Saw some JWs this am! Couldn't stop laughing

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  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    the typical below the knee skirt and long sleeve shirt (is a 105 degrees over here in the shadow)....

    Provided her shirt is a cotton-blend it'd actually be cooler for her not to have the sun on her skin.

  • ambersun

    I agree with freetosee. As I was once a humble JW sister, wearing the 'modest' clothes befitting a woman on the ministry as was required by HQ, I felt mortified when I read this: i looked at her and w/o saying a word i started laughing so hard the guys in the truck started laughing as well... .

    Without being there and seeing what happened, I don't know exactly what you were laughing at but I sincerely hope you did not humiliate her.

    If it had been a couple of guys you were laughing at, especially elders who often think they are above everyone else anyway, I might have joined in the mirth thinking they could take it on the chin, but please remember that many JW women lack self esteem and already feel like second class citizens due to the way the Society treats them, and for a bunch of men to openly laugh at her in public might have been enough to push her over the edge.

    I can understand why you did it, but at the risk of being a kill joy please think carefully before doing this again. Thank you

  • the-illuminator81

    Next time a JW knocks, ask them for a hair so you can finish your voodoo doll...

  • jefferywhat

    Well arent you clever. People like you are no worse than people who bash gays. Just because you dont beleive it, doesn't givr you the right to disrespect a woman.

  • Sulla

    Yup. Gotta agree with jefferywhat. There must be a word for a guy who likes to humiliate a woman in public.

  • Free!!

    @Sulla: I am NOT a guy.... I am woman!!! I WAS a JW at one point, and i know exactly what she can be feeling, hope she wakes up and realizes how she is wasting her time, or like someone else said she is going to overexagerate the "experience" at her next ASS-embly Geezz!!

    @Jefferywatt and ALL others: Please CHILL...Being gay is not a choice, being a JW is.... i would NEVER (even when i was a JW) make fun of a gay person, one of the reasons i left whats the lack of understanding and compassion the WT has for people that are different.. i wasnt laughing at her to humilliate her, i was laughing because of the situation... it was to say the least ironic and unexpected.... everyone reacts different to situations like this, my reaction is to laugh.. i didnt plan it or went looking for it. if she did not want to feel humiliated she could have stop herself and not invade my personal space uninvited.

    @Broken Promises: Shirt was NOT cotton for sure... it look thick, and she was sweating....I felt sorry for her.... she seemed sleepy... it was around 7:30am

    Overall guys, It wasnt my ittention to mortified her, but

  • cptkirk

    you gotta be kidding me. who cares if she humiliated her? let her develop some character so when she finds mr. spiritual right who beats the hell out of her, she can have the gumption to stand up, and leave him. if the woman had any character she would of just said, nope no fertile ground here, nodded, and left. unreal, who are you apologists and why are you here? go read the ngo/un/jw documents to find out your beloved watchtower is a fraud.

  • sizemik

    Being accosted while gassing up my car would simply irritate the shit out of me . . . it's obvious I'm already busy. And I wonder what the Gas Station owner thought . . . unless he's JW as well.

    Personally . . . the least a JW should know if they approach . . . is that we're ex-JW . . . gives them a better perspective of the "world" that they are actually preaching to . . . that we exist!

    Free! . . . thanks for sharing

  • cantleave

    What not laugh at them? They are objects of ridicule - they even acknowledge that themselves and are proud of it.

    I personally would want to see if I can make them think. But I would be LMAO in my head!

  • punkofnice

    I personally would want to see if I can make them think.

    Indeed! She might even be a forum lurker. Unhappy that her elder husband beats her. Unhappy but trapped in the cult because of family ties. Of course, she might be a complete frumpy twit but as a human, she must be accorded dignity. Just laugh when she isn't looking!

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