The true, unsung hero of the Bible....

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  • NewChapter

    It is so much easier to answer a question with a question right ? hahaha ! (another question

    It's okay if you don't want to answer the question. It's my way of making sure we are on the same page---but that might throw things off. Either way I am doomed---if I answer without knowing where you stand--you will simply say I got it wrong (while still not revealing what you think about the incident), and if I ask for clarification, it makes you laugh. hahaha

    Just keep posting other people's words. You are not up to this.



    NewChapter " Please get your facts straight."

    Many thanks - I will endeavour to improve my knowledge base.

  • NewChapter

    Many thanks - I will endeavour to improve my knowledge base.

    Thor smiles on your humble attitude! And he will probably crush you like a little bug with his mighty hammer---cuz humbleness might translate as weakness. Not sure. I'll pray for you.


  • mindseye

    Interesting thread. I agree with the premise. I would argue that Satan is part of the Godhead, allowing us to gain knowledge (gnosis). A quaternity makes more sense than the trinity.

  • ProdigalSon

    And Judas Iscariot is a close second......

  • Diest

    TEC Satan was bad in the Job story, but Jehovah is the real evil one.

    If you let your archenemy kill your best friends kids, ruin him financially, and get him sick; you are an evil, terrible, being. Especially when you let your enemy do all of that just to win a bet.

  • tootired2care

    It always struck me as curious why god never ressurected Job's wife and children, when he promised to ressurrect billions in the future.

  • Unlearn

    the guy loses his kids, all of his money, and his old lady thinks he's an idiot. he's in pain...outcast, and disgraced.
    he's basically going through an experience that would lead many well-adjusted, nice guys to suicide.
    so he calls out to God and, in so many words, asks...'Why me?'

    so, God proceeds to give him a more-than-chapers-worth rebuke/lecture.
    and NEVER ONCE lets him in on 'the game'.

    and THAT, excuse my french, is a punk ass move on the part of the 'god of love and compassion'.

  • jam

    Job 1;7 The lord said to Satan,"Whence have you come?'

    Satan answer the Lord, "From going to and fro on the

    earth, and from walking up and down on it.

    The Lord, did you kill anyone?

    Satan, maybe 10 or 60 , but people give me credit for A

    lot more.

    God, well I have killed millions, the whole earth at one time, except 7.

    Satan, how did that work for you?

    God , I have A few billions more to kill before I get it right.

  • steve2

    I have yet to meet any "believer"- Christian, Jew or Moslem - who cares enough to explain the Jehovian genocide of the Old Testament (i.e., Hebrew Scriptures). When you come to think about it, to attempt to defend it is actually a form of defending the indefensible. I have enough empathy for 'believers' to understand why they would not want to go 'there' but instead slip straight over to 'My Lord is not like that'. Each time the Biblical record of genocide is mentioned as a sticking point to understanding believers claims that 'their' " God" is good, they do everything but look squarely at the Scriptures involved.

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