Any suggestions on handling financial abuse of a senior by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society?

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  • flipper

    BALAAMSASS- Just realize we are with you in spirit and support my friend . NOW - Go kick some WT ass and raise some hell about their unjust dealings ! Go get em tiger. The more exposure the better ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Balaamsass

    Thanks for the input everyone. I live in an "all parties state" for recording, of course LEO can record secretly. In my experience recording WTBTS is a waste of time. When I was a loyal Elder I had to contact the service Dept and other Departments from time to time. When I worked at Bethel I had a buddy on the desk at the service dept. They are paranoid about recording, and usually answer questions with a question or answer cryptically. Of course they want to know EVERYTHING about you before they will answer the call. Nothing forthright or open about the guys at the desks ( My buddy hated the job- he feared god- and eventually left). Even when dealing with clear felonies, murder and child abuse these guys would not go on record over the phone. Now that I stopped drinking the Kool-Aid, I realize how slimy it all is.

    I bet later this week any new requests for loan repayment get a least for a few months. So keep PMing me those leads. Thanks!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Also, there are devices that you can install on the receiving phone that detect all the bust most top secret recorders. I purchased one.

    I must add that it seems very Roman Catholic of raising funds for war by terrifying ordinary people. Recall Matin Luther and indulgences. After he nailed his theses on the door of the cathedral, the RC Church truly knew trouble. For those who did not join the Protestant cause, a Counter Reformation within the Church occurred.

    The appearance of impropriety is as serious as impropriety itself.

    The conditional loan boggles my mind. Still curious as to interest. With their vast sums in offshore banks and prob. a giant such as Citibank, why are they borrowing from normal people?

  • Balaamsass

    BTR, These every year their is a drive in the KM to get more loans. These are made without interest. Millions are collected and redeposited in interest bearing accounts and placed in the markets to earn a profit. The WTBTS has been particpating in hedge fund activity in a big way..not just realestate. The attendence at the London events is public record. Major US brokerage houses can't get invited at times! BIG MONEY. Regardless of the $$ earned on these deposits, they pay 0 for them, so the internal rate of return is basicly infinate. Hedge funds can have incredible rates of return. Sometimes people die and the heirs do not know about these loans..sometimes the WTBS can influence the givers to forgive the loan..or place hurdles to slow the process..look at us. We will get her money back, but will probably get disfellowshiped doing it!!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    If you are smart about it, they may be afraid to disfellowship. So a thriving religion turns to the Widow's Mite rather than pay low interest for operating cash. I don't think Jesus want the Widow in the Widow's mite to go without food, health care, or housing so the temple marble could be polished several times a day. No interest. No documentation. Destroy documents.

    If this is truly happening on a large scale, 60 Minutes or Frontline should run a program. The visuals of someone with a debilitating illness, giving money b/c of 1975, can't be conveyed by writing alone.

    I would get in touch with the state legislature to see if anyone is willing to introduce legislating that the person making the loan must be represented by independent counsel. They should sign a statement that many religions predict and how the prediction may not come true. Also, they should sit down with hardened Bethelites and hear stories. Read past predictions and doctrine that changed.

    You can't stop donations and loans to chariity but slowing down the process and introducing advocates for the giver would help a lot. If written correctly, there will be no const'l problems either.

  • Balaamsass

    Those of you with aging parents. Seriously consider influencing your parents to put life savings into things that take a little time to get at. Out of town banks, Annuities, ANYTHING that will slow them down from signing it all away right after a stirring talk at the hall. It takes about a week to get cash from a brokerage account, and you can frequently get the broker or manager to CALL YOU ASAP if Mom or Dad decide to cash out. It will save them, and save YOU from spending big money bailing them out of a mess!

  • Bella15

    Go to the proper federal and estate authorities, the Elderly are a protected class under the law.

    This is a non-profit org. There is also AARP, DAD (department of aging and dissabilities), etc.

    The Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE) is a non-profit organization, based in Philadelphia, that has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for vulnerable older people since 1977.

    CARIE fulfills its core mission to improve the well being, rights and autonomy of older persons through advocacy, education, and action through a "case to cause" model of advocacy that serves to promote equal access to justice and addresses problems and issues on both the individual and the systemic levels.

    CARIE100 S. Broad Street
    1500 Land Title Building
    Philadelphia, PA 19110-1088
    T: 215.545.5728
    F: 215.545.5372

    Every state here in the USA has a department of human services with branches focusing on Elderly people.

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    THIS - is an important thread. Bump to the top

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    I am so sorry to hear that this is happening, Balaam'sAss...

    I sure hope you can at least get the loan back...

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