If you got apostate vids on Youtube take em off now!!! Legal Dept to Sue!

by smithmandy1 94 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • smithmandy1

    I've posted this on the wrong section so I'm posting it on here cos its sort of to topic as I know many of you have vids on Youtube. Legal Department are beginning legal action against Google and its uploaders regards to apostate vids that slander the watchtower and/or contain copyrighted material!!! My hubby knows people who know so heres my warning lol. You heard it here first of all! lol

    If you got any vids on there I'd take em off because pretty soon cos not only are they preparing for legal action against google but the content uploaders and it could cost you thousands.

    spoil sports!!! lol

    Amanda over and out!

  • Chariklo

    So, basically, mess with the Watchtower andf it'll be like messing with Microsoft?

  • techdotcom

    Who knows, they might actually be stupid enough to use the same type of strong arm legal tactics that has given Scientology a bad name.

  • baltar447

    Yes, and we should do this RIGHT AWAY because a poster with a post count of 12 says so!

  • NewChapter

    I said it on the other thread, I'll say it here. WTBTS has no authority to stop us from making fun of them or criticizing them. If this is true, and rumors are always rampant amongst JW's, then it should be fun.


  • DT

    I think it is a little premature to start removing videos. We don't have any confirmation yet and removing them wouldn't get rid of the legal liability (if there is any to begin with).

  • MeanMrMustard

    Riiight... WTB&TS going after Google and YouTube. Sure the WTB&TS has a lot of money, but not that much!

  • DT

    I would love to see the Watchtower Society challenge Google in court. The Watchtower's legal team would be grossly outmatched and it would be a PR disaster.

  • baltar447

    I wouldn't worry. Scientology has ALOT more $$ to spend and is far more litigious and I see mostly anti-scientology videos on youtube.

  • maisha

    I feel it would be a PR disaster for the WT.

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