My demon experience

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  • Ucantnome

    We had trouble when i was young with trouble with the supernatural. I have also had powerful dreams.

    Once i even got out of bed and looked out of the window and thought I saw the lights on downstairs shining into the garden and heard my brother and mother talking laughing in room below. When I got to the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner in the hall way it was just very dark and quiet. So I went back to my room and looked out of the window into the dark garden. No voices no lights. It was some sort of dream. Nothing to worry about. It was a very warm night.

    When we had trouble with the supernatural it was different. It was over months. Somethings I saw I never told anyone but they told me they had seen the same thing. Not only had they seen the same thing but it had really scared them.

    I feel there is a difference between the two things. I know what it was like to have something else in the house.

  • Azazel

    Since Diablo 3 released im now a level 17 Demon Hunter called Azazel#6674 if any of you happen to play. I do kinda feel sorry for their arses as i blow them away deep in the dungeons. Even as a JW i kinda felt sorry for them making 1 mistake then paying for it forever. Bit harsh dont you think?


  • shopaholic

    I used to experience sleep paralysis a few nights in a row a few times a year. I was convinced it was demons and other JWs told me they had experienced it to and chalked it up falling asleep with the TV on or something that they brought into the house. I had them almost weekly during the time I begin to have strong doubts about the JW religion but then a few weeks later when I decided to just walk away from the religion, they stopped.

    The JWs that I've told about it stopping said its because I now have Satan's protection.

  • OnTheWayOut

    What a bunch of hooey. Everyone knows that the demons are lurking in the Smurf toys and in any furniture from a yard sale.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Yeah very powerful practically immortal beings with millennia of intelligence cant find anything they like more than moving furniture about and possessing small blue dolls hoping an unsuspecting JW will buy one at a garage sale, yep that sounds about right...

  • NewChapter

    The JWs that I've told about it stopping said its because I now have Satan's protection

    The confirmation bias is astounding. Funny that satan could protect you, but J couldn't protect you from satan.

    I knew a woman who told me when her uber son was baptized, the car broke down on the way to the assembly. Some brothers came along and drove him in, while others stayed to help get the car going. She said when it was time for her DA'd daughter to get baptized, everything went smoothly and the car didn't break down. That should have been a CLUE you see. Satan tried to prevent her son's baptism because he knew he'd be faithful. He didn't bother with her daughter, because he knew she wouldn't! It's so obvious.

    I hesitated to tell her that my baptism went off without a hitch, but then look at where I am today! LOL

    Using this reasoning, and understanding of how the demons work, we would expect to see lots of broken cars on the way to assemblies/conventions.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I was just talking about this yesterday. I have major sleep issues.... When I was a JW blamed it all on demons I would on a regular basis find things in the house that must have caused it and burn or throw out (depends on the season)

    Now I know well.... I have a sleeping problem, that is it.

    I work away from home, used to stay at a hotel..... they were used to walking me back to my room in my sleep Oh well gave them someting to do...

  • NewChapter

    LOL FS. I have chased my exhusband out the door and down the street several times---sometimes in the snow barefoot---when he would sleepwalk. One time I woke up and he was bouncing against the bedroom wall like the energizer bunny. I got up, his coat was on, and his body was cold like outside. I have no idea where the hell he ended up or how long he had been gone.

    Sleepwalking can really be freaky for the other person.


  • SweetBabyCheezits

    Thanks to all for the feedback. Great comments here.

    WMF: All this and more by Carl Sagan here

    Son of Jor-el! A poster after my own heart. I was pushing that Demon-Haunted World link like a dub pushes the WT & AW! Now if someone will just post a QualiSoup or TheraminTrees video on open-mindedness or the trouble with anecdotes, this thread will attain immortality.

    OWTO, as a kid I had Smurf toys that were given to me by a weak JW aunt and I'd watch the cartoon on rainy Saturday mornings (if we had the joy of missing field service). I was a fan before we heard the urban legend. After that, though, they were packed into a box and put away. Even though my dad was fairly rational about it (he didn't burn 'em), all I could think about was that damn belligerent smurf running down the Kingdom Hall aisle.

    Cedars: you weren't wearing a yellow helmet when you had this dream, by any chance??!

    No sir. Yellow is so 2011. I only sleep in blue helmets now. Can't be too safe.

    Joey: What I experienced is not considered sleep paralyses. I did not se furniture spinning but I did see it moving, heard voices, a dog starting singing classical music etc.

    I've seen moving furniture before.... recliners and swivel chairs, specifically. They are engineering marvels. As for voices, I can hear two of them across the hall right now. You may say that's to be expected in a place of business but I shut my door and I still hear them. How do you explain that? Eerie.

    As for the dog singing classical, how was the quality? My agent fees are low and I could get him an audition for America's Got Talent.

    WBF: Wow man, that is some crazy stuff ... what you smokin' man ... got any more?

    Pshhh, I'm high on life. "School is cool, pot is not" I always say. Kidding. I wish I was smokin something.

    Clarinetist: Unless you're moving... Then they're great to have around.

    Wow, no kidding! Ever move a piano? I needed a little help with one recently. Slid a Ouija Board under it... nothin. Lazy swine-infesting bastards are never around when you need em.

    NC, I almost referenced your experience with sleep paralysis in the OP but I knew you'd come through! Thanks to all for relating their experiences with it. What a wild condition.

  • wasblind

    Again the sister who studied wit me, said that ghosts were nothin' but demons

    I saw on TV, a program that told where three individual women were visited by

    ghost who would actually make love to them.

    they said it was the best they ever had, seems to me demons can be a good thing

    I'm not makin' this up it was actually on TV

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