Are you sick of conspiracy nuts?.....9/11

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yes apparently the staff at the twin towers on 9/11 didn't notice the explosives strapped to all the beams on each floor......of course a plane fully loaded with jet fuel going so fast it nearly flew THROUGH the building {blew out the otherside} would not be enough to cause a collapse. The building were glowing red! People jumped due to the heat and smoke. Yet these idiots claim conspiracy...with sooo much footage and evidence they claim it was the USA for which there is no's nuts.

  • lostandconfused

    Have you seen "Loose Change"? It's a 9/11 conspiracy movie...It's quite interesting and almost believable...but I think I'm just gullable

  • shamus100

    One of my supervisors showed me a 911 conspiracy video when I was trapped on a location with him with nothing to do.

    Let me assure you, that is one hour of my life that I wish to forget. It was plain stupid.

  • Leolaia

    God yes.

    I do find it interesting that the "truthers" use the word "truth" in a way that reminds me of a certain other group that likes to use the word.


    I find "truthers" to be just as cultic as the JWs.

  • Rocky_Girl

    Oh God yes! And I feel sorry for them. People like that must live in constant fear.

  • talesin

    I don't even listen, or talk about it. It's too much of a reminder of that morning, and watching it happen live on TV,,, I will never forget and feel sick in the pit of my stomach just thinking about it. All the arguing and fighting about it ... does it really matter? So many people have been slaughtered because of it as well, ugh,,,

  • jehovahsheep

    9/11 was orchestrated by compartmentalized sections of the us government in conjunction with their partners in al-queda.what caused building 7 to collapse in its own footprint?

  • talesin

    *hands jehovahsheep a flame-retardant suit*


  • Leolaia

    The James Randi board has a subsection devoted to conspiracy theorists, and there were several threads on coming up with sniglets for various aspects of conspiracy theorist thinking and argumentation. Some of these are pretty hilarious, so I present below some of my favorites (the people there are pretty creative):

    awaken (v.) - The irrational process by which a person is persuaded to adopt conspiracy theories as a matter of belief.

    bunk (n.) - An individual claim in a conspiracy theory. Many conspiracy memes are constructed out of many unrelated bunks haphazardly connected together.

    catastrotheorist (n.) - A conspiracy theorist who regards any new catastrophe, such as hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, etc., as designed by nefarious plotters, HAARP, etc.

    censureship (n.) - Common reaction to conspiracy theories by the general public, involving disdain and ridicule to ludicrous and sometimes offensive claims.

    controlled demolition (n.) - 1. (legend) A mythological event, supposed to have occurred in New York on 9/11/2001, considered as the holy grail of trutherism. 2. The demolishing of conspiracy theorist or other pseudoscientific claims through careful marshalling of facts and logic.

    de-bait (n. or v.) - When a conspiracy theorist raises what he believes to be an unanswerable conspiracy issue, and then backs away from it or changes the subject after it is destroyed. Often confused with "debate."

    coinvidence (n.) - A coincidence used by a conspiracy theorist as evidence.

    conspiralcy (n.) - The rapid increase in the number of people needed to orchestrate and execute a huge event in a conspiracy theory as further facts and evidence disproving the theory comes to light.

    craption (n. or v.) - A misleading description of a video or photograph, designed to support a conspiracy theory.

    errial dumbardment (n.) - The act of attempting to prove a conspiracy by bombing a forum with hundreds of incorrect, outdated, and contradictory links to conspiracy websites.

    JAQing off (n.) - 1. The act of spouting accusations while hiding behind the claim of "just asking questions". 2. Asking questions and ignoring the answers. Example: "He said he was going to present evidence, but instead he was just JAQing off."

    Jewdunit (n.) - A subvariety of the woodunit, focusing on Zionists and/or Jews as the primary players in a conspiracy.

    Me-trix (n.) - Self-centered fantasy world that conspiracy theorists believe they enter after taking a redpill. Pronounced "ME-tricks."

    quoteminding (v. tr.) - Protecting the sanctity of a quote by providing the full context of what the speaker really said. Opposite of "quote mining."

    rebunk (v.) -1. To alter a conspiracy theory or idea to counter a fact that invalidates the theory (also known as "shifting the goalposts"). 2. To attempt to debunk a debunking by using a different bunk.

    redpill (n.) - Required medication for conspiracy theorists. Contents unknown; observed side effects include antisocial behavior, delusions of grandeur, impaired logic, excessive Internet use, selective blindness, and hallucinations.

    sheeple (n.) - People with regular jobs who do not live in their parents' basements who do not find conspiracy theorist claims credible. Also applies to anyone who finds conspiracy theorist claims ridiculous.

    shpill (v.) - When a shill misspeaks and accidentally reveals a piece of the true conspiracy, usually discovered by quote mining conspiracy theorists.

    sourcery (n.) - 1. The act of conjuring a source for a conspiracy claim out of thin air. 2. To use outdated news articles as source material, never acknowledging that they have long since been corrected.

    woo (n.) - The dubious quality inherent in most conspiracy theory claims.

    woodunit (n.) - a narrative dealing with a well-understood murder or series of murders, in which conspiracy theorists attempt to determine what shadowy global-domination group was really behind it all. Rhymes with "whodunit."

    woogle (v.) - The practice of searching Google for conspiracy-minded websites to bolster one's nonsensical CT claim. Often mistaken for research. Example: "I woogled for alien reptiles and found a lot of really useful stuff."

    wootube (v.) - The practice of posting low resolution and unprovenanced Youtube videos as "hard evidence". Excludes all and any earlier generation, higher resolution or less artifacted specimens of the same image.

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