How come "Johhny the Bethelite" has not been exposed?

by hotspur 157 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • sabastious
    The answer to this threads question could be found by taking the time to listen in.

    There is a very amusing conversation about JWN starting at time index: 4:52:46 (Johnny's 1st episode)


  • cedars

    I give up on this thread. After reading Rick's posts, I've come to the conclusion that he gets off on publicity, good or bad. He had a perfectly reasonable offer from both hotspur and Juan Viego2, but he threw it back in their faces. This guy deserves no further brain cell wastage.

    Sorry, but I've had enough.


  • hotspur

    Me too Cedars... as you say, he has had opportunities but he has only managed to convince me his own delusions are wrapped up in publicity and showmanship.

    The downside from his perspective should be that his credibility has taken a huge knock. The upside should be that he learn from that then 'fallback and regroup'! Unfortunately, I don't think he is capable of that or even willing - which is the biggest problem with over-inflated egos. How ever well intentioned the objectives are seen to be, credibility should be maintained at all times. Something koolaidman has consistently failed to achieve.

    Enough from me too.... thanks everybody for your thoughts and input. (BTW - still no PM)

  • Fencing

    I've never posted here before. Been registered for a year and a half. But I had to comment on this.

    I agree with cedars. For Rick, this is all about attention - good or bad. If you remember back when the Johnny the Bethellite thing first "broke", it generated a huge amount of notoriety for his site and his conference call. More than he had ever received before. I wouldn't be surprised if the very next conference call was bigger by a massive amount than he's ever had before or since.

    Johnny is a fraud, that much is pretty obvious. But Rick is going to milk it as long as he can, trying to get back to that level of attention in late 2010.

    And as I recall, wasn't that first JtB call actually trolled by two different people? I seem to remember that Johnny appeard to have an "ally" on the call who soon disappeared: Diarrhea Mary. It remember it seeming like she was working with him, to give him credibility.

  • isaacaustin

    Sad thing is this- IF Rick were to simply tell us, honestly, that he made this JTB character up for his show to have a storyline and that he is sorry most here would probably accept his apology and move on.

  • Iamallcool

    I agree with you, Isaac Austin. Rick, think about it.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Rick whispered in my ear: "Apologize? Tell them to call in this Saturday for a huge announcement from Rick about that."

    But then he went on to say there might not be time for the apology with all the important stuff that will bring Watchtower to it's knees. "Well, call in anyway and if we don't get it in, I promise to address it the week after when you call in again."

  • Quentin

    Outlaw, your a barbarian...your last post was brilliant, hilarious as well......kool-aid-man has run out of kool-aid.....

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