell or faced with a lawsuit. Word of warning!

    Thanks for you daily digest xxx, I don't have time to read them daily but I do read them.

  • cantleave
  • sd-7

    So, perhaps the 'slanderous' statements found in Watchtower literature, should they be identified in open court, will be expunged from all Library CD-ROMs in the future, hmm? I think that would be a sign of progress.

    Plaintiff suing on account of his own bullsh-- being discussed in an open forum...how rich is that?


  • blindnomore

    Once again, thank You for the idea! The Watchtower, look out! The legal actions againt you are on your way. Remember all the malicious slandering, defamation, blackmailing you have done to us?

    smithmandy, in case you have missed it from your another identical thread, here's Kingdom Hall conferance #: 1-1874-1975-2014. Remember you wanted it really bad? (in hoping to get JWN members so that you can turn them in to your Master, the GB)

  • betterdaze

    Yes. The Watchtower is a veritable media empire, the likes of which shall forever crush Al Gore's Interwebs thingy.

    Difference is, the public actually choose to use it. Rely on it for darn near every little thing.

    As Watchtowers pile up unmolested at laundromats.

    Truly the battle of the century. Awake! us when Jah of Armies succeeds, and point me to my panda.

  • DT

    I agree that we shouldn't shoot the messenger. It's good to hear what kind of rumors are circulating among the Witnesses.

    I think it's easy for Witnesses to mistake sending take down notices with significant legal action. What I find remarkable is that they seem to have stopped sending these notices. Their first round just caused more videos to be uploaded including parodies and videos with commentaries. If they do a Scientology like attack, I think they realise it can backfire greatly, with a lot of unwanted press coverage. They may occassionally send a take down notice for videos that reach a certain amount of views, but I think they are smart enough to not do more than that.

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