Do you sense that the Watchtower will implode?

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  • Dagney

    I wish. But I don't think so. Just heard this weekend two young people, 30ish, who had left 5-6 years ago, went to college, created successful lives outside JW, are returning to the fold. Disheartening. There was a time I thought it was inevitable the WTBS would implode. But it's a corporation first and foremost. It will make decisions to insure it's own survival. The elderly are almost gone. Most of my generation know it crap, but will not leave for all the reasons we know. 37% retention of youth, the R & F will reduce greatly in the future. But now, I don't see much change in my area as far as numbers go. Some people really need the confinement of the group think. It's amazing. I hope I hope I hope I'm wrong.

  • neverendingjourney

    Two scenarios come to mind:

    1. Some sort of coup or leadership struggle at the GB level.

    2. External government or judicial forces.

    Outside of that, the Watchtower's demise (and they will eventually fall) will be gradual over many decades.

  • jwfacts

    There are major currents underfoot, signifying that the organisation is experiencing difficult times. However, overall publisher numbers still continue to rise. This year Australia has apparently had record district convention attendance numbers. I do get the feeling though that the internal difficulties represent a number of unsatisfied members just clinging on. I expect the tipping point is in the near future, where numbers will all of a sudden start to protract.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I heard one C.O. say recently at a C.A. that JW families are falling apart. Imagine that, JW families imploding!

    The matter of JW families falling apart has been happening for years. JW divorces have been on the increase. Currently there is only a 30% to 35% retention rate of JW youth.

    What's next? The implosion of who some affectionately refer to as....................... Mother. Serves her right for all the pain and suffering that she has and continues to inflict!

  • MrMonroe

    Their control over elders and publishers is too strong to allow a splintering to occur. For any significant splinter group to form would require a freedom for members to express what they feel and gain the sense that there are others who share their view.

    The threat of disfellowshipping for any who step out of line and challenge the authority and teaching of the GB is far too strong to allow any more than a handful to leave with the intention of starting something new. I just don't see it as feasible that people would be prepared to accept disfellowshipping, with all the shame and humiliation that entails, to join others, particularly when the level of rhetoric from the WTS against the "rebels" would skyrocket.

    Could it implode? I just can't see it. The movement has a momentum all its own, fuelled by the myth of divine authority and the fear of expulsion and eternal damnation. It also has its own centre of gravity that keeps pulling members (and recruiits) towards it. Few of those ever stop to examine the logic and teachings of the organisation, and because they're not allowed to read or hear criticism, they have no yardstick by which to judge it.

    The internet and media exposure will cause some to drift towards the edge and leave, but the machine will keep rolling on.

  • flipper

    AK JEFF- I don't think the WT society will implode anytime soon. I think a tremendous amount of young people ( aged 18- 35 yrs. ) are leaving and that will help , however the WT society just made out big time financially in the sales of the Brooklyn properties. One thread said they'll make approximately 1 billion $$$ from the sales. So I think the business part of the WT society will thrive awhile more , however the rank & file Witnesses may start declining due to access of information on the Internet exposing the WT society for what it really is - a money making corporation that steals people's lives. WT society is getting more and more extreme in their desperation to control it's members. Just my take

  • TimothyT

    It certainly feels like its imploding at the moment doesnt it! From closure of bethel homes to STUPID doctrine changes, it appears that money is becoming a problem and people are no longer satisfied with what they are being taught. In my congregation, i know of several brothers who werent exactly too happy with the new light that was coming from the GB. Not only that so many of them (including my dad and brother) have become so disgruntled with the silly, nit picky little rules that they just want out of such pressure. When they realise that life is so much easier when you dont go anymore its such an eye opener.

    Of course there will always be the die hards, but i wonder if they will still be there in 20 years time. When they have gone I cant imagine who will be left. It appears to me from the figures that the preaching work has stagnated. From awareness in the media and personal experiences, people just dont want to go anywhere near JWs in this country anymore, brandishing them as wierdos. Eventualy the numbers will die down and the GB will have to realise that is happening and do something different.

    I think the WT business will always survive though as it has shares in some of the worlds major businesses, but as an organisation im confident that sometime in the future, it will all go down the pan and then we will have to help console those who no longer have anywhere to go.

  • cantleave

    It is a business that is changing it's strategy. It will be tough to start with, and risks will have to be taken. But it could come out stronger.

    Our best hope is that the growing "conscious class" numbers stop contributing for literature and withdraw their donations. Unfortunately as so many have been encouraged to set up standing orders and direct debits, this is hard.

  • nugget

    I don't see it imploding but it has had a harsh awakening to the internet age. It will become more controlling and will streamline. It has a vast reserve of capital that will keep it afloat. This is no tinpot pyramid scheme but a well oiled business with decades of experience.

    What has changed is the internet means it is harder for them to hide anything. Their magazines and the shameful things they print are easily accessible and apostates have a voice. Take victories where we can and leave them nowhere to hide. Educate the people outside the organisation so that they are not misled by nice men in suits.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I had a talk to some long term Dubs a few days ago.

    They agreed with everything I said, except they didn't know about the 1925 ancient worthies return. They even agreed that I was not wrong in my analysis of the generation doctrine.

    Will they leave?

    Of course not.

    They have invested too much of their lives, and their families lives, in the cult to ever admit to themselves that they should apologise to everyone they have passed their foolishness to and throw out their Watchtowers and leave.

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