Do you sense that the Watchtower will implode?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Since leaving the organization 8 years ago, there have been more significant changes in the actual, physical activities of the organization than occurred in all the 40 plus years I was 'in'. Bethel closings. Bethel layoffs. Reduction in magazine printings. Exiting Brooklyn. More changes in magazine distribution. Etc, etc. I am sure that those who pay better attention could make a large list of the BIG changes that have occurred in just the past few years.

    Do you sense a collapse? Perhaps a splintering? Will the pressure that has come to bear on the organization from a legal perspective, from the INTERNET, from the media coverage of them, somehow begin to crack the dam?

    Just curious your thoughts on the matter.


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    i hope so

  • shamus100
  • N.drew

    Shamus100 has nothing to say?

    Has it not already imploded? You mean will the implode become obvious?

    "There is nothing carefully hidden that will not become known".

    Anybody remember the picture of a peaceful valley with peaceful little people in the middle

    and a round crowd of angry boys and girls with farming instruments gathered around it?

  • wobble

    Since I left nearly 4 years ago, it has been my fervent hope that it would implode.

    Not that I wish any bad things to occur for the R&F JW, but the evil that the WT org. wreaks cannot come to an end soon enough. I especially would love to just ask for the word "sorry" from the members of my family who are so smug and self-satisfied in their deluded belief at present,which includes believing that I am in some way mentally "diseased".

    I do feel that pressure is building for the ones who control and direct the WT. The old, arrogant, tell the R&F any BS and they will swallow it, direct them to jump in the air and they will ask "How high ?" is not so effective anymore. Sadly a large percentage of the 7 million are still of the old submissive school, but there is a growing number who do not obey like an automaton anymore.

    The Masters of War who run the WT, and the GB, are feeling that they are fast losing their grip, and they are, it wants just a small impetus to bring about the WT's very own "Arab Spring".

  • OnTheWayOut

    It seem that the first huge problem was the literature for "donations only." It was only a matter of time.

    Bethel layoffs were starting in the late 1990's. I always thought it was the ultimate stab in the back to call the volunteers "family" then send them packing when they never expected to leave.

    Bethel closings is huge. Certainly, the way they have handled it in Spain was a total blunder. I doubt the average American JW knows too much about this, but things are different outside of the USA.

    Exiting Brooklyn is not so big a deal to their reputation if handled right.

    Mag. reduction and the paperback books is a big sign to the members of problems. The paperback Bibles were a huge blunder that probably wound up costing more than it saved.

    Don't forget pedophile payoffs. That's deeply cutting into the bottom line.

    Even without their own blunders, the publishing business is dying. Newspapers are barely holding on. Amazon sold more e-books than printed literature.

    Personally, I think WTS is still ahead of the money curve. They have cut back so much before it was too late and will cut back more. They managed to capture Kingdom Hall properties and will be selling them for years. Brooklyn sales have delayed the inevitable. COnventions and assemblies still come out ahead or else they would cancel them. But the inevitable is coming. The curve will run out.

    I do sense some lawyers and accountants looking for a smaller core group WTS. What good are 7 million people if they place literature that costs you money and their donations are barely enough to support the local Kingdom Hall. I suppose it's less of a collapse that I expect and more of a slow shrinkage to near death. The shrinkage is also going to pick up speed from young ones leaving after they look at the internet.

    A splintering? Yeah, it could happen. They really went too far with "overlap generation." I could see another group "studying the Bible." Or there could be a money split as the printing money dries up. Something similar to the Rutherford takeover.

    Media coverage, I don't know. The Catholic church survived. Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower are such minor players in the world scene. I don't know that most people noticed any of the past coverage. They confuse JW's with adventists, Mormons, Christian Scientists, whoever.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Maybe, but not anytime soon.

  • shamus100

    Of course not.


    Stupid people are born every day.

    the botchtower will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

  • DT

    They sure seem to be getting desperate. There are problems arising all over the place. If it were real persecution, they might not mind it too much, but it all seems to be coming from bad and stupid things they have done like publishing hate speech, protecting pedophiles and breaking the law.

    P.S. Hey that's 666 posts. Does that make me a real apostate?

  • Spectre

    This morning I was thinking that if I was still in it would raise warning flags about how much they are in the zone of, "those apostates are really bad! And we mean really really bad!!! No joking around here, REALLY REALLY BAD!!!!" I think this would either a)bore people to death into leaving because of the repetition or b)cause people to say, "really? you protest a bit too much."

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