My demon experience

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  • wasblind

    Hey sweets,

    when I had my bible study, the sister that studied wit me

    explained to me that the demons shudder when they heard

    the name of Jehovah. And anytime I was frightened by somethin'

    to call his name

    Well, as I have said I was not brought up as a witness

    one night as I returned home my neighbors cat scared me

    I must say, it was not Jehovah's name that sprung

    forth from my lips

  • unshackled

    before calling out "JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH, JEHOVAH" which is 50% more effective than calling it out twice.

    And 60% of the time, it works every time.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    My sleep paralysis involved....feeling like I was being held or pushed down on the bed, like something was on my chest.

    It involved feeling like I was in a different time, like back in histiory some time...I'm a time traveller...LOL

    It was very visual...everything I could 'see' was different.

    I felt an ominous 'spirit' or 'entity' in the room...and sensed the presence of a woman.

    I also combined this experience with sleep walking...because near the end I actually got out of bed and walked round and round the room...well in squares around the room...I felt like I was walking down corridoors and they kept turning. I know I physically did this because the person with me at the time was pretty freaked out. I thought it was because they experienced it too...but in hindsight...I think it was my behaviour they were freaked about....LOL

    The whole experience seemed real to me...and until recently I thought it was real....strange what our minds can do. I think we underestimate them.

  • NewChapter

    Yeah, when I get the flying sensation, I feel like I'm flying through tunnels---twisting and turning. One night I had convince myself that I really figured out how to fly, and it was kind of based on how Mario racoon flies. LOL

  • mythreesons

    Wow, sleep paralysis!

    This used to happen to me quite hasn't happened in the last 2.5 years. (it hasn't happened since I left the JWs) The wiki article said stress could bring it on. So this makes complete sense, life has been pretty much stress free since my wife, boys and I left.

    Here is what I experienced. It would always happen right before I woke up. It was so weird. I couldn't breathe, it was like something was sitting on my chest. I thought I was hearing a loud growling/buzzing (freaked me out) I could look all around but I couldn't move. Sometimes it was like I was actually out of my body and looking down on myself. I thought it was just me! Another side point. In the past I had a problem of grinding my teeth something terrible when I was asleep (this too stopped after I left the JWs). In some of these moments of sleep paralysis (I guess) I thought I was grinding them so hard that they just shattered and started falling out.

    Crazy what our minds do! Thank NC for bringing this up.

  • NewChapter

    In some of these moments of sleep paralysis (I guess) I thought I was grinding them so hard that they just shattered and started falling out.

    LOL--I ground my teeth so hard one night, I actually thought they had turned into those seeds inside a green pepper and were just being cleared easily out of my mouth with a finger. When I could move again, I actually checked them----expecting seeds.


  • mythreesons

    LOL mine turned into sunflower seeds! hahaha

    Amazing! Thanks, wow...some scientific explanation, that is awesome. ;)

  • jamiebowers
    My friend made some comment about the property being known for its demon infestation. I reminded him that I don't believe in demons. He insisted that they exist so, being that I am a douche canoe of the highest order, I told him we should try to conjure 'em up with mockery. I can't remember exactly what I started chanting but it was purely facetious and, since none of you were there, witty.

    OMG, that was really funny!

    Bold is mine.

  • Dogpatch

    demons can be kind creatures. Just don't PISS THEM OFF!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I used to grind my teeth as a child...pretty sure it was stress related.

    And I often had flying dreams....escapism I suppose.

    mythreesons....I have to say I felt relieved too once I realised what actually happened.

    Thats a great link Clarinetist....the fact that this happens all over the world, and every culture has attributed the experience to being supernatural is very interesting.

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