Do you sense that the Watchtower will implode?

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  • metatron

    The Watchtower will never suddenly implode. I've said this many times but you could have the Governing Body sodomize boys on a parade float being towed down Broadway and Joe Witness would shrug it off by saying, 'it's still the "truth".

    The Organization today is stuck with the same basic issues as the Soviet Union: lack of income, crappy productivity an unsustainable empire and a huge number of passive-aggressive people - who won't openly rebel but will simply pretend to obey, especially if they are being watched by other Witnesses (which is why the attendance always goes up for the C.O. visit)

    Follow the trends and you will observe more of the same - cutbacks everywhere, apathy, and endless denials that anything is wrong. At some point, the Society may have to 'cast them off' as a waste of time and money, as with selling off their Kingdom Halls from under them.

    Witnesses live a dream world and don't want that dream to end, regardless of the facts. No matter how badly the Society treats them, they will keep pretending, like the kids of an alcoholic parent - who cling to every act or conversation, hoping to find that they are loved.


  • Lozhasleft

    I dont know. I just hope.

    Loz x

  • bohm

    I am with metatron. Whith religion, you are basically good as long as you can have some old geezer stand on the podium and go: "bible: good. you: bad".

  • LV101

    metatron --- have appreciated reading your views/analysis of watchtower's future for yrs. now and they always give me hope. thank you.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Quendi: "But the end of communism in Europe taught us that trends don't always continue and sudden change can come when least expected"

    Don't forget the bursting of the housing bubble of 2007! The WTBTS, like the housing market, has gotten to big for its' britches! Me thinks it too will implode. The only thing that can save it is Jah's Holy Spirit............... Zero Chance!

  • ziddina
    "My understanding from talking to some still attached to the organization is that talk of the approaching hundredth anniversary is generating considerable angst among many Jehovah's Witnesses. The Society itself is circumspect this time as opposed to its drum beating as 1975 approached. That doesn't mean the leadership is unaware of all the talk. Rather it appears that it hopes that by remaining silent, the buzz will die down and 2014 will come and go without any significant impact on growth and preaching. ..." Quendi

    Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Isn't that too typical of the Watchtower Society's "brilliant" leadership??

    "If we ignore it, maybe it'll go away?!!!"

    They deserve to have the sky fall in on their heads....


  • factfinder

    I don't think I will live to see any serious decline among Jehovah's Witnesses, much less an implosion, though I have no idea what the future will bring. I began studying with the witnesses in 1976 and what they had predicted for 1975 did not matter to me- I had never even heard of it. When I was told about it ( in 1976) it did strike me as odd but I continued to study with the jws anyway and attend meetings.

    It will be very interesting to see if the number of publishers decline world wide around 2014-2015. I remember the small decreases in 1977 and 1978, and although it was discouraging, the increases soon sped up again a few years later.

    If I was still a witness, believing in it as much as I did back in the 70's and 80's , and you mentioned to me that 2014 marks 100 years since the last days began, I would ask you to show me from the Bible where a period of 100 years is significant. What difference does it make if it is 2011,2014 or 2012 in that the generation of 1914 are already 97 years old? What special significance does the 100th year hold? Scripturally-none.

    Of course I am no longer a witness, and I could be wrong in how witnesses view it. They have been holding on and waiting for so long that once 2014 arrives and still no new system, that could be the final straw and many will tire out, be too discouraged, and give up. That happened to me 6 years ago. It really is hard to say.

    We will just have to wait and see what, if any effect, the year 2014 will have on the organization. I wonder if it really worries the GB? I have been away from meetings for a long time. I don't know what the publishers are saying or thinking about it.

    But no- I don't think the Watchtower will implode! Not during my lifetime anyway.

  • LostGeneration

    As much as I'd welcome an implosion, it won't happen. Its death by 1,000 papercuts for these guys. Organization is their advantage, and as much as it pains me to admit it, that is the ONE thing they do well.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    They are already selling properties left and right. Not only Brooklyn but see how many Congregations are being brought into the same building and properties sold.

    There used to be outrage when you had to share the property with more than 1 congregation. Now it's easily 3 congregations + 1 or 2 groups for 1 building, double buildings have often 5-6 congregations and 4-5 groups.

    They are attempting to strike a balance between keeping the congregations happy and saving money. They promise new builds and renovations but on the other hand they're propping them full and keeping the proceeds of the sales (if they can get them sold in the first place). The promise brings euphoria and large cash donations but they quickly whither out (within 3 months).

    People are leaving, they're having issues getting the young motivated to even pick up the microphones. The WT claims they're in full progress but we'll see what the numbers say in the following months when their reports come out. I bet it's going to be below natural growth.

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