Rugby World Cup 2011

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    LOL Black Sheep....I never thought of myself as a refugee before...

    go all blacks!.....who said that?...get thee behind me.....

  • sizemik
    go all blacks!.....

    Yes still thinking . . . I agree wholeheartedly . . . go All Blacks!

    You make a great cheerleader.

  • sizemik

    Ireland v Australia . . . . 15 - 6 . . . to IRELAND!!

    Ireland . . . . . . . were . . . . . . magnificent.

    Some think Rugby is all about skill, speed and talent . . .

    They're wrong: It's about character.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Ireland 15, Australia 6

    In this World Cup ( or any other one, for that matter) take nothing for granted!

    In many ways, this win for Ireland has been 20 years in the making:

    - does anybody else here remember their 17 - 16 loss to Australia in the 1991 World Cup?:

    - or am I betraying my age in saying that?


  • sizemik
    - does anybody else here remember their 17 - 16 loss to Australia in the 1991 World Cup?:

    I'll show my age too Bill . . . yes, I do remember that game for the sizzling final minutes . . . a hearbreaker for Ireland.

    I guess the only solace for Ireland is that the Aussies went on to win it . . . but oh what could have been? . . . a northern hemisphere final!

    I'm really pleased for them . . . they played with huge hearts tonight.

  • finallysomepride

    New Zealand 37 France 17 we heard the kiwi's sigh all the way in Brisbane

  • sizemik

    LOL fsp . . .

    The sighs will get louder and louder all the way to the final . . . . . . . . . . . unless.

  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    My team, South Africa will scoop this one, once more.

    Oooops! now I blew my cover

    I just hope elders from South Africa are taking a break from monitoring this site, otherwise i'm in sh*t.

  • dm6

    woweeeee such a good tournament this 4th year round!

    been watching most games, have missed a few, but theres really nothign like having beer with your dad at 6, watch one game, have more beer and watch the later game, most nights!

    Day before yesterday was an awesome day for that!

    UK vs Romania, and then it was France V ABs!

    ABs seem on top form too i must say! Things are looking good for them, surely they must be up there as favorites ?

    AL seems to be going as predicted, most underdgos losing (except the ireland wallabies game.....!!!!!)

    Even though im English, i now live ehre in NZ, and i will be supporting the ABs all the way! If we go up against england i will be supporting the Abs all the way!!

    Go NZ !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sizemik

    Maybe it's my "genetic memory" kicking in . . .

    . . . but I shed a tear for the bonnie tartan today . . . just the one mind.

    Eng 16 Scot 12

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