Do you sense that the Watchtower will implode?

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  • LostGeneration

    My prediction is that once tablets are ubiquitous and cheap enough most publishers will transition to digital publications. This will save the WTS a ton of money. Imagine how expensive it is to print and ship literature around the world. Heck, the new Amazon tablet just announced will be $199.

    In a real religion/corporation/organization I could see this happening. But in a cult like the WTS? I don't see it anytime soon. Here is a question for those that still go to asemblies/DCs...How many people bring in laptops or tablets and take notes? I mean in every college in America the students use their laptops now, but I don't see the rank and file doing that. Why not? Because Mama don't say its OK. Now if they came out in the KM and said, "Hey, take notes at the convention on your laptop, its OK" then you would see plenty of them.

    The fact is those old stooges in Brooklyn are petrified of technology and what the members will do with it, namely, start doing more research on the WTS, (oh and download p0rn too!) And they should be scared of it, its pandoras box and there isn't any way to close it now.

  • ziddina

    I sure hope it implodes...

    I think it will muddle on, beset with internal rot, leaking members, suffering from ever-increasing paranoia and abysmal management decisions...

    Unfortunately for its followers... Those that remain, that is...


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Excellent post, Randy. You have clearly pointed out a point that I've tried to make to some of my former JW friends. Besides the Christian Scientists, you could add the Seventh Day Adventists, more closely related to the JWs. There are also some Swedenborgians. Don't forget the remaining Bible Students and Russellites - that hang on but have no descernible growth or influence. And yet they survive. The Watchtower cult will probably slowly die back until it has just a few million worldwide members and then the growth will cease. My guess is they'll last another one hundred years or so, but will be of no consequence within the next 25 years.


  • williamhconley

    The Watchtower Organization has stopped growing in the English Territory in the USA. It's the foreign languages that are responsible for any growth in the USA. Also look at once zealous Japan, for over a decade it has had Zero percent growth.

    It's a matter of time before the foreign languages (spanish) in the USA also stop growing. The GB never imagined that the true history of abuse, false prophecies, Olin Moyle travesty by Rutherford, Ray Franz and other Watchtower Scandals & injustices would ever become public knowledge like it is now.

    The only real growth in the USA english territory is with the witness kids and even they have only a 30% retention rate amongst them. So yes the Watchtower is imploding.

    William H. Conley

  • diamondiiz

    Either implode of splinter off but won't happen soon. They still have time and when it happens, it will be from the top. They are quite slow appointing GB members as of late, so maybe there is fear of change or the fear of the unknown as to what new changes may take place if they appoint some new faces.

    We see changes because we share the info, but the majority of dubs don't hear the rumors nor do they surf the net for that sort of info - they stay in the dark. Those that do, probably don't share much of the info with others because the net is looked down upon in the first place.

    Time is their enemy. They will have to change in a big way if they want to survive and as any business they have no choice and need to do it fairly soon. The new light will have to get rid of 1914 as the start of the last days and Jesus' return. I don't see wts teaching 1914 in 50 years from now, even in 20 years it is hard to fathom that they will teach this ridiculous date and all that goes with it.

  • punkofnice

    Hate Apostates. Death threats to Barbara Anderson. Weirdo comments on the Independent UK's blog about the 'mentally diseased' comment.

    Is it my imagination or is the WBT$ becoming an even more extreme, dangerously fanatical fundy cult? Semtex in back packs to explode 'worldly' people next?

  • wobble

    They have been playing a game of burying 1914 as much as possible,spelling out the old 2520 years doctrine in plain language has not been done for decades, but they have nothing to replace it with !

    They believe that getting people to join is best done by a fear of judgement day, and that retaining existing drones is best done by the same fear, remove that fear, and what selling point do they have ?

    The only way it will implode is if enough R&F get together and demand reform, their very own Arab Spring, the problem is I do not see that this is possible.

    In the regimes that have recently toppled, or are in the process, there are a majority who see all that is wrong with their leaders,and are prepared to die for the sake of Freedom, in the WT the majority do not see anything wrong with the leadership, and only a few allow the doubts that lie deep in their minds to actually trouble them, Cognitive Dissonance and Cowardice rules.

  • Qcmbr

    The thing about tipping points /implosions is that they happen quite suddenly triggered by seemingly innocuous things - all that is required is a gradual build up of pressure. Within the JW system they crank up the human cost while society is pushing very heavily the rights of humans (especially women) and this dichotomy increases teh JW pressure without the JWs having to change their doctrine. Just like how you may feel rich until your neighbour gets a massive pay rise and then - although you didn't experience any alteration you suddenly feel poorer.

    I think that an implosion is coming - for many similar style religions in the west - because the rising generation are so connected and so able to share ideas and women are finally being empowered that both social forces will indirectly attack and undermine the core of controlling religions - unquestionable patriarchy. Some religions slip quickly (WWCOG) while others take a bit longer before they suddenly slump.

  • dozy

    I sense a general malaise in the West (the CO privately said that attending many of the congregations in the local circuit was like going to a morgue). The WTBTS is already in long term decline in most of Europe & Japan. France & the benelux countries are a "bloodbath" (according to a Bethel source). Another month doesn't go past without hearing of yet another JW couple divorcing or splitting up.

    But implosion - I doubt it (barring a black swan schism or huge financial or sexual scandal). The real growth for the WTBTS is in the mass of 3rd world people in Asia & South & Central America where they will continue to recruit , albeit slower than pentecostal & baptist groups.

  • DarioKehl

    I remember in 1992 when the Proclaimers book was released, the JW growth was skyrocketting. Since the internet became available in most homes by 2000, we can see the beginnings of effects that forums such as this one have had as exJW could further increase their reach. People inside had anonymous ways to research and learn. However, look at how the internet has changed since 2000. YouTube is only 5-6 years old. Social networking has only been around for about 8 or 9 years. Now everyone has smart phones with wifi, secured and anonymous browsing. Even 5 or 6 years ago, it was tough for kids (or sleazy spouses) to cover their naughty browsing history on the family computer. With smart phones, wireless laptops and ipads all under $500, even the strictest JW households cannot monitor everything their curious family members investigate on the web. The major changes brought up in this thread only started snowballing recently. Since 2004, we've had:

    major editing on the blood issue,

    removal of studies from private homes,

    TWO (2) changes of the understanding of "generation" (one in 2008, the other last year),

    a new, stricter elder book,

    a new TMS structure,

    shortened meeting times on Sunday,

    2 propaganda DVDs in the last year, QFR articles and WT articles focusing on the 3 main weaknesses that we apostates exploit: early JW history, "don't bug us, research yourself or ask a local elder" and the 587/607 debate,

    privatizing the study articles in a separate edition of WT,

    focusing on 5 new threats: atheistm, apostacy, DFed people, internet and college education (while false religion, sex, governments, bad association and the threat of persecution have been placed on the back burner).

    I think this new media is driving these changes. It's having a devastating effect. They are having to respond to us for the first time! All we have to do is look at the 2011 service report in a few months. Subtract the number baptized from the difference of peak pubs in 2011-2010 and the TRUTH of what's happening will be apparent! In the meantime, I PREDICT the following issues will force more, dramatic changes:

    Unthink's Austrailian law suit (will require a letter being read at all meetings much like the one after the Dateline incident and perhaps a global policy change on spiritual appointments)

    Debit/Credit cards for contributions will result in more guilt-ridden articles about giving.

    All their files being posted online (I bet they will make literature only available to regular meeting attendees or may even require minimum monthly service hours to "qualify" to get your KM and WT study copy)

    2014. This is big. Too big to ignore. Many who are active, JW lemmings today will stop and realize something is definitely not right. The GB will begin publishing strange articles---even stranger than ones we've seen in the last year---to pave the road for escape when 2014 comes and goes and we're still here. 100 years is a significant milestone and I'd bet many many MANY JWs who are still in are just like I was 3 years ago: Still attending, still going in FS, still shunning, still avoiding apostates...but deeply depressed and struggling with cognitive dissonance because they know... but they're just gonna hold out til 2014. I bet many dubs have "bail dates" in mind.

    If this newer, younger, stricter GB enforces the new elders manual as it's written and "demotes" brothers from spiritual appointments because they or their family members decide to attend college and starts nailing people under the "brazen" clause, we will see a massive, MASSIVE pushback from the R&F. MASSIVE. I promise...just watch!!!

    Final Note: A few years ago (2007--2008), there was a WT study article that talked about the exodus of the jews from Egypt. I distinctly remember it because I was still clinging on to "da trooff" at the time and I talked about it with many friends because we all thought it was exciting. Anyone remember this??? The main point of the article was the strange, meandering detour Jehovah led the Israelites on in the wilderness on the way to the promised land. They even showed a map of the route. Then, the paragraph clearly stated that as God leads His Organization in these last days, they may be directed by holy spirit to instruct the flock in ways that may not appear to make much sense at the time. And whaddya know... sense that article, look at all the drastic changes in infrastructure, delegation, policy and doctrine that have taken place! They always give us a warning first to pave the way. COA insurance.

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