Any suggestions on handling financial abuse of a senior by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society?

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  • biometrics

    Here's a hint, you won't get anywhere. My mum got a 100,000+ payout when my dad died in the early 1980s (he wasn't a JW). She was convinced by an elder to "loan" it to build the local kingdom hall. She told me that much that when I was still a JW. Now she won't even discuss it.

    There's been many a family inheritance end up in the Watchtower coffers. How do you think Rutherford lived the high life during the great depression.

  • mP

    if you do talk to anyone record everything secretly. try and use a form with a papertrail if possible.

  • Refriedtruth

    My Jehovah's Witnesses paternal grandparents gave all their liquid assets everything they didn't need to survive early 1970's as a direct prompting of Watchtower's 'staying alive till 1975' profitCY.

    No immediate problem they are adults do what they want except we did all get screwed out of any inheritance.The BIG problem is come mid 1980's they both get senile and need visiting home care then nursing home and now there is NO money.The children and grandchildren (me) all have to pitch in for their elderly care as they gave away their retirement money.

    I investigated this atrocity is repeated tens of thousands of time in the 'new world society.

    Greedy fleece the flock cult charlatans basterds.

  • Fernando

    Sounds like trouble brewing in the WBTS so called spiritual paradise...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Attorney-General is the way to go, IMO. Keep track of statute of limitations. With their legal staff, there is no excuse for documentation. Keep a paper trial. If you are close to tolling of the statute of limitations, see a lawyer. The gifts were gifts. Loans are different. Perhaps they feel that she is alive and don't feel that you have the capacity to receive the documentation without a power of attorney or some written consent.

    Also, write to the Executive Director. They must have a corporate address separate from their general address. Speak with legal.

    The A-G's Office will write them a letter, notifying them that you filed a complaint. I cannot overemphasize how a letter from a state agency moved work at a large law firm. It was a hot potato. Matters that lingered for months and years had to be resolved within 24 hours. I write over small consumer matters. A-Gs must be very effective. Many times I only have to threaten. One item from my own experience -- low level customer support may not know enough to even care. They can ridicule you. If you call the main corporate office, a different type of customer service rep is there. They have the power to make deals. Legal action, reporting to an agency scares them.

    Are you certain that your mom may have forgiven the loan? She may not have realized the implications. You need to establish concrete facts as much as possible. Would she forgive such a large sum without consulting you or a lawyer? The WT may simply be too lazy. The A-G should make them run.

    Regardless of legal position, with all the money she gave to them freely over a long period of time, they could provide documentation, treat you cordially, and do some work.

  • designs

    Social Services has field agents for this.

  • panhandlegirl

    Call Social Services in you city or state,which probably handles elder abuse problems like the above poster advised. I think Bubblegum gave good advice on who to contact. They are cetainly behaving terribly.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Social service agencies are worth a try. I would fight on as many fronts as possible. From my experience, though, state A-Gs scares companies more than any social agency. It saves a lot of time and money if you can research and document as much as possible with dates, letters, any other documents. Perhaps bank records that are redacted.

    Did you speak with WT Legal or just the WT? Some 60 Minutes producer was doing the prelim for an expose that never aired. 60 Minutes had the worst time getting in touch with individuals. The joke was that every person at Bethel has no name or responsibility.Every letter was signed WTBTS. Telephone conversations took place with nameless reps. I've called in the past and could not get very far. If you can get to Legal and get a name, it might resolve itself. Make certain that it is legally all right for them to speak with you, rather than your mother.

  • outsmartthesystem
    outsmartthesystem there paperwork of this conditional loan? Is there any signature regarding the "forgiveness" of the loan?

  • Dagney

    I don't have any advice but I'm very interested in how this plays out. My mom did a similar thing. Made me sick. It may turn out legally they have CYA, but in public opinion, it is one more brick in the wall. Not that they matter much, but I'm for letting acquaintances of the WTBS know exactly how they treat people, as a religious charity. POS religion.

    Good luck.

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