Saw some JWs this am! Couldn't stop laughing

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  • cptkirk

    free called you milk bro, i just thought it was funny.

  • cptkirk

    omfg sulla you are way to dumb to be posting here. you are exactly the type of reason i left that god forsaken organization. your entire brain is fail. you sound like one of them. you assume i had a bad experience with the sisters therefore that is the only reason i would say what i said? you are one of them under cover, i marked you. you are either the dumbest human being that can type complete sentences or you are one of them. how are you even walking and feeding yourself?

  • tec

    Actually, I would feel bad for the woman also. I don't care if she's a woman or a man... women are as strong as men; sometimes stronger. But it is a pretty awful and isolating feeling to be the butt of a joke you're not part of. Not laying blame at the OP's feet or anything, because some people do react to stress or confrontation by laughing. I think its just touching a couple nerves because she was alone - although on the other hand and according to the OP, she didn't seem to be humiliated by the laughing. Didn't seem to slow her down at all. She only ran when confronted with the -apostate- word. Out in service on her own, with nothing to prove to any watching friends... she actually sounds like a pretty tough cookie, not a hapless victim :)



  • mythreesons

    I don't understand the problem, Free! laughed, it happened to be a woman, big deal! If the person was a man, I'm sure that she would have done the same thing, then what....

  • Free!!

    Cptkirk... typo sorry SIZEMIK

  • exwhyzee

    My first reaction while reading the story, was pity for the JW woman. I remember how uncomfortable it was to do this kind of witnessing and having to force myself to do it. I know what you mean by being able to spot a JW right away. I think it's because they aren't dressed appropriately for the surroundings they are in. They sort of emulate one another in dress and style and wind up taking on an identifiable look of their own which works ok at the Hall and at assemblies I guess.

    We are all at diffrent stages of development and enlightenment so I think I might have just said to her " I used to do what you are doing and I know how difficult it can be and I know your motives are pure, but I had a few really bad experiences over the years with this organization and after a lifetime of service, I found out that much of what I believed wasn't accurate. I couldn't keep recommending this way of life to others anymore. I'm still the same person and have the same values that I've always had. Although I lost all my old Witness friends, I have a greater sense of hope and a better outlook on life these days"

    I think by being kind and reasonable, even the most hardcore JW might realize that not everyone who leaves becomes evil or nasty and in fact may have some of the same thoughts and experiences as themselves. I'm guessing that this woman now has even more of the cult like " It's them against us" resolve, and may well view this experience as proof positive that anyone who leaves the organization is in grave danger of becoming the same way.

  • Sulla

    Cptkirk, if they let you post here, that should prove that nobody's too stupid to post on this forum. You really did say that plenty of those JW women are "venomous bitches," so, if anybody has a problem it looks to be you. I don't know in which barn, exactly, you were raised and I have no idea what factors went in to your decision to write so boorishly, but write boorishly you did.

    So I've called you out on it and now you call me stupid. I know you won't take my advice, but you ought to stop before you look like more of a ponce.

    mythreesons, the issue is that Free! incited a (literal) truckload of laborers to laugh at the woman as well. And, of course, the issue is that cptkirk justifies the whole thing on the basis that plenty of JW women are venomous bitches, while Reality79 justifies it by noting that the sisters in northern London are hardly innocent. If you don't find that objectionable, then you're a tool. In any case, cptkirk simply cannot be reasoned with, which makes me wonder why he ever thought he was a bad fit with the JWs.

    As for the OP, I simply reiterate that Free!'s reaction seemes insensitive: it's the sort of thing that ex-JWs might become angry over if it happened to their family who are still in the JWs. That, apparently, is a controversial observation.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I feel sorry for the woman, and I'm certainly no JW defender. I get the impression she was humiliated - who would want a bunch of guys laughing at her?

    I think Sulla expressed it best, and I agree with him.

  • mythreesons

    I may have misread what has been going on Sulla. My impression was that people were taking offense that Free! had laughed at a WOMAN and made her feel uneasy. I just felt that it made no difference to Free! if it was a man or a woman.

    Was she belly laughing on the ground drawing all kinds of attention to this poor JW lady? IDK...was it simply in close proximity to these men who were in the back of a truck, construction type workers I presume. If that is the case and they looked at Free! and thought "hey this chica is muy caliente, hola mamasita!" Well then they may not have laughing at the JW, just simply trying to get Free! to look their way. (There you go Free!)

    Anyways, I don't take issue with perhaps the laughing or snickering about being offered the magazines. Nerves do tend to make us do things we may not normally do. For me, I wouldn't have said, "I'm an apostate" nor would I have laughed like ROFL ;)...I may have snickered a bit though. Probably wouldn't have been able to not see the irony in the situation.

    But as has been mentioned, we all are in different places as far as how we feel about where we have come from. A lot are hurt and have scars left from time spent as a JW. Thanks for your 2 cents as that usually helps to round us all out. :)

  • cptkirk

    sulla, this is the last time i'm going to tell you this. i'll tell it to you the same way i told it to a know it all elder like yourself. you dont realize how primative you are sulla. me talking to you is like me talking to a 12 year old. i know every thought that 12 year old has ever had, and pretty much every thought it will have for quite a few years, why? because it's about evolution of the mind. your mind is very small and unevolved. your entire argument is based off assumptions about my motives in type, which are just that, your impressions , which expose your meager brain.

    it never occurs to you that a negative impression someone has observed is just that? an observation. it has to be because the person was affronted? are you starting to see that you are exposing how primate your mind is? somehow you manipulated this entire post in being about the plight of women? lol. because someone spontaneously giggled at someone handing them a watchtower? i dont hand out judgement to anyone, unless they are looking for a confrontation with me, and that's not really judgement, it's defense.

    if some venomous sister is going around gossiping trying to ruin various peoples reputations that she doesn't like, trying to have sex with brothers while she is married, preaching hypocritical nonsense with great vigor, then exercising the exact opposite behavior in personal life...and then someone fkn GIGGLES at her...yea i think THAT IS OK.

    the truth is, i know exactly what you are sulla. that's why you really put me off. i know people like you. your true identity is a coward. rather than face the truth about what you are really pissed about, you will try and manipulate a circumstances As HARD As YOU CAN, to try and get your way. rather than stepping back realizing why you are bent (because you're scared and a coward), and hey i guess that's ok...but why not admit to yourself what you are so that you can evolve? i'm done. you can rip on me from now until revelry, but those are the true facts, i see through you like think you see through me because you see through the prism of fear, look through the prism of courage, and then you will figure out who i am. but that will require you to face and defeat your fear first. which will most likely never take place.

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