Do you sense that the Watchtower will implode?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    BLACK SHEEP: I had a talk to some long term Dubs a few days ago. They agreed with everything I said, except they didn't know about the 1925 ancient worthies return. They even agreed that I was not wrong in my analysis of the generation doctrine.

    Will they leave? Of course not. They have invested too much of their lives, and their families lives, in the cult to ever admit to themselves that they should apologise to everyone they have passed their foolishness to and throw out their Watchtowers and leave.

    DA CHEECH: No matter what bullshit numbers they publish in the yearly figures: bad stuff is happening to them!

    1) stagnant attendance -- 2) stagnant field service -- 3) no contributions............... the only ones they get are Assemblies and Wills -- 4) apathy, this demoralized field service and the result is "token magazine handouts". Their own stupid policies are chipping away from the inside!

    If you are still "IN", think about this: How many in your Cong are just going thru the motions?? I'd say 50%.

    Think of the post yesterday about Special Needs and 4 hour FS averages. Truth is that those FOUR HOURS are mostly FAKE! Pubs who report 4 hours are just going thru the motions of "Family Worship" or going to breakfast at McDonalds once or twice a month (after knocking on 2 or 3 not-at-homes). Even at least 50% of pioneers just ride around counting time. NO Bible Studies. Door Step Bible Studies? Those used to be called Return Visits.

    While the 3rd world is the growth areas, primarily the US & Western World has always been the Cash Cow for WT$ and now the economy sucks here. Do you think most of the R&F cut back on their dining out or on their donations at the KH? There is still the steady source of income from retired folks with their fixed income, most of whom are in better financial shape than the upcoming generation which lacks education for a good job now.

    MANY/MOST will still keep one foot in the door: 1) to maintain the network of family and friends; 2) to hedge their bets, JUST IN CASE The End does come; 3) Where/ or To Whom else would they go? But, meeting attendance will suffer, as recreation, work, or just being tired or stressed out will take precedence over going to meetings. Field Service will suffer, because recreation, work, or just being tired or stressed out will.........(yada yada yada). Plus, it's hard to "sell" something you no longer "buy" into yourself. Go thru the motions. Arrange car group with friends. Make 2 or 3 not-at-homes, got to Starbucks or visit garage sales in territory, leave some free magazines laying around, count 3 hours, 10 mags, go to Mall....another full day in FS.

    But IMPLODE? Not a chance.

    Sales of NYC property will put $1Billion in the bank, and upstate campus will only cost $20 Million = $80 Million CASH ON HAND.

    Consolidation of congregations = sales on KH property to generate more cash.

    Cut backs on full-time Bethel staff and replace with Temp Workers means less costs (esp for health care at US Bethel).

    Increase in "rental" fees at assembly halls for Cir Assms and Spec Days generates additional cash. If circuit falls short on contributions, it just sends a bill to each congregation which beats publishers until enough funds are collected to meet obligation.

    New policy of all COs/DOs rotating assignments at same time. This smells of some kind of upcoming change as previously rumored here about eliminating COs. Maybe consolidating circuits and CO visits only 1 time per year with local Heavys filling in for 2nd visit. CO costs thus cut in half.

    Keep those card$ and letter$ coming in!


  • stillstuckcruz

    I sense a VERY slow destruction of the oranization. As the message gets out about what they are really about and how they REALLY operate, less and less people will be coming in, and more will be leaving. But I agree with Black Sheep. They have too much invested and most, no matter how much contrary evidence you present, will refuse to believe any of it. It's the "Truth" no matter what. So while I sense a downward spiraling, I don't see it going out of business any time soon.

    Instead of just apostasizing at conventions at assemblies, I think educated individuals should go from door to door speaking to people ABOUT JW's, even if its just a panphlet with a link to websites. The internet is the peoples antidote.

  • finallysomepride

    I think that only a couple of bricks have been shaken loose at this stage, but it's a start

  • nugget

    a friend of mine was approached today and asked to take a tract when she refused and asked if the witness had read the article in the independent the witness denied that the magazine ever published such things. When challenged and told that our friend had read the magazine and the words were in fact in it the sister said that she shouldn't believe everything in the press and shouldn't read what other people printed.

    Firstly either this sister can't remember back 2 weeks to the watchtower study or never read it and didn't go to the meeting, or she lied outright. Good grief these people. Deny the story and attack those who wrote it standard behaviour. The stupidity telling a complete stranger not to read the paper.

  • LongHairGal


    I could be wrong, but I have to agree with Shamus. It isn't going anywhere for the time being. But, I do think it will be profoundly changed. Maybe the attitude won't be noticeable all at once but over a period of time it will be. For one thing, the old-guard types are dying off. These were the people with the most disposable income and who were most likely to contribute, not just to everyday expenses in the halls, but bigger projects. Once they are gone the proverbial golden goose is gone. The religion's biggest fans and supporters and the most loyal and spiritual-minded will be a thing of the past. I have to admit this is sad in a way because I liked a few of these decent salt-of-the-earth type people from another generation.

    The people who remain who are in their working years (and barely hanging on to their jobs with an uncertain future) are not going to be putting much, if anything, into those contribution boxes. And, they aren't going to swallow any fanciful garbage about pursuing poverty like in the old days. Today, it takes all a person has just to make a living and these people won't be hearing any far-fetched nonsense.

    Also, what about the people from third-world countries who are needy and expecting their "church" to do things for them and certain other people with serious "issues" looking for charity? No, I think the religion's best days are behind it even if it will survive in some fashion.

  • WontLeave

    It did implode, invisibly; and by the end of a generation, it will be gone. Evidently, it's in its last days and we can be assured that shortly it will be no more. (random, unrelated scipture to make it "Bible-based")

  • stuckinamovement

    I do. It feels as if the wheels are coming off of the bus. Breakfast of Champions had a good observation about their business model. They have stale eschatology that has repeatedly proven to be false, an outdated business model focused on print publications, legal challenges due to shunning and coverup of abuse, bad press, and a mass of follwers that are going through the motions. To top it all off the younger generation as evidenced by the pew study is running for the door. Most of the leadership is elderly and quickly dieing off, the younger ones that are coming up the ranks are purposely blind. Their main method of recruitment is laughably obsolete and ineffective. Most people have to work to earn a living in this economy which means that the availablity of free door to door labor is reduced.

    In no way is this a healthy organization.

  • WTWizard

    I know they are going to have a miserable time ahead. Many will leave, or would if given the chance. But what I think is going to happen is they are going to waste more of their resources on the deadest of works imaginable.

    If they use the "tacking" illustration, I think the field circus work will get "caught in irons". They will go out, and accomplish nothing. They will be too brainwashed to think they might be in the wrong religion, and will be afraid of cross-referencing their religion to find out. But they won't be bringing in anyone except those who are truly mentally diseased--those from prisons and mental institutions.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan


    Sunk costs.

    Very informative article here.

  • cedars

    Yes I do, even if it takes a while - and here's why!


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