New DVD "Become Jehovah's Friend"

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  • mindseye

    Yeah, I found some of the language to be different from the typical JW speak as well. Just the fact that it is a Pixar style cartoon is quite a change from the graphic depictions of "My Book of Bible Stories." Could this be a first attempt at increasing manstream appeal? Evangelicals and other fundie types love to use words like "blessed" and "godsend." Maybe the WT wants to reel in some of these folks and their kids due to all the young'uns leaving. This presentation is as vanilla as it gets.

    Then again, any religion that freaks out over an innocent wizard action figure will turn off a lot of people.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Flat Accent,

    Thanks for that very funny.

    This DVD /VID has just sent my mind on a time warp its taken me back nearly fifty years when as a Witness I used to get sudden feelings of anxiety and I knew then that I had to leave the Watchtower or go totally nuts.

    I feel like DR. Manet in A Tale of Two Cities when he has a flashback to his time when he was falsly imprisioned during the French Revolution making shoes in the Bastille and because of that memory all he can repeat is his cell number . It also reminds me of the orange book Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained that was intended for young people and easy to read a book which should have had a post script to it saying don't have nightmares.

    Thank God I got out of Watchtower land when I did, thank you God, thank you God if you exist and are listening anywhere in the universe .

  • cyberjesus

    This is a last resort marketing campaing. The WT is losing power. The main source of zombies is from the children of current zombies. but even that is decresing so what do they have to do? Invest more money on preaching to adults or brainwashing their own children?

    So expect in the next years a lot of attention on 1)having children 2)indoctrination from early childhood and lots of materials to do so.

    As creepy as it is, is nothing but a marketing strategy.

    abusive obviously

  • cyberjesus

    oh and by the way.... The kid didnt do anything wrong to start with... he was just playing with his toys! he didnt commit a crime.... playing is part of learning. playing all around the house is normal... showing him to clean up when is time is part of teaching him... Why teach him he is doing something wrong?

  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    Hmmm, The Ride of the Valkyries played behind footage of a plane reminiscent of a Junkers 87 "Stuka". Nope, nothing creepy about that.

  • cyberjesus

    oh and fyi the father wouldnt have tripped cuz he was already in the kitchen...

    and cleaning his tracks when he came inside the house wouldnt have been so hard like the father said cuz he only took 3 steps... it would have taken no more than 15 seconds....

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Anthony Morris 3 did actually say this was the first of a series.

    I thought the father was a take off of Arnold Schwarzenegger with the muscles and Austrian accent. Maybe an in-joke to Gerrit Losche.

    They are in a hole and are still digging like hell!


  • cedars

    I've uploaded an article on the subject with Amelia's YouTube vids, a partial script, and a number of movie stills.

    I'm afraid I struggle with my usually calm and sedate "JW friendly" tone in these articles because I'm so angry. If you have any suggestions that would make the article more effective, these would be welcome.


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I am disgusted and appalled and also saddened at the mind control tactics.

    Children play and make a mess. It is normal and expected. If any of my kids had cleared away toys without bribery or a couple of threats of a session on the naughty step I would have got the thermometer out and taken their temperature.

    At no point would I have got my Bible out or invoked God's name as a threat. It is sick sick sick.

  • bohm

    Caedes: Good article. My suggestions are merely stylistic and given with the knowledge you are a more effective communicator than me in mind.


    • Some paragraphs argue or state something (correctly ofcourse), but are prefixed with a throat-clearing or appeal to the reader which i find somewhat distracting. Examples:
      "As you will have noticed, in the second ."
    • "Of course, in reality, there is absolutely nothing harmful about children .."
    • "Without doubt, Lesson 2 and Caleb’s courting of divine .." (and other). I think removing some of these opening sentences make the main point stand out clearer.

    2) I think some of the language could be toned down a bit. i think its a very usefull movie to show how the WTS want their followers to argue a case: magic bad, jehovah sad, jehovah sad with adam and eve, see what happends when jehovah is sad, you are literally in the same situation as adam and eve, do you want to end up like that? and you you nail that critisism. But you also attach a lot of statements to the video which i think is hard to argue are strictly true, and at least would be better the reader arrive at himself. For instance with some of the titles. (eg. Hatred Without Reason. strictly speaking its more like good old emotional blackmail and paranoia).

    I think of it this way: You expose the video for using over-the-top scare tactics. The worst outcome would be for the reader to think you are doing some of the same.

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