The true, unsung hero of the Bible....

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  • sabastious
    So, Sabastious, you're back to worshipping the god of the bible again???

    I worship the God that created you and I, not anything else. I understand how that God works through men as they wrote down what they were capable of understanding about him in their perspective times. The Torah is a word of God and the I CHING is also a word of God and they work in tandem. No contradiction. Maybe you should ask more questions instead of assuming, but I wouldn't put any money on it.

    Wasn't it the "sun" you were worshipping, a week or so ago???

    If you were actually listening to me you would remember that I believe that Christ IS the sun (electromagnetic radiation) and I believe the scriptures to support this. Here is an interesting article of a case for the sun being alive.

    And then there was your worship of - infatuation with - the I Ching - about which, apparently, you were unaware that it was frequently used as a tool for divination?

    I'm glad you brought this up, Zid, even if your motivations are impure. The second I became aware of the I CHING I knew it was a system of divination and I use it as such. The Torah/Bible is also a divination system. This video provides a very good example of how it can work:

    ^ Fast forward to time index 9:30 and you will see this Christian reporting his experience about the Bible falling to the exact page to answer his question he had in his prayer. The I CHING you use probability to talk to it and the Torah/Bible you use prayer. Both are systems of divination for communicating the SAME God.


  • soft+gentle

    tec right on - your post 9426 is exactly what I meant. Dawkins is pretty much a fundy in the way he characterises believers and he never wavers from this position in the God delusion. The creed of aggressive attack and the arguments with which he arms his followers include the art of misrepresenting the opponent to make them fit his radical agenda. Mind you, when I have watched his short videos or seen him debating on TV, he comes accross to me as genuinely sincere and not so fundamentlist. So perhaps he has taken on board what some of his critics have suggested.

    The radicalism here may be part of the journey out of JWism and I respect this. But I would encourage atheists to step back from personal attacks and using the one cap fits all scenario to pick on those who themselves are making their own journey. Exploring and experimenting is part of rich world that confronts us.

  • NewChapter

    It is not a personal attack to say I do not respect someone's belief. It is not a personal attack to not respect belief. It is not a personal attack to not respect someone's political stand. It is not a personal attack to point out history. As I have said, I don't care if you fit into a mold, or whatever, I see belief in things without proof as a problem. No matter what flavor you practice. That is not a personal attack. Ideas are always fair game.

  • soft+gentle

    sab, just finished watching the video. i have met this young man briefly on one of my trips to Bethel. I did wonder what had become of him and I am so glad he is alive and well. His experience is wonderful.

    working on repetition for emphasis NC

  • soft+gentle

    back to the topic - the true and unsung hero fo the Bible - Satan

    this may sound fanciful but I want to share nontheless as it may appeal to atheists and believers alike. the snake shape is very similar to the shape of the spinal cord and brain. This similarity, I doubt very much, would have been lost on the ancients, although I don't have any evidence to support my claims. So it is not unreasonable to suggest that the story about Adam and Eve and the snake contains admonitions against the dangers of formulating a division between the sort of cunning wisdom that resides in the type of intelligence (modern ideas would call this mind) that results in going to extremes and committing hubris (sticking to my original hypothesis here) as opposed to the sort of wisdom that enables one to live holistically. In this scenario the snake has cautious cunning plus the intelligence to persuade humans to oppose the prevailing order. (I guess then he could also be an unsung hero of those who fight for freedom but this understanding would have to be acknowledged as being different from the main thrust of the story and of the bible).

    How would the ancients know about the relationship between brain and mind, if you are an atheist? Observation and experience definitely but also the wisdom that stems from what Sab has been explaining, perhaps what an atheist would term uncanny coincidence but which is probably mathematically sound.

    what do you all think? should I start a separate topic? or has this subject been done to death?


    soft+gentle Perhaps you are looking too deep and projecting modern thinking on to an ancient culture. The answer could be very simple.

    The snake is an unusual creature it swallows its prey whole after poisoning it with deadly venom. It is feared by humans and animals alike. It is a prefect symbol for evil. Snakes have often been viewed in a negative light and are associated with black magic. Snakes or serpents have also been consider guardians of temples and holy places. Many tribes have used the snake as a totem .

    The same people that decided the snake was an ideal symbol for evil, wisdom, and ceremony, also though that thunder was god’s arguing in heaven.

    The human race has moved on just a tad.

  • soft+gentle


    me accept simple answers? - never - lol

    as to being anachronistic - I disagree once more. " the snake,adam and eve narrative" talks very much to current evolutionary biological/psychological investigations as that biblical account is very relevant to the patterns of reflexive thinking we call cognitve ability, that encapsulates desire, belief and deciding what action to take in a difficult situation, in its architecture.

    btw where is cofty?

  • NewChapter

    Cofty is taking a small break from the board. He'll be back. Kind of like Jesus.

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