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    there's a bunch of cave dwellers in Afghanistan

    Funny, though, isn't it, dear badseed (peace to you!) that:

    1. The perpetrators were all Saudi (including Bin Laden), except for two Yemeni

    2. Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi (with no WMDs)

    3. The Iranians ARE developing WMDs (or, we think they are)

    4. And Bin Laden was "found" hiding... and killed*... in... wait for it... Pakistan

    Where, someone pray tell, do the Afghanis fit in here? Ya'll know... the Afghanis... who grow the world's third largest opium crop in the world (after Venezuela and Vietnam)... which "we" use to manufacturer, oh, say... morphine, oxycontin, vicodin, codeine... and various other opiates and derivatives... who we are now helping TO grow such crop...

    Someone asked why. Why? Oil and opium, folks. Two of the world's largest... and most profitable... products. Along with a strategic location in relation to Iran and Israel. Oh, and we can't forget contracts for Haliburton...

    May not have been a conspiracy (yeah, okay)... but SOMETHING was "fishy" about what occurred with that event... and still is in Afghanistan... and Iraq ((where "we" put into office men who "we" THOUGHT "we" would be able to control but are frequently on the cusp of becoming "our" enemy)...

    Ah, well... who cares? Not like any of us can do anything about any of it, anyway...


    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who would LOVE to think that everyone out there has everyone else's best wishes at heart, truly... especially those who are supposedly leading "us" (doesn't religion give us a clue about that, though??)... but who knows that the REALITY of the world we live in is that money... makes it all go 'round. And anything... and anyone... threatening the money... has to go... even if there are civilian casualties. Many civilian casualities...

  • badseed

    Neo: No. I don't believe it. It's not possible.Morpheus: I didn't say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth.Neo: Stop. Let me out. Let me out. I want out.

  • ProdigalSon

    Leolaia: The first two videos you posted show buildings that are missing their facades.... well DUH!! Yeah I can see the flashes!! HAHAHA!!!!! There are no such loud bangs and flashes of light in the collapses of WTC1, WTC2, WTC7 in any video I have seen. Lol... I guess that settles that then... nevermind the hundreds of firemen, policemen, and other eyewitnesses who were ON THE SCENE. Explosions can be heard in this Building 7 video.... you may need your earbuds, maybe not: And thanks, your bottom two videos really help prove the case for truth: The building did not collapse: Here are some examples of failed controlled demolitions or partial building collapses, you know, the ones that us arseholes keep pointing to when we say the building should have remained at least partially intact or leaned over on its side:!

  • ProdigalSon

    Jumping rope and 9/11 truth - how the sheeple have been trained to avoid unpopular truth about WTC 7

    (NaturalNews) I think I was in the second grade at the time. We were in gym class, and the teacher had encouraged us to jump rope and count out 10 jumps as part of an obstacle course. It was an ambitious plan, we soon learned, as very few second graders can jump rope at all. Even worse, it turns out they can't count either, because to my great surprise, some classmates stood there counting rapidly from 1 to 10 as they attempted to jump the rope, regardless of how many revolutions of the rope were actually achieved.

    This frustrated my gym teacher, and he asked us to halt our little exercise and listen up for a moment. He queried a student to determine why they were counting from 1 to 10 even though they weren't actually jumping the rope 10 times. The student had no idea what he was talking about. So he decided to do a little counting test in front of us all. "I'm going to turn in circles, and I want you to count out loud how many times I turn around."

    Fair enough, right? So he proceeded to slowly rotate to his right, and after having achieved not more than 45 degrees of rotation, to my great astonishment my classmates started counting out numbers. "One! Two! Three!" He continued rotating into 90 degrees, and then 180 degrees, at which point some of my classmates were already at "four!" and "five!" By the time he reached 360 degrees (one complete rotation), some of my second-grade classmates had already counted to 10.

    It was at this point that I shouted out, "One!" The teacher looked at me and said, "You're the only one who got it right" and I can only imagine he spent that evening pulling his hair out, trying to understand why second graders could be so stupid on basic concepts such as counting.

    I have long since wondered the same thing myself.

    Although the core answers to that remain a mystery, some good did come out of the experience. It was on this day -- and this is a true story from my childhood -- that I realized America has a serious IQ deficit.

    And, importantly, the intelligence-impaired individuals in America outnumber the rest of us by a frighteningly large factor. This ratio has not appreciably changed in the 35 years or so since I was in the second grade, it seems, and the really scary thing is that those very same people who couldn't count in the second grade are now running the country -- where they still can't count because we're now deep into the nation's deepest financial deficits ever!

    9/11 is a modern-day IQ test

    Those second-grade classmates I grew up with, you see, are all in the forties now, and they're probably working in government, or local businesses, or perhaps even at the FDA. And while they probably eventually learned how to properly count rotations and such, they no doubt fail to see the obvious in other things such as the readily evident fact that the WTC 7 building was brought down by demolition charges.

    Here's a great (and short) video introducing all this. It's called "This is an Orange"

    Today's "national IQ test," if you will, is whether people yet realize 9/11 was an inside job. To watch the WTC 7 building fall into its own footprint, demolition style, and somehow fail to grasp that this was a carefully-planned demolition job is just as idiotic as not being able to count how many times you jump rope. IQ-impaired people may grow up and look like adults, it seems, but they are no more intelligent at understanding events in the world around them. And 9/11 is perhaps the best test in recent times at exposing the lack of raw intelligence that's still surprisingly common in our society today.

    At times, people who cannot understand the simple things around them are described as "morons." This is not meant to be insulting; just factual. "Moron" is a description of a very low IQ individual, having an IQ between 50 and 70. It means they can "work under supervision," says This is the perfect description of people who think 9/11 was pulled off by terrorists and that WTC 7 collapsed due to office fires. They are able to think "under supervision" -- to believe what they are told -- because they can't think for themselves.

    In contrast to all this, thousands of architects and engineers have proven they are not morons by publicly stating that the government's official story on WTC 7 is complete nonsense. They're part of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth movement, which you can read about at:

    Watch the videos there and give yourself America's IQ test! Anyone who watches WTC 7 fall and then thinks that the perfectly synchronized free-fall collapse of a every single support column in that building could have been caused by a small office fire is clearly running a serious IQ deficit.

    The government thinks we're all morons, of course, which is why the government weaves these fantastical and truly unbelievable stories of what happened on 9/11. Like the fairytale that there were no black boxes recovered from any of the planes that crashed that day. Or that one terrorist's passport was blown out of the explosion and landed on the sidewalk unscathed. Or that a man on one of the planes called someone with his cell phone from 31,000 feet and reported the plane was under attack by terrorists with box cutters. In 2001, airplanes had no cell phone service, duh!

    In fact, in 2001, cell phones hardly even worked if you walked to the wrong side of the office or drove under a bridge. But the government wants us to believe multiple crystal-clear calls were made from a plane flying at 31,000 feet even though cell towers are only designed to handle calls from the ground (their antennas don't even cover high-altitude callers because there are none!)

    The fairytales go on and only become increasingly ridiculous with each one. They've become so absurd, in fact, that the U.S. government has now been forced to rewrite the laws of physics in insisting the fireproofed steel beams used to construct the WTC 7 building magically melted from common office fires and all experienced total structural failure at exactly the same moment!

    Here's a video that shows you what really happens with a steel-and-concrete building burns:

    For anyone to believe that WTC 7 collapsed from a few office fires (which were extinguished at the time of the collapse, by the way), they seriously have to be a complete moron. And yet, to my great surprise, a great majority of the public actually believes all this. They've swallowed this official story hook, line and sinker. Like good little marks lining up in the drive-through lane of Brainwashes-R-Us.

    But remember: These are the same people who couldn't count a jump rope in elementary school. These are the same people who don't understand basic economics and how their money is stolen from them through the printing of fiat currency. These are people who have no idea there's fluoride in their water, or that the mainstream media consistently lies to them and runs complete hoaxes as actual news. If you get right down to it, you see, most people simply aren't able to understand even the fundamentals of the world around them.

    Abandoning science in order to stay politically correct

    My favorite part in all this is when you see mainstream "scientists" and physicists come out and declare that questioning 9/11 automatically qualifies you as a "conspiracy theorist," by which they maliciously attempt to discredit everything you say by tagging you with a label. You see, they're so desperate to remain popular and go along with the conventional storyline on 9/11 that they're willing to make themselves look like complete morons by denying WTC 7 was a controlled demolition.

    To these scientists, I suppose, being politically correct is far more important than being scientifically accurate. If the White House announced that the wind was created by trees moving their branches, all these scientists would no doubt go along with that, too. Or, hey, maybe the sun is a giant woodstove in the sky and we need to send it more wood or it will burn out and leave our planet a lifeless block of ice. But such is the fabric of the modern scientific community, which is steeped in all sorts of downright hilarious fictions and fairytales about vaccines, psychiatric drugs, consciousness and even the laws of physics itself.

    I say that any scientist who is willing to abandon the process of asking scrutinizing questions and examining the actual evidence isn't really a scientist at all. Rather, they are merely cult members in a politically-motivated cabal of morons who all agree to defend the "official" announcements on 9/11, no matter how much those conclusions violate the laws of physics. Perhaps they should just announce the Sun orbits around the Earth and be done with it. Reality be damned, there's politically-expedient science to defend!

    The simultaneous collapse of 24 support columns and 57 perimeter columns

    The primary argument about WTC 7, by the way, really has nothing to do with the temperature at which structured steel loses its integrity, or how hot the fires burned in WTC 7. Rather, it is a question of how did all the support columns for the entire building simultaneously shatter and bring the building down at free-fall acceleration into its own footprint?

    Only an IQ-challenged individual would say this could happen from anything other than a deliberately planned demolition job. Even in severe earthquakes, large concrete-and-steel buildings don't fall straight down into their own footprints. To achieve that kind of symmetry requires careful planning and weeks of preparation where you drill into the columns of the building and plant explosives which are all wired up to a rather complex control board. The detonation sequence also needs to be meticulously calculated so that the 24 inner columns are shattered just moments before the 57 outer columns in order to make sure the building falls into itself rather than "peeling away" and expanding its outer walls as it falls.

    Demolitions is a rigorous scientific endeavor, and to achieve the symmetrical collapse of a large concrete-and-steel structure like WTC 7 required strict adherence to understanding explosives, support structures, architectures and the laws of physics. Thus, the people who brought down WTC 7 honor the laws of physics, while those quacks who claim WTC 7 was caused by "office fires" stand in total violation of the laws of physics.

    To say that the WTC 7 collapse wasn't a carefully planned demolition job is to announce to the world that you are a complete and total moron. This, of course, includes nearly all the mainstream media talking heads, government officials, and a surprisingly large number of bobble-headed people who mistakenly refer to themselves as "scientists."

    In times of great deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

    Once you realize the truth about WTC 7, you realize that 9/11 had to have been an inside job. Whether that statement is popular or not, it is the only conclusion supported by the rather obvious facts. And just as I dared to shout "One!" in the second grade, even as all my moron classmates were counting to ten, today I dare to shout the same obvious truth about 9/11. WTC 7 was brought down by controlled demolition. It is as obvious as the sun in the sky (which isn't a woodstove, by the way), and no amount of blabbering idiocy by a crowd of wannabes can change the cold, hard facts about the laws of physics.

    I would also say to those who still somehow believe the government's ridiculous story on 9/11 that if your opinions are formed primarily by what's popular, then you're not a clear thinker. Politically correct opinion is almost always flat wrong. But some sheeple feel so compelled to go along with the herd that they will actually delude themselves into believing anything as long as their peers go along with it. Can you say "Weak-minded?"

    I prefer to operate with a strong mind powered by clear, independent thought. I operate a lot like Galileo in that I will declare the Sun to be the center of our universe even if everybody else says the Earth is in the center. I don't care whether declaring the truth is popular at the moment or not. Even a thousand people shouting in disagreement with the laws of physics does not alter those laws. Crowds can be dead wrong. In fact, history shows they usually are.

    I'm the kind of guy who openly shouts the Emperor has no clothes. Why? Because on the 9/11 issue, the Emperor is walking through the streets butt naked, even as the rest of the IQ-challenged people hold their fantastical delusions of seeing whatever they've all agreed should be there. The economy is in a recovery! America is a land of freedom! The terrorists are out to get you! Television news reports the truth! If you see something, say something! And sure, the Emperor wears glorious flowing robes made of magic thread, and the government is creating new jobs, too!

    Additional evidence cinches the case

    Just in case you want to be really, really sure about WTC 7 actually being a demolitions job, here are two other bits of evidence you'll want to see on this.

    The first is the video interview with Larry Silverstein who comes right out and openly admits "they made the decision to pull it." This term -- "pull it" -- is the term used by demolitions teams when they make the decision to bring the building down.

    But here's the real gotcha in all this: The BBC, in a live news broadcast, reported the collapse of WTC 7 20 minutes before it happened! How could this happen? They apparently got their time zones mixed up and ended up airing video of a reporter declaring the Saloman Brothers building (WTC 7) had collapsed even while it was standing in the background behind her!

    This clearly and obviously indicates prior knowledge that the building was about to be brought down. Watch that video at:

    And read an accompanying explanation at:

    This video is a truly hilarious example of total 1984-style propaganda and media theater, much like CNN's outrageously faked reporting from the Gulf War. Watch it by clicking the link below. It features a comedian reporter named Charles Jaco who looks like he's playing the lead role in a bad S&N skit, but it was aired as "live" CNN television news from Saudi Arabia:

    Click forward to 6:45 to see a particularly hilarious bit when Charles Jaco fakes like he's been attacked with poison gas and he furiously puts on his gas mask -- while his guest slaps on a helmet! It is possibly the funniest moment of fake CNN news that has ever been broadcast in history. This is totally FAKE news, folks. A complete network news psy-op that could only be believed by complete and utter morons mainstream media viewers.

    Stay informed and stay sharp

    If you want to read a fantastic book on all this, check out the recently updated book by Jim Marrs: The Terror Conspiracy Revisited: What Really Happened On 9/11, And Why We're Still Paying The Price (

    In the mean time, keep your wits about you, folks. All the really smart people out there -- the independent thinkers and sharp-minded people -- read Alternative News sources such as NaturalNews. We've even launched a new website about Alternative News called -- you guessed it --

    There, you can find a daily serving of news for sharp-minded thinkers who rise above the morons and actually think for themselves. People like you, I would imagine, since NaturalNews is only really enjoyed by free-thinking individuals who absolutely refuse to act like morons.

    And never abandon common sense in a quest to be popular or politically correct. Stick with what the evidence reveals, no matter how many morons on the other side attack you for it. Only a true idiot would abandon the evidence and declare WTC 7 to have collapsed from "office fires" (even though it was made out of fireproofed steel and concrete). By attacking you for sticking to the truth, these people only out themselves as morons.

    Remember, every time you see someone denying WTC 7 was a demolition job, ask in your mind, "Are these the same people who couldn't count to ten while jumping rope?"

    They are, indeed.

    In fact, the really really shocking realization in all this is that most Americans have no idea what WTC 7 is! They've all been trained to focus on the collapse of the TWO buildings hit by airplanes, not the third building which was brought down with demolitions charges. WTC 7 has been almost completely kept out of the minds of the public because the government doesn't want people to be aware of it at all.

    Videos to watch that reveal more

    9/11 Truth: What Happened to Building 7

    WTC 7: The Smoking Gun of 9/11

    How did WTC 7 fall?

    This is an Orange

    WTC 7 - Showing shaped charge explosions

    WTC 7 Free Fall Collapse Learn more:

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  • sammielee24

    . The perpetrators were all Saudi (including Bin Laden), except for two Yemeni


    When people sitting on that 911 Commission Report tell you that information WAS with held from them, when they tell you THEY want all that information because they don't believe the report the public has is correct - IF you can't understand the logic of what he is saying ie; you don't have all the information because it has been kept secret and therefore, the report you have been given is full of lies and/or ommission - then there is truly something wrong with the pschye of people.

    There was a 300 page report that (I think if memory serves me) previously vaulted, that has finally been accessed through the FOI and in it there is information on the 'highjackers'. Those highjackers, or some of them, were known to security in the USA and had been followed for some time. Now, where were they followed to? Why the gated houses of the Saudi's living in the USA. Follow those facts.

    The Saudi's that highjacked the planes were meeting with the Saudi families living in the USA - the same families that Bush managed to get to the airport and fly out of the country the very day he grounded all other flight activity.

    At NO time has there ever been a rational and reasonable explanation given for that action; instead it's been expected that you will just assume that it was all good. Now, the average person would have been rounded up and tossed in Guantanamo - tortured - heck, from what we hear there have been massacres of whole families in Afghanistan just because it is suspected that one old guy in the family might have been caught speaking to a 'known' person of interest. But we let all the rich Saudi's fly out even though the guys that apparently murdered thousands of Americans, were visitors, friends, relatives and possibly business partners of theirs.

    Take the whole 911 situation and break it down into pieces. Analyze it piece by piece and don't just focus on the buildings. Look at the bigger picture and question the illogical sequence of events. Ask questions - there may come a time when you aren't allowed to do even that so exercise the right while you can. sammies

  • ProdigalSon

    The Saudi's that highjacked the planes were meeting with the Saudi families living in the USA - the same families that Bush managed to get to the airport and fly out of the country the very day he grounded all other flight activity.

    A very good friend of mine that I have known for 13 years has been a CIA agent for 35 years. Interestingly, he calls himself a "made man".

    He personally escorted two of the Bin Ladens out of the country. He has personal first hand knowledge of all the bullshit that we have been told, and he is completely amazed at what I have found out on the Internet. But hey Sammielee... I'm a nut job for not believing the official story.

  • sammielee24

    No. You are not a 'nut'.

    People who deign to call others 'nuts' because they question, have little actual authenticity for me.

    I may not believe all the stuff that I read or see about why or how the towers fell, but I'm capable of looking over all the information that I can access and making up my own mind. I don't consider people who do the same as 'nuts'. I consider them as curious. Questioning. Able to think critically. There are people who choose not to look over all the information and make their own decisions but who are willing to point at others for doing so and label them 'nuts'.

    I don't get caught up in all the hype - I break it down into pieces and for me, questions about the Saudi influence are just one that remain unanswered. Questions about the insurance. Questions about the timing. Questions about the lack of real time, money and information spent on the investigation. All sorts of things have never been answered, not only satisfactory for a person like me, but for people who actually sat on the 911 commission to get at the truth. I might not have a leg to stand on with my questions, but when people in the commission aren't satisfied with the information they got and won't support the report, then I tend to believe there is a lot more out there we should be curious about.

    It isn't just about 911. It's about what has followed and the price we are paying today for that one moment in time. It has cost thousands of lives around the world, it has set up a system where you get groped at airports, it has set up a system where a question has you thrown on a watch list unable to fly for no reason but your name, it has put the fear of police into a lot of people, it has created a real terror inside the country - it has cost a lot of money ....and yet, we don't even know the real truth behind it all but have run helter skelter in fear ever since. We have given ourselves up to a form of terror by an action that we still are not allowed to fully understand .....sammies

  • badseed

    Well Leolaia, thanks for the videos, your stuff is always well researched. Very interesting that you introduced something that I hadn't heard of before which makes the explanation of how WTC1 and 2 fell (for me anyway) much simpler. Your last videos show some buildings being demolished using the verinage method, which involves removing structural support of one or several floors, leaving enough mass above to allow gravity to do the rest.

    For each building, the choice of which floors you will remove is somewhat critical. Choose the wrong floor and it might not come down the way you thought it would. Especially with tall buildings like the WTC.

    So if those planes hit the floors that would have been required to be removed (within a certain range I'm sure) with the verinage method of demolition for WTC 1 & 2, then someone knew what they were doing. And obviously someone knew, cause those buildings came down like a charm. I don't know if the planes themselves could have caused enough damage to the floors to accomplish this, but if they did, you're right no need for explosives, once those damaged floors had received enough stress, the buildings were coming down. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, lol.

    So that answers that (for me anyway), however it still doesn't answer who planned this but that's another topic. But most likely Bin Laden, being in construction, knew of this demolition technique, and possibly hoped for the best by flying the planes in the buildings at that level. Very possible.

    OK George, you could be off the hook on this

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I can't come to a definite conclusion, because everyone has good points on both sides.

    I'll do what I've been doing for the last 10 years and give it a rest.

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