My demon experience

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    Jo-Jo: lol, I dont recall a broom with arms that used its straws as legs and a giant talking mouse. it was not animated and not on tv. dogma


    In the interest of not further derailing the 'Richard Dawkins is agnostic' thread, I'm bringing your post over here to reply.

    Jo-Jo: Go back to your demon thread and re-read everything I wrote, I am getting tired of mouth feeding you...

    Gahh, sicknasty. Couldn't you have said you were spoon-feeding me?

    ...and pointing out dogma even though you clearly dont have a clue what dogma is, or the difference between dogma and science.

    Clearly. So you say astrophysicist Carl Sagan was naive and you think it's dogma when I assert that unexplained phenomena should just be labeled unexplained? But you insist that unexplained phenomena could well be labeled paranormal if Jo-Jo can't explain a perception he had as a child? (How old again? You never said.)

    And we can't question your label of paranormal because it happened in the past... so we can't test it and you are aware of no current scientific explanations that would fit, ergo.... paranormal?

    In a nutshell, I had believed in spirites and demons, I had believed because I found the occultists explanations vague and not logical,

    Wait, you believed in "spirites [sic] and demons" because the explanations were vague and illogical? But now you reject those ideas?

    ...I came to the conclusion that I dont know, get it I DONT KNOW lol,...

    Man, that's what I've been suggesting the entire time. So what exactly are we debating? Would you agree that unexplained doesn't equal supernatural or paranormal? It just means unexplained, right? So "I don't know" is the right answer to this riddle. You win, Joe!

    ...yet in regards to the current sciences of this phenomena are not satisfying or explains what I fully experienced, not paralyses nor schizophrenia or anything that I have read.

    Man, I hope it wasn't paralysis.

    You eliminated a couple of possible natural explanations. That's a good start. Butjust because something is outside the realm of your understanding doesn't mean it is outside of the natural universe.

    Again you shift the goal post.

    Now I think you're just repeating things you've heard other people say.

  • Knowsnothing

    For the sake of argument, just because something seldom occurs, and therefore is difficult to nearly impossible to falsify, does not make it true. I agree, however, on holding off on labeling the event. The thing is, you have to be open to be proved wrong, on both sides.

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