Are you sick of conspiracy nuts?.....9/11

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  • ProdigalSon

    PSON explained in a previous post that WTC7 was brought down because it was where they stored the nukes which was used to blow up WTC1 and 2

    As usual and consistent with your childish M.O., you just make shit up and put words in other people's mouths as you go along. You are an insignificant dweeb.

    For everyone else with a brain, wanna know the future?

    Just go to the movies.

  • bohm

    pson: " As usual and consistent with your childish M.O., you just make shit up and put words in other people's mouths as you go along. You are an insignificant dweeb"

    Before you get all worked up, i would recommend you read the link you provided just last week which did, indeed, argue what I just wrote. It was the one with the crazy russian guy.

  • ProdigalSon

    Before you get all worked up, i would recommend you read the link you provided just last week which did, indeed, argue what I just wrote. It was the one with the crazy russian guy.

    A. This is exactly what is wrong with you, and the rest of your deluded cyber-thug buddies. Who the fuck are you to say this guy is "crazy"? According to you, half the people on the planet are crazy. But YOU bohm, you're the sane one. We should all come to you for group therapy. What a dickweed.

    B. Just because I post a link doesn't mean that I agree verbatim with every word the person said. As with any investigation where the majority of the evidence is circumstantial, there is a gathering of data and then an individual can form an opinion based on that data.

    We have had no real investigation, which the government to this day vehemently opposes. If they had nothing to hide, they would welcome all the evidence being laid bare for all to see. The 911 Commission hearings produced enough testimony from 79 high-ranking intelligence people to hang them all by their balls a hundred times over.

    Yes, your heads are in the sand/up your asses.

  • bohm

    haha, so pson, there was no nukes in the basement of wtc7?

    it is so confusing, at one time you provide links which argue just that, and when i then simply state you are trying to convince us of what you yourself are posting on this very board, i am putting words in your mouth? :-).

    I have a recommendation: dont link to articles you think are wrong without writing so. Ofcourse that would require you to read your own links,and i know that is a problem.

  • AGuest
    AGuest, I must apologize. I haven't read any of your posts in this thread, since you've shown in other threads that you're bat-shit crazy (peace be with you!). I assume that you are probably on the conspiracy theorists side since you're a total wack job.

    Ummmm... yeah, okay, dear Gal (peace to you!). I read somewhere that when people start calling others names, that's actually indicative of THEIR... ummm... shall we say, deficiencies. Sounds right to me...

    those that wish to believe we live in a world filled with cartoonish supervillians.

    I think that if some HAD believed this, what occurred on 9/11... as well as in some other instances (Oklahoma, Hiroshima, Auschwitz, the Pacific Atolls, U.S./Mexico border towns, Jamestown, Salem MA, the Deep South and other states of the U.S., hell, Golgotha...)... would never have occurred. Should we go around suspiciously eyeballing everyone? Heck, no. Most people are too asleep to be any threat. But to think there are NO supervillians... is insane. True, there may only be a few... but look at the havoc wreaked by even those few.

    Some people don't see the need to lock their doors at night. Depending on where you live... some better locked theirs.

    Again, peace to you!

    YOUR servant... and a slave of Christ,

    SA, resident "wack-job"... who'll take that label, for now, since it's probably the only vocabulary your tiny little itty bitty brain is capable of at this time... because "sticks and stones"... and, well, you know the rest (because, surely, your 3rd grade thinking abilities are at least THAT advanced)...

  • Sapphy

    It's safe and comforting to believe there are super secret badmen who control the evil things that happen. The scary truth is that no-one is in control!

    I believe the reality is that most people at whatever position in life are just trying to do the best for themselves and muddling through as best they can.

    There is no all powerful cabal of evil bankers conspiring to bring down western economies to bring in the NWO. It was due to the housing bubble (US), profligate government spending (Eurozone) and investment banker's greed.

    The US Government did not cause the 9/11 events. It was Al Qaida.

    Jesus didn't return invisibly in 1914.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Some idiots expected the buildings to 1. Snap in half or 2. Fall like a couple of dominos taking out 5 city blocks or 3. Remain standing after the {friggin huge} fire burnt itself out. WTC 7 had a HUGE chunk torn out of it's side and was ON FIRE on many floors. Also, MANY other building around ground zero were torn down and condemned months later due to massive damage.

  • MoneurMallard

    My thoughts on all this: There is a new investigation being opened up, is a site worth checking out, building 7's collapse was fishy, there are hundreds of family members of the victims of that day who are in full support of this, so I would be very careful who I call a "nut" when it comes to something of this magnitude.

    If thousands of members of this board were gullible enough to buy the lie of the Watchtower society and go around proclaiming it as "truth" for so long before waking up and seeing the reality of the cult, why not focus the same strategic thinking on any other topic or event?

    Personally I think WTC7 had to be a demolition procedure of some type. I'm not sure about the twin towers if planes alone brought them down, but over 1500 architects and engineers now doubt the explanation of WTC7, that's for sure, and among those are people who designed and built towers in multiple cities across the country.

    The really sad part about doubting those who doubt, is that at any given time, the real truth may become available. I have a feeling that in a few years or so, George Bush will be liable to answer some questions before a supreme court judge.

  • MoneurMallard

    Witness 007, you say WTC7 had a huge chunk taken out of it's side? I saw where building 6 had a huge chunk missing from it's side. Where did you see a chunk missing from 7? The chief official cause was office fires. There wasn't any major exterior structural damage other than a few sections of the southwest corner. If the southwest corner became the area of fatigue, that building would not have collapsed straight down.

  • strymeckirules

    i can't help but think that possibly this whole thread was started as a distraction to the occupy wall street movement.

    after all, nothing gets solved from 9/11 threads. in fact, many of us are at odds because of such a thread.

    many posters that i have respected have a differing view from mine, and now we argue and call names to eachother.

    i will never convince you that it was an inside job, and you will never convince me it wasn't. we will both never know the truth until it comes out.

    so we will agree to disagree.

    next person to start a 9/11 thread is an idiot and want's to start fights among us.(witness007)

    there are more current problems to focus on.

    9/11 will continue just like JFK has.

    this is a call to end the useless fighting and restore enlightening topics.

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