Saw some JWs this am! Couldn't stop laughing

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  • cptkirk

    sulla you may not be an apologist, but you are not to bright either. you are using an old and archaic form of manipulation. disregarding context of facts, and then superimposing your opinions out of the context of the data. your logic is just really poor. i'm really not trying to make you look bad, but you seem to be looking for this kind of response imo. you seem to be desperate to judge people to make yourself feel better.

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Two sisters came to the door the other day. I was taking a nap. Andy was visiting. They buzzed the security door. He let them in the building. Bad, Andy, bad. He let them talk and read and offer the WT and then abrubtly said, "I'm not interested!" and shut the door. He thought of all kinds of things to say after the fact. One was, "I need a liberal religion. That's why I became Episcopalian. I would run in the other direction before I'd ever consider such a staunch, cold, controlling one like yours."

  • sizemik
    There seems to be a generalized split personality on this question: JW bitch deserved to be humiliated, JW women are all victims of abusive men (and thereby, presumably, undeserving of additional humiliation).

    Wow . . . strange how different things can be interpreted . . . or filtered. I don't see the majority of comments in either of those categories. All free! did was laugh when accosted in a Gas station . . . I presume as a spontaneous reaction, not as a conscious attempt to humiliate anybody. Where does all this shit come in to it?

  • moomanchu

    I enjoyed your story.

    Why do some of the other posters assume she was humiliated?

    But then I'm just assuming they did not speak with her after the experience.

    IMO laugh at them all you want !!!

  • Free!!

    @Sizemilk and momanchu: Thanks! and yes it was an SPONTANEOUS reaction, i didn't wake up in the morning thinking "mmm, ima find a JW at the gas station and humiliate her", it just happen and that was my reaction... i live in a FREE country and i no longer belong to the CULT, if i want to laugh i laugh... she invaded MY personal space, i didn't ask her to come... and I certainly did not want to make her feel bad!! but i couldnt help it!!

    So CHILL people!! some of you really need to learn to let things gooooo!! like Mr Flipper says "peace to all of you"

  • shamus100


    Don't listen to internet hippies.

    Now come kiss the monkey. I'll give you some free love.

  • Free!!

    Shamu... ....

  • shamus100
  • Free!!

    ... u would never do that to me would you??? sniff sniff

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