If you got apostate vids on Youtube take em off now!!! Legal Dept to Sue!

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  • Flat_Accent

    The magazines are freely handed out, how can they start suing people for using text/images from a free publication? Add the fact that Youtube is a centre for free speech, I don't see how this would work for WT. They don't have a case.

  • cedars

    Sorry smithmandy1, I think people would take you more seriously if you'd been around a bit longer, and made more of a contribution to the forum.


  • cofty

    My hubby knows people who know

    Yeah that's good enough for me...

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    WTS will never take legal action. In order to prove slander, they would have to be willing to have their beliefs scrutinized publicly.

  • wasblind

    Yea, can't fault us if we think you could be a ploy

    just to get us to shut up about it

    This DVD is crazy and beyond, I would be shame to claim it myself

    Hey Keyser,

    like " the generation that won't die" where are they now ??? pushin' up daisies

  • oompa

    yeah even if it were stupid enough to happen...i would leave it there and make them waste as much time and money as possible trying to remove it...esp if it costs you nothing............oompa

  • wasblind


  • JeffT

    What I said on the other thread:

    I'm sure Band on the Run could shed some light on the legal issues, but I think it unlikely that the WTBS would so. First, it can't be libel if you're using their own material. It could be a copyright violation, but if youtube is taking down the videos when notified of the violation, the issue has been addressed.

    If they did sue, the real fun would start in discovery. The defendants can ask all the questions they want, and ask for all the materials they want. They could, for example, ask for a copy of every article or talk outline containing "1975." The production would be costly and the results create more problems than the suit would solve. From a PR standpoint, there best bet is to lay low.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Bring it on!

    Calling B.S. on this though

  • diamondiiz

    Love to see wts take on Google. Oh ya, they will win because Jahoova is on their side.

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