Are you sick of conspiracy nuts?.....9/11

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    In the new Tower being built I had heard the comment that the HVAC system would be all Electric which led me to guess that the Twin Towers may have had Natural Gas lines in it and HVAC centers every few floors. Has anyone heard, natural gas pipelines in a high rise would carry a lot of fuel.

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    May you all have peace!

    "If my theory is correct..."

    IF it is correct...

    The official report blames the collapse on the over-heating and failure of the structural steel beams at the core of the buildings, an explanation Simensen rejects.

    Also rejected by the building's designer, IF my memory is correct.

    9/11 a conspiracy? I truly do not know. I DO know that:

    1. The head of security was Mr. Bush's close relative (a cousin, I believe)

    2. Virually every member of the Saudi royal family was whisked out of the country, while no AMERICAN (or other) citizen could get in OR out...

    3. All but two of the perpetrators were Saudi nationals (NOT Iranians or Iraqis or Syrians)...

    4. Bin Laden was a member of the third most powerful family in SAUDI ARABIA (NOT Iran, Iraq, or Syria)...

    5. The U.S. trained... and, to a great extent, armed... Bin Laden (during the Russia/Afghanistan war)...

    6. We went to war with Afghanistan (NOT Russia)...

    7. Saddam Hussein was blamed for "aiding" Bin Laden, something the latter VEHEMENTLY denied... calling Hussein an "infidel"...

    8. The U.S. helped put Hussein into power in Iraq... after pushing back and forth with the Ayatollah Homeni (who replaced U.S. "friend", the Shah of Iran)

    9. This blaming, along with accusations of WMDs (which were NEVER found... because they never existed; only some "yellow cake", which Hussein appropriated in order to poster against Iraq)... was the original impetus for going, finding, and ultimately assisting in the execution of Hussein...

    10. Haliburton, a company in which Dick Cheney ownes a huge amount of stock... was the primary contractor in the region; yet, reports show how BILLIONS of dollars appropriated for Haliburton and other projects have been misused... perhaps even missing...

    11. Folks tend to forget the 1991 bombing... and how THAT was supposed to go off (explosives in the basement - how did THOSE get there?)...

    Etc., etc., etc.

    Again, I'm not saying the U.S. was involved (sheah, right)... but... (1) there's a LOT we were involved in, don't talk about, can't explain... and doesn't make great sense; and (2) we got our presence/bases... in a very strategic location in relation TO Iran... and Syria... and... more oil... something Hussein fought against (not saying he was right), as we saw with Kuwait... do we not?

    I'm kinda with the folks who think calling folks who think "differently" from the "herd" nuts/crazy/unstable/delusional/insane/wacko, etc., are hypocritical... if they have the same problem with others who call THEM such (i.e., the WT, who refers to "apostates"... which they believe some of YOU are... nuts, etc.). I personally don't get what "harm" thinking differently causes... unless someone literally takes their own thinking to the point of where they feel they must "do something"... to some others. Including calling them names.

    There are people in the WTBTS who do NOT believe that the WTBTS/GB and company are "up to" what THEY'RE up to. Can YOU convince them? I don't think so - people believe what htey WANT to believe... and DON'T believe what they don't want to. Doesn't make them crazy/nuts... per se. If that's the case, most of us here were crazy/nuts... and I don't believe you can just stop BEING crazy/nuts... simply because you change your thinking. You might stop THINKING in a way that APPEARS... TO OTHERS... that you're crazy/nuts... but I think most medical professionals will tell you that ceasing insanity... that is not brought on by drugs, illness, clinical depression, etc., is rare... if it occurs at all.

    You don't agree with what someone else believes? Why not simply leave them to so believe... and get on with YOUR life (and [dis]beliefs)... without having to call them names? What's going on with YOUR thinking that you even ALLOW yourself to BE "bothered"?

    Just my nickel...

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who really is "sick" of those who OTHERS call "nuts" because they don't agree in their beliefs... calling others "nuts" for disagreeing with THEIR beliefs. HYPOCRISY... makes ME sick...

  • cantleave

    They are all f'ing idiots!!!!!

  • NewChapter

    Italy is prosecuting 7 scientists (maybe 9) for second degree murder for not calling an earthquake that led to over 300 deaths. They measured sizemik (sp?) numbers and concluded there was no cause for alarm. Technically it was not their place to make such a prediction, as it is impossible. A major quake shook 6 days after their prediction.

    This is beautiful stuff for a conspiracy. Any takers? Afterall, the Italian judicial system is holding these scientists responsible for this quake. I'm thinking there is more to the story.

    I'll start---The government was testing something nuclear---something that could shake the earth---they first sent benign tremors and snookered these scientists into stating that there was no cause for alarm. Then they revved up the engines and tested the full strength of this super secret nuclear earthquake maker---and now blame the scientists to put up a smokescreen to prevent people from looking into the deeper cause of this unpredicted quake. It's all too coincidental to just be an earthquake!

  • jehovahsheep

    stop acting like jehovahs witnesses and marginalizing everyone.i know the government is criminal but i dont belong to any of your so called truthers groups or the tea party.i will not be revolting against the government either.i believe god will let man go so far with their plans and then he overules them.unfortunatly many loonies attach themselves to this belief system and offer false theories that discredit the other theories out there.there is also a group of 1500 architechs and engineers who signed a petition stating that the wtc towers collapsed because of a controlled demolation after the planes crashed into them.i felt the same way you did about this conspiracy up to about a couple years ago until i looked into it more something none of us want to believe.they got their 2 wars ,homeland security and the patriot act from this.they want us to believe that the boogey-man al-queda is lurking under every rock to kill now we get our gentials groped at airports and football games and feel secure about it.its called incremental indoctrination and its purpose is to totally controll a weakened population.tailsin-if you are going to insult me please use regular english instead of your cutting-edge snappy lingo .

  • ProdigalSon

    Hey bohm, if the government version of 911 was correct, it should be able to stand up to scrutiny. We shouldn't even be able to come up with hundreds upon hundreds of smoking guns to barrage a thread with. Maybe 10 or 20 would be reasonable and could be dealt with. It would only be normal for there to be a few anomalies. But there isn't a single aspect of the government version that stands up to critical thinking, not one. Just like the Watchtower. A house of cards from the ground up. Personally when I see you scurrying to debunk one little thing while ignoring the mountainous pile it makes me laugh because it's like trying to bail out of the Titanic with a shot glass.

  • strymeckirules

    this is what people that believe the "official government story" have to do to maintain sanity and maintain that they are correct.

    and if you don't think conspiracys can be big, how about the bible being used all around the world and widely accepted as truth but there are still atheists?

    athesists believe the bible is a conspiracy and so is god and is used to control the masses into submission.

    would YOU call atheists conspiracy theorists or "truthers"?

    just because you don't want to believe something does not make it an untruth. the problem rests in your inability to realize facts from fiction.

    and i believe the "truthers" live in less fear because they see through the media's crap and fail to respond to it in the way the media want you to.

    the people that believe the "official government story" are terrified to think the conspiracy nuts could be right.

    if the media were to tell you to hide in german gas chambers for your own safety, the "truthers" would run away and survive while the believers would all follow single file to their own demise.

    i would like to know how many "truthers" go back to believeing the "official government story".

    so far i possibly know of one and it was in the video with the comedian with the black hat.

    how many jw's go back after becoming a "JW truther"?

    the parrellels are staggering.

    if you were a manipulated american jw, you are primed to be a manipulated american citizen.

    flame suit on.

    and oh ya, the canadian media is now admiting to chemtrail technology in their SUN newspapers.

  • jaguarbass

    In my opinion, if you dont think there was a conspiracy, your not a thinker. and not capable of critical thinking.

    It doesnt really matter what you think about 911, we cant do anything about it.

    If you were alive during 911 and dont think there was a conspiracy, you have a 2 week memory.

    Thats what they want, quit drinking the water.

    Ask yourself, does blissful ignorance serve, some purpose in your life? if so, enjoy it and dont

    read the conspiracy post.

    If I dont like a tv show or radio station, I change the chanell.

  • Giordano

    When it comes to politics and conspiracies never trust an ex J.W. who's on a mission to convince someone about something that lacks a factual basis. Oh, pardon me, in this age of the internet you can have your own facts.

    Remember when you were a witnesses? You believed it because you could read it! The thinking was done when the Watchtower printed it. We were conditioned to believe in their crap and to gladly spread it around. Apparently some can't shake loose of that conditioning having proudly marched on to distribute additional versions of bullshit.

    This forum is home to more nut jobs then I realized. We have a members only section I vote for a wack job section.


  • strymeckirules

    When it comes to politics and conspiracies never trust an ex J.W

    and yet this is what most of us were. so your statement is a blanket statement and thus redundant.

    you have been drinking the water.

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