Rugby World Cup 2011

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  • Thetis

    Thought I had read that somewhere - just wondered if this was another reason for SA to downplay during the Tri-Nations. Not wanting to jinx the whole thing....chuckle... perhaps it will be a first for the All Blacks.

    I'm sorry to have missed the Canada/Tonga game. Plenty to look forward to though..... just need to find the time now!

  • sizemik
    perhaps it will be a first for the All Blacks.

    The AB's lost the decider against Aussie . . . who won the Tri-Nations trophy this year . . . so I hope the trend continues.

  • still thinking
    still thinking
    Well . . . . where have all the Rugby fans gone?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha...maybe they are a dying breed...or they are already here in Auckland.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Where have all the rugby fans gone?

    Well, this one has just woken up!

    World Cups in any sport make for an interesting time - for example, the last Rugby League World Cup. I don't for a moment believe that New Zealand has the best Rugby League team in the world, but they snaffled the last Rugby League World Cup none-the-less.

    As John Eeles (captain of the victorious Australian team in the 1999 Rugby World Cup) said, it is not about the best team in the world - rather, about the better team at the tournament.

    Performance in the Pool Games and beforehand would seem to have little relevance where it counts, i.e. from the quarter finals and onwards. England in 2003 secured The Cup ("The Bill") by winning the games that counted. They also did rather well in the 2007 World Cup, by making the final - despite a disastrous 36 to nil loss the South Africa in the pools.

    This Rugby World Cup is many things, but one thing it isn't is boring!


  • sizemik

    The USA v RUSSIA game was interesting . . . 13 - 6 to the USA.

    USA try-scorer . . . Mike Petrie from Brooklyn NY

    Bill . . . you are so right . . . that's what makes it so interesting

    still thinking . . . nice to see you're still interested . . . isn't it time you "came out"???

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Im still reeling from the Wales defeat. Incredible game. Idiot ref.

    Howdy MS x

  • sizemik

    Yeah that one still sticks in my craw too Paula . . .

    The officiating was pretty ordinary . . . and Wales got the bad rub as a result IMO.

    It was pretty clear the better team lost . . . opinion seems reasonably unanimous on that . . . real shame.

    It's tough for Wales now . . . but could they get even better?

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Hope they have the bit between their teeth now! Regardless, they look impressive.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Rugby refugees flee to sunny spots

    A tropical island escape, a long lunch, painting the fence, it appears some Kiwis would rather be doing any other activity than watch the Rugby World Cup final.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Not much sun to be seen where I am this morning - gale force winds, showers and snow to 1100 metres ASL. Welcome to Tasmania, in the Roaring Forties!


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